MAPLE: All Day Breakfast @ San Antonio Plaza, Forbes Park Makati

MAPLE is the high-end All-Day Breakfast restaurant by the Pancake House group with its flagship store in San Antonio Plaza.

We like Pancake House, and it’s our comfort breakfast food with our boys. But recently we noticed the taste is getting too commercialized, the serving of the pasta is getting smaller, and the flavors are a bit diluted.

I’m glad that they decided to create a Breakfast restaurant for the foodies who demand a better breakfast experience all day. 

Here’s our breakfast date experience at MAPLE:

The Best of ALL-DAY BREAKFAST Craze:

The MAPLE resto is like a community breakfast place overlooking the Sanctuario de San Antonio Church in Forbes Park, Makati. It has a good following from the surrounding communities.

It can accommodate about 30 people so expect a queue during the peak breakfast time.

The design of the restaurant is focused on the maple design patterns and maple colors.

I love the Story of Maple which sets the fairy-tale mood for the overall theme of the place.

Maple-3.jpgMaple Menu

PrologueAperitifs Drinks Menu

Chapter OneA New Day is Dawning – All Day Breakfast Menu | Photo Menu
Chapter TwoA Morning to Remember – All Day Breakfast Continued | Photo Menu
Chapter ThreeHunger Awakens – Appetizers | Photo Menu
Chapter FourWish Becomes Reality – Pasta | Photo Menu
Chapter FiveFairy Tale Endings – Dessert | Photo Menu

Bottled PoetryWine List

Sunrise, Sunsets New ItemsTruffle Omelette Souffle | Savory Country Pancakes

Read The Story of Maple Continued


★ Eggs Benedict (P315 +10% service charge). A MAPLE signature topped with Canadian bacon, poached eggs and Hollandaise sauce served with crunchy country fries.

I love the crusty bread, with a good choice of ham for the Maple’s Egg Benedict version.

The country fries are unique and interesting – crispy odd shaped potato bits.

Swiss Chocolate Pancakes (P360 +10% service charge)Buttermilk pancakes or a thick Belgian waffle chock full of Felchin dark chocolate pastilles and topped with more chocolate shavings.

We find the pancake ordinary with bits of chocolate sprinkled on it and selected presence inside the pancakes.  

They say that the blueberry pancakes or french toast are their specialty. But we haven’t tried them yet.

★ Prime Rib Tapa (P520 +10% service charge)A traditional Filipino breakfast favorite is taken to new heights. A marinated prime rib served with garlic rice, two eggs prepared the way you like, tomato-onion salsa and atchara.

Most foodies (including us) rave about the Prime Rib Tapa. It’s like eating a steak with a very strong soy marinated flavor — just the way Filipinos would like it.

It’s actually quite big and can be shared for two;  just order additional fried rice and eggs. It’s best eaten on its own and  coupled with a spicy garlic vinegar sauce.

Overall, MAPLE got mixed reviews when it opened — I can understand if you would evaluate your breakfast place based on the pancakes they serve. But what I like most are their gourmet breakfast items specially the Prime Rib Tapa and Eggs Benedict. Budget P500-P700/head.

I love their quaint location in San Antonio Plaza, overlooking the church. A perfect Sunday Brunch place after hearing mass with the family.

2nd Level San Antonio Plaza, Mckinley Road, Forbes Park, Makati City
Telephone: +632 621 6211, +632 621-6764
Open Daily 6.30am to 11.00pm 

The Best of ALL-DAY BREAKFAST Craze:

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P.S. They opened another branch in the East Wing of Shangri-la Mall and soon to open in Alabang. 


3 thoughts on “MAPLE: All Day Breakfast @ San Antonio Plaza, Forbes Park Makati

  1. Nice. Hopefully they can open more stores in more accessible areas. Don’t want to go all the way to the ghetto just to get my bfast!

  2. i tried their prime rib tapa..taste was good but .one-third was fat aside fr the bony part. i dont think its worth it. 🙁

  3. We had lunch on Sunday, 9 June 2013, at Maple, San Antonio Plaza. Since most of the tables inside the restaurant were taken, our group of 12 had to sit at the tables outside with the ceiling fans providing some relief from the intense heat. After all the hype you read about the food at Maple’s, the quality of the food was a disappointment; it is just average! Furthermore the service and attitude toward its customers are below par as illustrated by the treatment we got from the waiters/waitresses:
    (i) after our orders were taken, we had to wait for over hour before the food was served.
    The excuse we got was that because we were sitting outside it takes longer to serve us (how lame can an excuse be);
    (ii) the tea ordered by our host towards the end of the meal, was served when she had left the table to say goodbye to some guests. The tea was then taken inside again. Upon return of our host, the waiter inside the restaurant was asked to serve the tea again. The response of the waiter was: “first I served the tea outside, then I brought it inside and now you want me to bring the tea outside again”. When we complained to the manager about the rude response of the waiter, she apologized, but also came up with all kind of excuses for the behaviour of the waiter.
    Obviously, with discourteous staff and average food quality, it is not a place we want to go back to.

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