CHEF POLO CHUA’s BUTTER NUGGETS: Chicken and Bacon Ravioli (UTT Rating: 3.50)



UTT XI: Rockwell Winner #10: (Main Dish) 


  117 foodies rated 5- Awesome! I would recommend it!
  119 foodies rated 4- I love it!
  160 foodies rated 3- We had a good time.
     75 foodies rated 2- It is OK.
     17 foodies rated 1- Thanks, but it could be better.

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I love meeting fresh new talents who are passionate about food and introduce innovative ways of enjoying the eating experience. Chef Polo Chua is one such talent, and his entry in UTT XI, a homemade ravioli topped with homemade sauce, fried on one side to give it that nice crunch, promises a burst of flavor with each bite.

We like it and it’s a certified favorite of my son Raphael. 🙂  

Congratulations for winning the #10 spot in the UTT XI Main Dish Category!

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The Story of BUTTER NUGGETS’ Chicken and Bacon Ravioli

Butter Nuggets from The Cinematic Studio on Vimeo.

The story.
It all started when my sister requested for ravioli. I didn’t have a ravioli cutter so I improvised by simply cutting them into big squares. Then I thought, what could make them more interesting? Ravioli is nice and soft so I thought, why not add some crunch to it? I got a pan, melted some butter and pan-fried one side to retain the softness of the original ravioli, adding texture to it. That is how crunchy ravioli started. In line with Our Awesome Planet’s event, I’ve decided to shape the ravioli into small planet look-a-likes.

Why foodies will love my product.
I don’t think I’ve ever seen or tasted something like this before. Ravioli is usually served as is with the sauce outside, so I thought, why not mix it up a little bit. The softness of fresh made ravioli combined with a juicy chicken and bacon patty, smothered in tomato sauce and oozing with cheese and a nice crunch factor once fried on one side. Contrasting textures and bursting with flavour. Plus! It’s not messy to eat and perfect for whether you want fast food, a power lunch or a nice appetizer for a sit-down dinner. 

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What Foodies Say About Your Food:

  • Very good tasting chicken!
  • I don’t like the filling.
  • Good food!
  • Love the flavor, also good hot
  • Very tasty
  • Pretty tasty for something tiny
  • Enjoyable, but maybe cream-based sauce?
  • VG!
  • I just wished it was served hot/freshly cooked.
  • Yummy filling!
  • Need more crunch and flavor
  • Very creative! It’s like a pizza in one bite!
  • Tastes average, typical
  • Dry and makunat
  • Interesting concept!
  • Heavenly ravioli
  • Good product! But their signature looks like a 5!
  • Ravioli was good
  • Great Yummy Surprise! 
  • Apple pie with chicken
  • Golden! Love it!
  • More flavorful meat please
  • Love the unique taste
  • Sarap!
  • Like the inside!
  • Simple, lutong bahay
  • Love the textrue!
  • Fried ravioli, unique presentation
  • Tasty but nothing special

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Chef Polo Chua 

Chef Polo Chua
Mobile: +63 917 880-0103
Instagram: @chefpolochua 




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