THE FRUIT GARDEN: Velvet Fantasy, Island Sparkle & Charlie Co’s Recipes of Love

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THE FRUIT GARDEN is a luxury jam brand proudly from the Philippine Islands. It’s the only local artisanal jam maker that uses the French way — prepared in small batches using copper cauldrons and using 100% natural products with no additives or preservatives.

They are 4-time winners and graduates of the Ultimate Taste Test series:

This 2013, they launched their latest Christmas flavors, Velvet Fantasy and Island Sparkle, together with Charlie Co’s “Recipes of Love” painting, and new variants of Pam’s Risa Chocolates using the festive luxury jams.

I think these are their best luxury jam offerings to date, with an artistic packaging to boot. These are limited edition flavors that would make great gifts for the 2013 Christmas season!

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I love the “Jam and Art” festive collection cocktail launch of the latest fruit jam flavors, held at the Glasshouse in New World Hotel last October 8.

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It was a fruit jam tasting, with cocktail dinner and an exhibit of Charlie Co’s “Recipes of Love

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Most of the males preferred the mango-based jam “Island Sparkle“, while the ladies liked the mixed berry “Velvet Fantasy” fruit jam.

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The “Island Sparkle” (120gr Wave jar – P300) is mango with touches of pineapple, almond slivers, apricot spirits, and edible sparkle to give it a luxurious, festive feel. 🙂 It’s indeed a good talk piece for the Christmas celebrations.

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The “Velvet Fantasy” (120gr Wave jar – P300) is a classic combination of mixed berries, spiced with clove and cinnamon. 🙂

There’s actually a third flavor — the complementary mix of Island Sparkle x Velvet Fantasy. 🙂 

Fruit Garden's Velvet Fantasy and Island Sparkle-3.jpg
The fruit jam is a product of the love story of Pierre (a French guy) and Ria (Negrense Filipina) Marmonier. 

The couple commissioned an artwork from fellow Negrense and visual artist, Charlie Co, known for his vibrant colors and social-surealist style. He was featured in 30 one-man shows since 1980 and his recent work, “Blue Men in Black Suits”, was exhibited in various areas of the Metro.

Fruit Garden's Velvet Fantasy and Island Sparkle-28.jpg
Recipe of Love” beautifully incorporates an Eiffel tower in the middle of Negros’ sugarcane land, and the couple (Pierre & Ria) stirring a cauldron (making a fruit jam) while riding a horse.

(How romantic! I would also love to commission an artist to paint our love story someday.)

Fruit Garden's Velvet Fantasy and Island Sparkle-1.jpg
Pierre and Ria’s daughter used Photoshop to incorporate Co’s images in the new luxury jam boxes.

Fruit Garden's Velvet Fantasy and Island Sparkle-11.jpg
Island Sparkle and Velvet Fantasy  (P650 in “Charlie Co” box)

I’m impressed with the stackable bottles of the fruit jams and the box itself is worth collecting. 🙂 It’s a piece of art that captures the love story of the couple.

(They say that the flavors are inspired by the couple’s “Aha!” moments in the bedroom. :))

Fruit Garden's Velvet Fantasy and Island Sparkle-4.jpg
The assorted 6-small jar fruit jam sampler also comes with a greeting card showcasing the artwork.

Fruit Garden's Velvet Fantasy and Island Sparkle-22.jpg
The Fruit Garden also now has Organic Honey from Abra, and…

Fruit Garden's Velvet Fantasy and Island Sparkle-29.jpg
…Soy Wax Candles which are all-natural, last 50% longer, and environment friendlier (lesser CO2) than Parafin Wax Candles.

Fruit Garden's Velvet Fantasy and Island Sparkle-19.jpg
The Fruit Garden offers 6 different hard-box coffrets with a mix of jams, honey, candles, and other paraphelnelia…


…that come in striking colors and tied with equally colorful cloth ribbons. 🙂

Fruit Garden's Velvet Fantasy and Island Sparkle-17.jpg
The Fruit Garden also provides jam, chutney, and caramel from The Carewell Community. They also committed 2% of the sales from their corporate clients to Carewell.

Fruit Garden's Velvet Fantasy and Island Sparkle-14.jpg
Best of all, I love the “Island Sparkle” jam flavor in The Fruit Garden’s chocolate line, in collaboration with Pam’s Risa Artisan Chocolate. 🙂

Fruit Garden's Velvet Fantasy and Island Sparkle-12.jpg
You can also get the “Velvet Fantasy” flavor in chocolate form.

Fruit Garden's Velvet Fantasy and Island Sparkle-15.jpg
The Fruit Garden Chocolate line (P650) comes in 8 other flavors: Strawberry Mint, Mango Passion, Mango Durian, Orange, Lychee Berry Rose, Pineapple Coco Rhum, Strawberry, and Calamansi.

Fruit Garden's Velvet Fantasy and Island Sparkle-24.jpg
Congratulations to Pierre and Ria for the new flavors and awesome packaging, and also on your export expansion to Asean markets, Japan, and the Middle East! 🙂

Fruit Garden's Velvet Fantasy and Island Sparkle-7.jpg
Once again, The Fruit Garden raises the bar with their exciting and limited edition flavors of Island Sparkle (with edible glitters) and Velvet Fantasy

I really like Charlie Co’s artwork immortalizing Pierre and Ria’s love story and showcasing the marriage of French and Negrense culture. And it’s great how they were able to incorporate it in the designs of their packaging, turning these into collectible art pieces as well.

I’m impressed with the level of quality and the concept that The Fruit Garden is setting for proudly Philippine-made luxury products. Congratulations, Pierre and Ria!

Le Potager Inc, 295 Haig street, Mandaluyong City, Philippines
(look for “Lyrics apartelle” green sign)
Telephone: +632  621-4603
Mobile: +63 920 945-3565
Email: or

The Fruit Garden Jam

  • 30gr jar cilindric P53.00

120gr jar Hexagonal P120.00

120gr jar Wave P 300.00
 (Island Sparkle – Velvet Fantasy
350 gr jar Heaxagonal P300.00

The Fruit Garden Christmas Pricelist

  • The Discovery set P350.00
  • The Gift box P480.00
  • The Wave set P650.00
  • The Chocolate line P650.00
  • Promum coffret P950.00
  • Mellis coffret P900.00
  • Hortus coffret P1,200.00 
  • Novus coffret P1,490.00
  • Laetitia coffret P1,975.00
  • Luxus coffret P2,750.00

All coffret prices are quoted with pongee cloth material
For Shantung cloth material add 10% on the price

All prices are VAT inclusive – Minimum delivery for Metro Manila Php 10,000

Note: Volume Discount applies to bulk orders.

Live an Awesome Life,


P.S. You can get The Fruit Garden Jams and other products at the following outlets:

Weekend Markets/ bazaars:

  • Legazpi Market, Legazpi Village carp park, Makati,  Sundays 8:00 am – 2:00 pm
  • Eastwood Mall, week end food fair, with Green Babes in the City stall

Retail Outlets:

Manila: Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila, Pastry Boutique, lobby level


  • New Landmark supermarket
  • Dusit Thani Hotel, Ayala center, gourmet outlet at lobby
  • The Market Deli,  Tiffany Place,  Leviste Street, Salcedo Village
  • Bacchus epicerie, Ground Floor, Power Plant Mall, Rockwell
  • Tesoros, Pasay road (Discovery set only)

The Fruit Garden commissary, 295 Haig street, Mandaluyong City
Monday to Saturday 9.00 am to 5.00 pm Tel : 621 4603

San Juan:  Deli Boys, East square bldg, 2nd fl, Connecticut street, San Juan

Manila airport

  • The Tinder Box Naia Terminal 1, next to Duty Free area, Manila Airport
  • Rajah Maynila Naia Terminal 3, departure area, Manila Airport
  • Manna gift shop Resort World complex

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