DUSIT THANI: Sunday Family Crossover Brunch Buffet (Umu and Basix)

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Dusit Thani recently launched the Sunday Family Brunch Buffet, which is a streamlined and improved version of their famous Crossover Buffet across all the four restaurants in the hotel (Benjarong, Umu, Tosca and Basix).

The Sunday Brunch Buffet still features the same international cuisines: Japanese, Italian, Thai, and Continental, but it’s a crossover between the first floor restaurants Umu and Basix so that people don’t have to go up and down.

The Thai food of Benjarong is featured in Umu, and the Italian selections of Tosca are featured in Basix. Also, they added more emphasis on Filipino cuisine in Basix by including Lechon and Fresh Lumpia. This time, breakfast fare is added to the Basix spread to truly make it a brunch affair.

More focus has also been placed on kids’ entertainment and family fun, hence the name Family Brunch.

Some foodies debate that the old format is better, but some like the streamlined crossover approach.

Here’s our Family Brunch experience to give you an idea on what’s new and different with Dusit Thani’s Sunday Family Brunch Buffet…

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Best Sunday Brunch Series 2013:


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Our favorite in Dusit Thani’s buffet is UMU because of the interesting Japanese selections, the Teppanyaki, and the Asian-inspired ambiance overlooking the garden.

Dusit Thani Family Brunch-92.jpg
We love to sit in this corner, with the wall of Japanese characters.

Dusit Thani Family Brunch-28.jpg
For a big family celebration, make sure to reserve the family private rooms overlooking the gardens.

Dusit Thani Family Brunch-5.jpg
You can start with the freshly made Sushi and Sashimi rolls…

Dusit Thani Family Brunch-6.jpg…or the various Asian Salad choices.

Dusit Thani Family Brunch-8.jpg
We love the Salmon head…

Dusit Thani Family Brunch-12.jpg
…with the different Asian sauces you don’t typically find in buffets.

Dusit Thani Family Brunch-7.jpg
We like to start off with the Yakitori…

Dusit Thani Family Brunch-13.jpg
…and the sweet Teriyaki Chicken.

Dusit Thani Family Brunch-16.jpg
I like the Japanese spread because of delicious finds like this Baby Octopus.

Dusit Thani Family Brunch-44.jpg
For soup, we like the Tom Yum Goong, which has lots of plump, fresh shrimps. 🙂

Dusit Thani Family Brunch-23.jpg
One of the highlights of the buffet is the authentic Pad Thai cooked by the Thai chef in Benjarong.

Dusit Thani Family Brunch-22.jpg
It’s better to just let the chef mix it for you, but you can ask to have certain ingredients added.

Dusit Thani Family Brunch-32.jpg
The Teppanyaki section is one of the yummiest features of Umu.

Dusit Thani Family Brunch-31.jpg
My favorites are the Scallops…

Dusit Thani Family Brunch-30.jpg
…and Shrimps.

Dusit Thani Family Brunch-42.jpg
They cook and serve it with vegetables, but I suggest asking for separate platings of seafood, meat, and the vegetables so that their flavors don’t mash up.

Dusit Thani Family Brunch-33.jpg
These thin beef slices go into…

Dusit Thani Family Brunch-34.jpg
…a freshly prepared Sukiyaki, cooked right in front of you.

Dusit Thani Family Brunch-37.jpg
I love that they cook the Shrimp Tempura while you wait. They’re best eaten while hot!

Dusit Thani Family Brunch-45.jpg
For drinks, you can order hot or cold Green Tea.

Dusit Thani Family Brunch-94.jpg
Prosecco is available for adults.

Dusit Thani Family Brunch-93.jpg
It’s a dry sparkling wine from the Veneto region in Italy. It’s a good aperitif — not too strong and has a refreshing feel.

Dusit Thani Family Brunch-26.jpg
The dessert spread in Umu is limited but…

Dusit Thani Family Brunch-105.jpg
…we love the Thai iced milk desserts, especially the one with crunchy sago. 🙂


Family Fun Entertainment

Dusit Thani Family Brunch-46.jpg
We appreciate the fact that Dusit Thani wants to attract young families and provide entertainment for the kids during the Brunch Buffet.

Dusit Thani Family Brunch-3.jpg
They set up a neat play area for the kids where they can watch cartoons, play with puzzles and toys,

Dusit Thani Family Brunch-1.jpg
go bowling,

Dusit Thani Family Brunch-2.jpg
try kiddie golf,

Dusit Thani Family Brunch-152.jpg
or play basketball with the mime.

(Suggestion: The idea of a play area section is nice, but it can be improved by having unique, interesting and good quality toys.)

Dusit Thani Family Brunch-153.jpg
I like the tattoo artists who use water-based colors for the tattoo instead of the glitter, which is messy and tends to be girly.



Dusit Thani Family Brunch-48.jpg
For this brunch, I prefer making UMU my homebase, while just getting some main dishes from Basix. If the buffet is not too crowded, one strategy is to transfer to Basix for the second round and dessert.


Dusit Thani Family Brunch-58.jpg
One of the additions in the Brunch Buffet is the Breakfast spread of Cereal,

Dusit Thani Family Brunch-59.jpg
Muesli, different Yogurts,

Dusit Thani Family Brunch-82.jpg
Waffles with fresh fruits,

Dusit Thani Family Brunch-70.jpg
…and freshly baked Bread.


Dusit Thani Family Brunch-63.jpg
Basix is where you go for the carved meats like…

Dusit Thani Family Brunch-62.jpg
US Prime Rib of Beef…

Dusit Thani Family Brunch-61.jpg
…and Bone Ham.

Dusit Thani Family Brunch-53.jpg
You can also check out the skewered Tandoori meats,

Dusit Thani Family Brunch-67.jpg
cured Salmon slices,

Dusit Thani Family Brunch-90.jpg
…and baked fresh Oysters. 🙂

Dusit Thani Family Brunch-77.jpg
They have a limited selection of Cold Cuts, Sausages and Cheese.

Dusit Thani Family Brunch-55.jpg
I like this unique assortment of Pate.

Dusit Thani Family Brunch-119.jpg
Check out these Tomato Puree shots.

Dusit Thani Family Brunch-112.jpg
They have a good variety of Pasta from Tosca.

Dusit Thani Family Brunch-79.jpg
One of the highlights for me is the freshly cooked Seafood Paella!

Dusit Thani Family Brunch-50.jpg
Lechon is now included as part of the Sunday Brunch Buffet!

Dusit Thani Family Brunch-114.jpg
I think it’s great that Dusit decided to highlight this Filipino favorite. I love how it’s becoming a mainstay in Sunday Brunches to attract the Filipino families, especially those with balikbayan or tourist guests. 

Dusit Thani Family Brunch-89.jpg
I also love the fresh Lumpia station where they create the wrapper from scratch.

Dusit Thani Family Brunch-84.jpg
For drinks, they have the different juices (even vegetable juice) as part of the buffet.

Dusit Thani Family Brunch-120.jpg
Prosecco is also available in Basix.


Dusit Thani Family Brunch-85.jpg
For dessert, you have a variety of sweet treats and chocolate fondue.

Dusit Thani Family Brunch-68.jpg
Our favorite Filipino dessert — Halo-Halo!

Dusit Thani Family Brunch-115.jpg
Home-made Ice Cream 🙂 

Dusit Thani Family Brunch-109.jpg
You can treat the kids to some Cotton Candy, 

Dusit Thani Family Brunch-111.jpg
Sorbetes, and…

Dusit Thani Family Brunch-155.jpg
…Vanilla Strawberry Milkshake for a delightful finish!

Dusit Thani Family Brunch-137.jpg
Overall,  this is one of the Best Value Sunday Brunch buffets in Manila. 🙂

I like the UMU Japanese Buffet and the Benjarong Thai Buffet, which give them a yummy, competitive edge versus other Sunday Brunch offerings in the metro. I’m also pleased with the addition of the Paella, Lechon and the focus on Family Fun entertainment.

The buffet is now more manageable with the use of two restos only on the first floor, and great selected dishes from the different cuisines available in the hotel.

I must admit, though, that many foodies loved the idea of hopping from one resto to another for variety and for help in digesting the food. Although the food offering is technically the same (but with better selection), having only two restos gives the impression that the food is reduced.

Lastly, I do hope they upgrade the kids’ area with better quality of toys and different interactive booths.

Check out the new Sunday Family Crossover Brunch and let me know what you think in the Comments section.

Sunday Family Crossover Brunch
Dusit Thani Manila Hotel
Every Sunday 11:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. 
Adult: P1,800 net per person
Children from 6 to 12 years of age: 50% discount; and
Children 5 years old and below are free of charge.
Note: Inclusive of unlimited beverage featuring each restaurant’s signature refreshment.

Best Sunday Brunch Series 2013:


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P.S. Check out the new Dusit Club on the 17th floor (topmost) of the hotel.

Dusit Thani Family Brunch-147.jpg

Dusit Thani Family Brunch-150.jpg
I love the 1-Million-Peso Isabel Diaz Floral Painting that greets you as you enter the club.

Dusit Thani Family Brunch-140.jpg
The Dining and Lounge area is much bigger…

Dusit Thani Family Brunch-128.jpg
…with an awesome view of the Ortigas skyline. 🙂

Dusit Thani Family Brunch-145.jpg
They have a new Dusit Club Board Room with a view of the Makati skyline.

Dusit Thani Family Brunch-132.jpg
For more intimate meetings, there’s a new Library section that you can use.

Dusit Thani Family Brunch-139.jpg
There’s also a Meditation room in one corner of the floor, and…

Dusit Thani Family Brunch-136.jpg
…a Private Dining room, which you can use for small gatherings or business meetings.

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