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MOVIE STARS CAFE is a movie-themed restaurant featuring waiters in Superhero and Villain costumes, and Broadway Musical performances. It is a passion project of the Japanese founder of

Initially, it was named Star Movies Cafe, inspired by the Star Movies Cafe franchise in Japan. But they had to rename it to Movie Stars Cafe to avoid the trademark infringement.

I surprised the boys the other night with a restaurant where their superheroes come to life. 🙂 

Check out the Movie Stars Cafe experience:

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MOVIE STARS CAFE is located beside Hooters, along Seaside Boulevard in Mall of Asia.

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There’s a center stage with a middle ramp where the performances are held.

You can see the show schedule in their Facebook page: Movie Stars Cafe

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The best time to go is during dinnertime (6pm-9pm) because of the cool performances. They are also getting popular for the Midnight Dino Buffet, which starts at 10pm.

(Note: There’s an ongoing Metrodeal Midnight Dino Buffet promotion, so you might want to avoid this time slot for now.)

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We arrived late at night and got the chance to watch the Happy Feet Tap Dancing show. 

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We wasted no time taking pictures with Darth Vader and…

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…life-size superhero models like Iron Man (which costs about P400,000!).

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There’s an open kitchen and bar counter setup where the buffet is served directly as the food is cooked (and a gigantic T-Rex head about to eat you).

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The Dino Buffet looks good but a bit expensive considering the variety and the cost of the buffet, especially if you are with kids. Check out the Dino Buffet rates here.

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I like that they cook the Barbecue on the spot and serve at the buffet directly.

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It is best to sit in this area where you have a good view of the performances while you eat. Also, you can reserve the seats near the main stage.

Movie Stars Cafe-28.jpg Movie Stars Cafe-40.jpg
Movie Stars Cafe MenuDi Buffet | Jumpstart (Appetizers) | You’re So Hot (Soup) | Green Field (Salad) | Burgers | Sandwiches, Pizza | Long Life (Pasta) | Main Event 1 | Main Event 2 | Main Event 3 | Main Event 4 | Dessert | About Movie Stars Cafe

Drinks Menu: Milk Shakes, Fruit Shakes, Juices | Specialty Drinks, Coffee | Cold Coffee & Tea, Cocktails | Mojitos, Specialty Cocktails | Beers, Wines

They recently launched a decent ala carte menu, which resembles the Friday’s-type cuisine.

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MOVIE STARS SALAD (P465 +10% service charge)Iceberg lettuce, romaine lettuce, chicken symphony salad, green apple, pine nuts, ripe mango, grapes, and parmesan flakes served with a secret dressing.

This salad was very good and served on a big plate, good to share. It tasted similar to our favorite Italianni’s salad (the one with with mangoes and grapes).

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OSCAR’S (P295 +10% service charge)French onion soup served with tuscan and provolone cheese.

The onion soup was executed poorly and did not resemble the photo in the menu.

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JACKSON FIVE (P465 +10% service charge)Chicken lollipop, buffalo chicken wings, almond chicken tenders, chicken sate, chicken tenders, served with honey mustard dressing, buffalo sauce, blue cheese dressing, thousand island and vegetable crudites.

This is a good pica-pica platter as you watch the show over ice-cold beer. 🙂

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NOTEBOOK (P420 +10% service charge)Baked penne pasta, served with basil cream sauce, pomodoro, fresh sausage, mozzarella and sharp cheddar cheese.

The pasta was very good, especially with the cheese on top. Feel free to share, thanks to the big serving size.

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It was refreshing to see Broadway musical performances from ABS-CBN’s Star Magic talents.

Check out the Chicago performance.

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I also liked the portion with Evita Peron.

Check out the Evita Peron performance.

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Here are some of the movie characters we met: V from V for Vendetta,

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Ghostface from Scream, and…

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…Spider-Man (also with his arch-nemesis Venom, the Black Spiderman, in the cover photo).

Here’s the Movie Stars Cafe cast with Spidey, dancing to the music of FAME.

Here’s Spider-Man dancing Footloose. 🙂

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Overall, Movie Stars Cafe sets the stage for a fun “movie” night out, whether with friends, family or just with the kids. It’s reminiscent of the Singing Cooks & Waiters, but this time with waiters as cosplayers. (I do hope they can have Superman always present during dinnertime.)

The quality of the costumes and life-size models are very good, but I’m not sure though about the Movie Memorabilia, which failed to make an impression.

The food comes in big servings, good to share and are similar to the comfort American food of a Bistro-group resto. I recommend the ala carte menu. Budget P500/head. There’s no show cover charge, but you have to make sure you have reservations during the peak dinner hours.

Let me know what you think of the Dino Buffet in the Comments section if you have tried it already.

Seaside Blvd., SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City, Philippines
Telephone: +63 905 277-9999, +63 908 200-9999 
Facebook: Movie Stars Cafe
Operating Hours: Open Daily, 12nn until 2am

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P.S. Thanks to Chef Boom for sharing stories and trivia about Movie Stars Cafe!

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  1. Alas we didn’t meet when we went there on the 31st. The Dino buffet wouldn’t satisfy the amount you paid for it (compared to other buffets in town that has the same price). No wide selections offered and food tastes bland. Good thing we enjoyed the performances, basically it was really the show that can cover the amount you’ve paid for.

  2. HI. thanks for the great post! I’d like to ask, as my nephew would like to see bumbleebee & Optimus prime..were they there when you dined?
    Would you know if they’re there every night? thanks!

  3. Would you know if they have a drink all you can promo even if you’re gonna go for a la carte and not the buffet? 🙂 Thanks!

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