The Art of Ordering Food via Foodie Delivery 87878

Mango Torte

FOODIE DELIVERY 87878 is unique because it is committed to deliver home-cooked goodness from the kitchen of the baker or the chef, to your homes directly.  Gone are the days when you can only order fast food items and you have to settle for what is available for delivery.

Also, gone are the days when you have to travel all the way just to pickup your favorite home-based goodies at their homes. Imagine you now have the option to get different home-based goodies without wasting time, money and gas on travel. 

Here are some tips to have an awesome ordering experience with foodie delivery 87878:

1. Think like ordering from a virtual restaurant.  Foodie Delivery delivers food like a waiter serving your food to your doorstep. Expect it to be delivered hot (or frozen in case of ice creams), everything is in its original form, and served with a smile.  You also have to remember for the operation to be sustainable, they charge a 10% delivery charge which is similar to a service charge when you eat in the restaurant. Typically the minimum order is P500 which translates to P50 delivery charge. 

2. Order in advance. To get the same home-cooked goodness, you have to order at least a few days before so that the food will be cooked at the right time that you need it. Typically, most people think of ordering food when you need it now. 

Some of the Foodie Delivery partners have limited inventory for most requested items like Dulcelin would always have Mango Torte available and Karen’s Kitchen would have its famous Red Velvet Cake. But this is an exception rather than the rule. Make sure to order in advance to avoid the hassle of last minute complications. 

3. Insider’s Tip on What People are ordering. If you don’t know what to order, you can filter your choices with this list of the most frequently ordered items from Foodie Delivery 87878:

4. Remember it’s a people business.  Remember the game “pass the message” where people are lined up and each person in the line would whisper the message from one person to another. The first group that has the most accurate message (it’s not 100% accurate for sure) at the end of the line wins. 

This is the same with your food delivery order except that the message is complicated by the feedback loop needed when your requested food item is not available. 

It is important that you are clear with your order upfront. Decide what to order before you call, because if you engage the customer service person in a decision making process on what to order, the order message could be lost in translation. 

Make sure to make one follow up call to make sure that your food items that you want to order is available. Yes, you need to make this extra step because most problems with ordering happens because the items are not available for different reasons.

Lastly, always appreciate the efforts of the delivery person who is dedicated to bring your food hot and in order. Don’t scold them if there was an issue with order because literally they just pick up and deliver the food to you. Be kind to them no matter what happens. 

Don’t forget to call 87878 Foodie Delivery to help you with ordering gourmet food this Christmas 🙂 

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