LEVANTE EASTWOOD: Finally, the Mercato of the East @EastwoodMall! @LevanteEastwood

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LEVANTE EASTWOOD is a Night Food Market every Friday at the Eastwood City organized by the Mercato Centrale group. It caters primarily to the people in Eastwood and around the surrounding communities East of Metro Manila.

LEVANTE stands for the Yummy East. The name  literally means ‘the East’ referring to the eastern region of the Iberian peninsula on the Spanish Mediterranean coast.  

Check out the Levante Experience in Eastwood City:

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LEVANTE is currently located in City Walk 2 near the NIKE area. 

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You can Eastwood’s City Walk of fame into Levante. This entrance is near the Bonchon restaurant.

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Currently, LEVANTE is only open every Friday from 6pm to 3am.

Levante Layout

We have around 30 unique food vendors which is a mix of the Best of Mercato vendors, and home-based vendors located in the East area.

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This is the first time the Mercato Centrale group partnered with Megaworld Lifestyle Malls, led by Mr. Kevin Tan, to enhance the yummy experience of the different malls.

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LEVANTE is designed to be a walking food street with yummy food stalls you can’t resist.

Levante Eastwood Launch-4.jpg
The market has a few dining areas, but usually most people would buy to go.

Levante Eastwood Launch-18.jpg
We have a mix of the Mercato favorites like Crunchy Belly,

Levante Eastwood Launch-12.jpg
Manila Q’s Bagwang,

Levante Eastwood Launch-32.jpg
Chef Bab’s Sisig,

Levante Eastwood Launch-20.jpg
… and our favorite Takoyaki.

Levante Eastwood Launch-15.jpg
We prioritize yummy Home-based Vendors from the Eastwood, Marikina, and Antipolo areas.

Levante Eastwood Launch-42.jpg
Aside from the yummy food we make sure to have a good selection of drinks to complete the dining experience.

Levante Eastwood Launch-64.jpg
Thank you to the Levante team for a successful launch last Friday at Eastwood City!

Levante Eastwood Launch-3.jpg
Thank you to the Megaworld Lifestyle Team for partnering with Mercato for the Levante market!

 Fwd: Proposed Levante logo

Levante is located at Citywalk 2 of Eastwood City, along C-5 road in Quezon City,  and will be open every Friday from 6pm to 3am starting May 17, 2013 onwards.

Citywalk 2, Eastwood City
Email: admin@LevanteEastwood.com
Mobile+63 917 840-1152
Telephone+632 812-0102
Operating Hours: Every Friday from 6pm to 3am 

Related Blog Post: LEVANTE: Announcing…. The Mercato of the East!

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