RAFFLES & FAIRMONT’s SPECTRUM Luxe Sunday Champagne Brunch

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Raffles & Fairmont’s SPECTRUM recently launched The Luxe Sunday Brunch to heat up The Battle for the BEST Sunday Brunch in Manila.

It’s a carefully curated buffet with an interesting mix of Breakfast offerings, a Sunday BBQ Grill, Live Foie Gras station and unlimited Champagne, Singapore Sling and wine. The usual Spectrum buffet with an assorted Honey Buffet is expanded with more salad and starter options, more meat options, and more homemade desserts. 🙂

Here is our Spectrum Luxe Sunday Brunch experience:

Best Sunday Brunch Series 2013:

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It’s easy to go to Spectrum because there are more basement parking options (which is currently free), and Spectrum is just near the Raffles entrance.

Spectrum Champagne Brunch-3.jpg
You have to pass through Long Bar and Raffles’ welcome lobby to reach the restaurant, which is on the gound floor.

Spectrum Champagne Brunch-95.jpg
You can reserve this long table found near the buffet area for your family.

(Unfortunately, the windows of Spectrum face the afternoon sun. Otherwise, it would have been nice to sit near the windows with a view of the gardens.)

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There’s live acoustic entertainment to complete the Sunday Brunch ambiance. 🙂


Champagne Brunch

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★ To Champagne or Not to Champagne? That’s the first question you have to answer. If you decide to have champagne, the buffet comes with a never-empty, sexy glass of Veuve Clicquot champagne.

Spectrum Champagne Brunch-44.jpg
★ The Champagne option also includes an endless pouring of red wine, white wine and Long Bar’s signature drink — Singapore Sling (with the signature peanuts, if you prefer).


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To start your buffet, you’ll be served a selection of freshly baked bread with honey dip.

Spectrum Champagne Brunch-20.jpg
★ Our breakfast favorite in the buffet is the Homemade Granola with Yogurt and Fruit toppings. 🙂


Soup, Salad, Cold Cuts & Cheese

Spectrum Champagne Brunch-6.jpg
There’s a decent assortment of fine cheese,

Spectrum Champagne Brunch-12.jpg
cold cuts,

Spectrum Champagne Brunch-13.jpg
various salads,

Spectrum Champagne Brunch-33.jpg
compound salads,

Spectrum Champagne Brunch-88.jpg
make-your-own salad, and

Spectrum Champagne Brunch-63.jpg
really good homemade soup options.

(Suggestion: The only unfortunate thing about the Salad section is that it is located by the window that faces the heat of the afternoon sun. It may be better to relocate the Salad bar to a cooler area.)


Honey Station

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The most unique feature of Spectrum is its signature Honey Buffet.

Spectrum Champagne Brunch-49.jpg
You can have different flavors of honey to pair with breads, desserts or to sweeten your drinks.

Spectrum Champagne Brunch-86.jpg
★ My personal favorite is the creamy Mascarpone Cheese with Sweet Honey and Pistachio to balance the taste.



Spectrum Champagne Brunch-52.jpg
You can start with a fresh spread of seafood.

Spectrum Champagne Brunch-10.jpg
A lot of people are raving about the Japanese Sushi and Sashimi buffet…

Spectrum Champagne Brunch-67.jpg
…because of its unique, playful combinations (like using lechon or fish eggs, etc.)

Spectrum Champagne Brunch-17.jpg
★ We love the Chinese Dimsum options — especially the Hakaw, which passed the Hakaw Test of our Chinese boys. 🙂 We can order basket after basket of Hakaw!

Spectrum Champagne Brunch-53.jpg
You can also order Duck Wrap with Hoisin Sauce.


Pass-Around Delights

Spectrum Champagne Brunch-60.jpg Spectrum Champagne Brunch-55.jpg
One of the features I enjoyed in the buffet is that they have pass-arounds of little gourmet bites, which other Sunday Brunch buffets don’t do.

Spectrum Champagne Brunch-56.jpg
Our favorites are the Foie Gras with mashed Pea, Cranberry tip, and sauce;

Spectrum Champagne Brunch-68.jpg
★ shots of Taho that come in original and coffee flavors; and

Spectrum Champagne Brunch-71.jpg
Kare Kare Ravioli!



Spectrum Champagne Brunch-7.jpg
★ YES, this Sunday Brunch Buffet serves Cebu Lechon, which is very good, especially if you have tourists or balikbayans, or you’re just celebrating a special occasion. 🙂


Sunday Barbecue Grill!

Spectrum Champagne Brunch-36.jpgWe also enjoyed the Sunday BBQ Grill theme included in the Luxe buffet.

Spectrum Champagne Brunch-34.jpg
★ You can have freshly grilled Pork Skewers, Salmon,

Spectrum Champagne Brunch-37.jpg
Baby Back Ribs, and Steak. 🙂

Spectrum Champagne Brunch-23.jpg
The buffet has a good meat carving selection — Roasted Turkey, Prime Rib and Lamb Shoulder…

Spectrum Champagne Brunch-22.jpg
…with a nice variety of sauces.

Spectrum Champagne Brunch-78.jpg
We enjoyed the Prime Rib, but the Lamb Shoulder was a bit dry.

Spectrum Champagne Brunch-29.jpg
The buffet also includes Tandoori oven-cooked meat. 🙂

Spectrum Champagne Brunch-82.jpg
★ You won’t go wrong pairing the meat with the Seafood Paella, which had generous toppings of shrimp. 🙂

Spectrum Champagne Brunch-31.jpg
There are also seafood offerings like Gambas, Grilled Salmon with Orange Beurre Blanc, 

Spectrum Champagne Brunch-25.jpg
Garam Masala Spice Sea Bass, and freshly steamed fish and prawn options in the Chinese Dimsum buffet.



Spectrum Champagne Brunch-39.jpg
There’s an extensive array of homemade desserts that will make any sweet tooth happy.

Spectrum Champagne Brunch-41.jpgGaze at the Chocolate Pralines, Cream Caramel, and Chocolate Eclairs.

Spectrum Champagne Brunch-42.jpg
Look, there’s even Buko Pie in the dessert buffet! 🙂

Spectrum Champagne Brunch-40.jpg
★ My favorite is the freshly baked Chocolate Chip Cookie…

Spectrum Champagne Brunch-96.jpg
…with a topping of Vanilla Ice Cream!

Spectrum Champagne Brunch-85.jpg
The kids had a blast enjoying several servings of yummy ice cream!

Spectrum Champagne Brunch-73.jpg Spectrum Champagne Brunch-74.jpg 
★ But the BEST dessert of all in the buffet is the freshly baked Chocolate Souffle…

Spectrum Champagne Brunch-92.jpg
…with Vanilla Cream Sauce! Sarap!

Spectrum Champagne Brunch-81.jpg

Overall, this is one buffet we truly enjoyed because of the fine selection and not-too-overwhelming spread. We have lots of favorites, including: 

  • Homemade Granola, 
  • Mascarpone Cheese with sweet honey and pistachio bits, 
  • Hakaw and Cebu Lechon,
  • Grilled Salmon and Skewers,
  • Taho Shots and Kare Kare Ravioli,
  • the Seafood Paella, and
  • for dessert — Freshly baked Chocolate Chip Cookie with Vanilla Ice Cream
    and Chocolate Souffle with Vanilla sauce.

It’s best to experience it with foodies who like drinking champagne, pairing food and wine, and enjoying unlimited glasses of Singapore Sling!

The only thing I did not like about Spectrum is that the restaurant seemed to be designed as an afterthought — the buffet and dining areas are a bit cramped and are located in the corner of the building that faces the afternoon sun. Plus, I can’t believe there’s no closed-door private room options. 🙁

Nevertheless, congratulations to Raffles & Fairmont for a well-crafted Sunday Brunch! 🙂

SPECTRUM Luxe Sunday Champagne Brunch
Fairmont Makati, 1 Raffles Drive, Makati Avenue, Makati City
Telephone: +632 555-9888 ext 6840
Email: dining.makati@fairmont.com
Buffet Hours: Sunday Lunch 12.00nn to 3.00pm
Buffet Rates:

  • Sunday Champagne Brunch P3,888 net per person
  • Sunday Brunch (no Champagne) P2,777 net per person 
  • 50% off for kids between 6-12 yrs 
  • Complimentary kids under the age of 5yrs

★ – Our Favorite and Recommended Items in the Buffet 🙂

Best Sunday Brunch Series 2013:

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P.S. Since there are no private room options, you could opt for the private corner area near the entrance, which you can reserve (but you’ll still be seen by people going in and out of the restaurant).

5 thoughts on “RAFFLES & FAIRMONT’s SPECTRUM Luxe Sunday Champagne Brunch

  1. I just saw unlimited steak, ribs, foie gras, and champagne. Getting up for brunch has never been better!
    Do they have fresh orange juice to mix for the champagne to make a mimosa?

  2. uhmmm where are the traditional breakfast items? i know this is brunch but i’m seeing more of the lunch stuff. i saw oranges behind the champagne glasses so i guess they do make mimosas.

  3. It’s interesting how there’s a grill in the restaurant. Go there if you want to inhale a large amount of CARBON DIOXIDE and if you wanna take the risk of dying the silent death.

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