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YAKITORI ONE specializes in Yakitori which is skewered grilled meat usually chicken, with a signature Tare (teriyaki-style) glaze.  It’s like chicken barbecue on a stick. 

They recently opened their first store at SM Aura Premier. This is owned by the same restaurateur couple of Jeroen and lifestyle blogger Cecile of Chuvaness.com that brought the Pepper Lunch franchise to Manila.

We ordered all the yakitori sticks and the side dishes, and here are our favorites:



Yakitori ONE is conveniently located at the food court on the 4th floor Cinema Level specially if you are looking for a quick yummy meal before watching a movie. You can’t miss it beside Pepper Lunch.

Check out their high-tech yakitori machine to make it efficient for them to assemble their yakitoris.

What I like about it is that all the sticks are grilled on the spot while you wait.

Here’s a closer look of the menu: Yakitori Sticks| Donburi MealDrinks, Beer, Soup, Add On 

There are 12 yakitori options to choose from. It would be best if you already know what to order so that you don’t delay the long queue.

We ordered 1 of each stick to try them all with the soup. Most of the sticks are priced at P45-P50 except for the chicken wings at P90/stick.  As a rule- of – thumb, order 2-3 sticks per person.

The ordering  process was fast, and everything looks appetizing. The high-end SM Aura Food Court is nice with clean and comfortable dining setup.

★ Shouga Soup (P30). Chicken broth vegetable soup with egg and sesame flavor.

We love this chicken soup with roasted sesame flavors, and flavorful pieces of mushroom 🙂

Miso Soup (P30). Classic Japanese miso paste soup with tofu.

The miso soup was ordinary,  better to order the Shouga.

Ponzu (P20) and ★ Goma Mayo (P20).

The ponzu sauce was a bit salty but we liked the Goma Mayo which was sesame flavored and goes well with the teriyaki flavors.

Yakitori Rice (P48)

This was really good — Japanese rice with teriyaki sauce topped with sliced seaweeds and pickled ginger. The boys loved it and it completes your yakitori meal 🙂

Chicken & Onion Leek (P50), Chicken & Bell Pepper (P50), and Chicken & Garlic (P50).

You can order your chicken with Onion Leek, Bell Pepper or Garlic pieces in between.

I like the garlic better, then the onion leeks.


Quail Egg Pork Wrap (P50).

If you want to try out something new, try the quail eggs wrap in pork. It was just OK, and the pork they used is like bacon with lots of fat.

Chicken Skin (P30).

The chicken skin was chewy and a bit tough. I was expecting it to be crunchy.

Chicken Wings (P90).

The chicken wings are a bit expensive, hard to eat, and there’s a lot of bones instead of meat.

★ Chicken Karaage (P45).

I love their karaage pieces specially when dipped with the goma mayo. The boys loved this 🙂

Asaparagus Pork Wrap (P50), Pork Butabara (P45), Quail Egg &  Pork Wrap (P50).

They also have a Pork BBQ version called Pork Butabara which is just OK with lots of fats. Instead of quail egg, you can also order asparagus wrapped in pork.

★ Chicken Balls (P45), and ★ Chicken Thigh (P50).

The best for us are the Chicken Balls and the big chunks of Chicken Thigh. Order a stick of garlic to complete the feast.


We like YakitoriONE’s tare glaze sauce which has a balanced sweet and soy taste, and good consistency. It’s good that the yakitori’s are cooked on the spot.

For us, we like Chicken Balls (P45), Chicken Thigh (P50) with Garlic Stick (P20), Yakitori Rice (P48), Shuga soup (P30) and extra goma mayo. Budget less than P200 for a yummy yakitori meal 🙂

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P.S.  Try YakitoriONE for your next IMAX date 🙂

5 thoughts on “YAKITORI ONE: What’s Your Favorite Yakitori @YakitoriOne?‎ @SMAuraPremier‎

  1. We went to Yakitori One on its opening day and tried a few selections. I especially liked the chicken thigh, and the garlic stick was a nice surprise since it didn’t leave the garlic-y taste in my mouth which I expected. My sister said her karaage was really good too. A plus for me is that they serve excellent quality rice which was perfectly cooked and makes you want to order more and more yakitori sticks. Overall, everything we ordered was cooked well. It was also a plus that they have an open kitchen so when in line you can see how they prepare and cook what they serve. Added entertainment value on the high tech machine they use that dips the yakitoris in the sauce before being grilled so that sort of keeps you preoccupied while waiting. This place is a real must try. For the food quality you get, the price is very reasonable at P45 – P50 per stick.

  2. I have planning to go to sm aura food court for months to try the Yakitori One. Finally i was able to go yesterday and tried the 3 skewered thigh, beef and the karaage. The thigh (with the skin on) is taste good because it was perfectly cooked. What i did not like is the tare sauce. It is too dark.

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