MARIA LUISA’s Secret Garden Room @ Makati Garden Club!

Note: The resto is open for Makati Garden Club members only…

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There’s a secret garden resto at the Makati Garden Club by Chef Sandra Fernandez of Savoy Bistro fame. They serve the Chef’s French & European dish specialties and authentic European bread amidst a homey, girly ambiance.

This is a nice place for great conversations over a good meal. Check out Maria Luisa’s Secret Garden Room…

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The only way to get here is to drive along EDSA southbound and turn right into Ayala, turn right again at the first corner (Recoletos), then go straight until you see the Makati Garden Club premises on your right.

(Parking is available in front of Makati Garden Club.)

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It’s a quaint, homey restaurant and a good place to escape in the busy Makati CBD.

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MARIA LUISA’S GARDEN ROOM MENU: Traditional Danish Open Faced Sandwiches | Soupes De Provence, Salades De JardinEntrees | Seafood Selection | La Grillade & Les Specialites Traditionelles | Dessert

Jin Loves to eat described Maria Luisa’s Garden Room as a place where you “feel feminine and pretty“. It is, indeed, very girly and an all-boys group might feel out of place eating here. 

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The restaurant is a tribute to Maria Luisa, the founder of Makati Garden Club. Part of the restaurant’s proceeds go to the projects and advocacies of Makati Garden Club.

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It’s like entering a boulangerie with a display of fresh bread and an open kitchen setup. 

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The breads are baked fresh everyday and available starting 10.30am.

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They have decent desserts, too, for that sweet finish to a memorable meal with your special someone.

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For big groups, you can reserve the function room area where they have long tables good for 10-20 people.  I think you can reserve the entire resto for 40-50 people.

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They also have a good selection of wine curated by the owner.

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This is the type of place that is conducive for drinking wine paired with good food.

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The setup is casually romantic, which is perfect for that monthsary date. 🙂

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They serve appetizer pieces while you wait for your food.

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✮ Salade de Maison (P290)Mixed Lettuce, Smoked Salmon, & Mango in Mustard

The salad was presented with an abundance of fresh greens and generous servings of smoked salmon. I love the combination of salmon and sweet mango slices with the mustard sauce.

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Bisque de Hommard (P250). Lobster Soup

This was also good but with a bit of salty, malansa aftertaste.

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We ordered the cheese fondue which was something we could share with our vegetarian friend RJ. 

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✮ Fondue Les Alpes (P890 – Good for 4 Persons). Raclette – Gruyere – Emmental Cheeses Melted with Cream, White Wine, Garlic & Kirsh. Assorted Home Made Bread, Pickles & Olives

You dip pieces of bread into a cheese-cream dip which has a diluted consistency and not too rich. 

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I like it…hindi nakakasawa. And you get to taste the smooth cheese flavor.

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I prefer the Multigrain Sour Dough for dipping in the fondue.

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✮ Chef Special Chilean Mussels Two Way’s (P680). Les Chef: Wine & Cream, Mariniere: Parsley & Garcli.

To date, this is the only mussel dish I like because of the good quality of the mussels and the smooth wine & cream sauce, which is a better alternative to cheese & butter.


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RJ also loved his Asparagus Risotto.

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✮ Merlot Braised Lamb Shank (P880 – Single) with Sweet Beets & Couscous.

For us meat lovers, we enjoyed our lamb which was cooked well and served in four pieces for sharing.

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Lemon & Basil (P80).  This lemonade initially tastes awful but actually slowly grows on you. A refreshing treat that we would recommend. 🙂

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Salted Chocolate Caramel Cake (P200/slice).

The desserts are simple but very good. A nice way to end a lovely European meal.

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I love the idea that this place is still hidden from the hustle and bustle of Makati, serving fresh European breads and interesting French-European cuisine. The place is girly-romantic, perfect for a girl’s night out or a baby shower meet.

Try the salad, cheese fondue, the breads, and the main entrees like the lamb or the steaks. (If you’ve been here, let me know of any particular dish you’d also recommend).

It’s a nice and cozy place to be with friends and family when you’re in the Makati area. Budget P1,000/head.

The Makati Garden Club
Recoletos Street corner Ayala Avenue, Brgy Urdaneta, Makati City
Telephone: +632 552-7051, 552-7045
Operating Hours:

  • Open Everyday from 11.30am to 9.00pm
  • Breads are available at 10.30am
  • Breakfast 7am by Reservation only minimum of 10 

Note: Cash basis only. Personal Checks are also accepted.

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Live an Awesome Life,


P.S. Make sure to also check out the shop in front of the resto. 🙂

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  1. Does it mean, one can go there by riding a bus (going LRT-Leveriza) and going in the first right corner that I see?

  2. It would be nice if your blog post mentioned the membership requirement up top…I didn’t scroll down to the comments and just called for a reservation and the woman told me I’m not on their list…I had no idea what she was talking about…then figured out only members can eat there.

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