STOCKTON PLACE by Chef Celine: Hidden Makati Resto Every Foodie is Raving About!

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STOCKTON PLACE is hip and cozy restaurant by Chef Celine de los Angeles hidden in Legaspi Village, Makati City. Its well- curated menu is described by the Chef as “approachable and thoughtful”. 

Chef Celine is a fresh young talent who shifted  from a para-legal and advertising career in LA to a culinary field back in Manila. She graduated in culinary arts from CCA, worked for Manila Peninsula, and hone her craft in The Goose Station before setting up her first- ever Resto,  Stockton Place. 

The buzz about the resto spread like “Wildflour” reminiscent of the excitement around the opening of Lolo Dad’s in Malate.

Check out the Stockton Place experience…

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The resto facade is unassuming and you won’t give this a second look if you are just  passing  along Salcedo St. 

If you are coming from Makati Medical Center, drive along Salcedo and it would be on your right just after passing by Gamboa st. Parking is along the street.

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The name of the Resto is inspired by Chef Celine’s culinary idol, Chef Daniel Humm,  one of the few chefs with three Michelan stars and currently the executive chef of Eleven Madison Park in New York City — #5 in S. Pellegrino’s World’s Best Restaurants.

Chef Daniel used to be the executive chef at Campton Place Restaurant along Stockton Street in San Francisco hence the name Stockton Place.

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The place is a bit cozy with a contemporary design. It’s the place to eat and be seen in Makati.

It’s always full with about 30+ seat capacity so better reserve at least one week in advance  to get a table.

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It has a cool wine menu listed in a wine diary. The menu is written on the black board.

STOCKTON PLACE MENU: Soup, Salad, PastaEntrees, Desserts | CocktailsSparkling Cocktails, French, Eastside Bellini, Rose Royal, Beers, Juices, Fizzes 

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★ Foie Gras Salad (P450 +10% service charge) with shavings of foie gras on a bed of mixed greens & peanut puree.

The salad  of shaved foie gras and foamy peanut sauce was a unique flavor combination and surprisingly light.

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We got a good Chateau Hatu-Terrasson Red Wine (375ml – P800) which is 55% merlot and 45% cabernet sauvignon to compliment our meal.

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★ Roasted Steak Salad (P600 +10% service charge) with dressed arugula, crispy onions & steak sauce

I love the combination of fresh arugula with the crispy texture and slices of steak. Although some steak strips are a bit chewy and the arugula’s after- taste was a bit mild. 

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★ Sweet Potato Tortellini (P350 +10% service charge) with a brown butter thyme sauce, hazelnut crumble & prosciutto crisp.


I was surprised how the chef was able to make camote pasta tastes so yummy with the sweetness and crunchiness of the hazelnut and the saltiness from the prosciutto.

Also, I would like to commend the Chef for the cool presentation of the dishes. It was effortlessly put together, with a playful vibe.  

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★ Seared Scallops (P750 +10% service charge) with lime creme fraiche, & caramelized tomato tart

The scallops are juicy, seared well and a good bite. It’s always good to eat it with a little bit of the micro greens, tomato and cream.

What makes this awesome is the caramelized tomato with the right sweetness shaped into a pie with a nice crust underneath. This gets my vote for the best dish of the night.  

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★ Poached Chicken (P550 +10% service charge) with truffle mushroom duxelle, truffle mashed potato & crispy chicken skin.

Chicken never tasted this good with a mix of lean chicken and mushroom, mashed  potato and super crispy chicken skin like the popular balat ng lechon.

There seemed to be  lot of things going on, but each piece was carefully considered, and the combination of flavors would leave you with a wow on your lips 🙂

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★ Rib Eye Steak (P450/100g with average 600-1200g) with bordelaise sauce & fried potatoes (good to share)

Most foodies rave about the steak. It comes usually in 1,000+g and it’s a good value for the amount of steak you are getting. 

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The steak is so big you can share it with a group of 2-3 steak eaters. Best to order it medium to get the best tasting steak and pair it with red wine.

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It has a good marbling and even the fat is very soft and yummy to eat.  

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Lemon Parfait (P300 +10% service charge) with vanilla emulsion, meringue & lemon curd.

This was good but it lacked the lemony aftertaste we were looking for,  as if playing on the safe side.

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★ Chocolate Marquise (P350 +10% service charge) with creme anglaise, almond tuile & fresh berries.

Love the playfulness of the presentation, making it look like a garden with super yummy chocolate. A perfect ending to a delightful meal.

I’m impressed that the chef can do both gourmet dishes and well-crafted desserts.

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Decaf Brewed Coffee (P120 +10% service charge).

Best to eat the dessert with coffee 🙂

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It’s nice talking to Chef Celine because of her youthful and fresh aura in the culinary scene in Manila.

The food is a reflection of our first impression of her — unpretentious, passionate, and fresh.

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Overall, highly recommended for its well- executed concept with a carefully selected menu, wine pairings, and sweet endings. The ambiance is cozy, casually cool, with a San Fo resto vibe

Budget P1,500/head for a 3-course meal with wine to P2,500/head if you are getting the raved-about Rib Eye Steak. (The Rib Eye Steak would cost P450/100g usually with 700g minimum weight)

Most of the dishes served are wiped out clean,  a testament to the consistent yumminess of the food. 

You got to try this resto!

227 Salcedo St. (corner Gamboa), Makati City
Telephone: +632 844-9530
Mobile Number: +63 917 856-1419 
Operating Hours: Monday to Saturday Dinner 6.00pm to 10.00pm 

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P.S. Congrats to Chef Celine.  We are proud to have such promising young culinary talent in Manila! We became instant fan of the chef that night 🙂 

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  1. Nice restaurant, reasonable price, cool ambiance and I think the foods are delicious 🙂

  2. what was the resto in that spot before Stockton Place? used to see it in the late 90’s and early 2000’s.

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