The #YolandaActionWeekend Pledge! #EatandHelp @mrdeliciousph

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Our Awesome Planet supports the #YolandaActionWeekend! Let us support the restaurants and food establishments who are committing 20% of their sales for Yolanda #Relief this weekend. 

If you are a restaurant or food establishment, please contact Jeremy Slagle via email at or  via twitter: @mrdeliciousph to be part of the #YolandaActionWeekend! 

Jeremy initiated this effort, and he is curating the list of restaurants for the next two days. A poster with a logo of all the participating establishments will be released via the official Facebook Group: Yolanda Action Weekend  and via Jeremy’s website:

Here’s the initial list of Food & Beverage vendors, and Media supporters#YolandaActionWeekend #ReliefPH 

This weekend, the local food community unites to support the Philippine Red Cross in its efforts in the Visayas. All participants have pledged 20% of their sales this weekend 11/16-11/17 to be donated directly to the Red Cross.

Our numbers are swelling from food vendors large and small and we are joined by our friends in the local food media to multiply our voices. 

Any food vendors who are willing to join our pledge please contact me If you wish to donate directly to Red Cross you may do so here:

Please join us! Donate and share! 

(As of November 12, 2013 11.59pm)


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Also, please share your restaurant’s or food establishment’s effort to support #YolandaRelief in the comments section like the following: 



Live an Awesome Life,


P.S. Our family relatives in Capiz were severely hit by typhoon Yolanda. I’m sure you would also have some relatives and friends who are directly affected, so please make sure to help them first.

Here are other legit ways to support the Yolanda Relief Efforts:


JCI MAnila Oplan Damayan

One La Salle Relief Drive: Yolanda


Jollibee Group Foundation: Typhoon Yolanda


How to donate if you live outside the Philippines?


Air 21 Relief Drive


ABS-CBN Sagip Kapamilya: Typhoon Yolanda


UNICEF: Ways to Donate to Children affected by Typhoon Yolanda


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  1. SUPER typhoon # 4-5 are called super typhoon for a very big reason meaning they have to understand{Filipinos}that is WAY bigger way gigantic way worsts than typhoon ondoy which many Filipinos were shocked at the strength & rushed waters{floods} but the difference was there was no SUPER winds like typhoon number 4 or 5 so they{leyte aklan Puerto prinsesa etc.}thought they can just climbed to any higher infrastructures/roof tops but sad tragic horrible to say it was that super winds{jumbo jet EXHAUST like powers}that brought the visayas into it’s knees & deaths bcoz they cannot sustained climbing even moving to any NEXT higher stronger infrastructures the super winds just BLOWn all those who tried moving from one place to another safe place even going to the roofs killed hundreds thousands of them it could have been avoided{minimized} if they have those ropes that they can tie to their strongest part of their places/homes so their entire families will not be separated and moving to anywhere could have minimized the separations coz the more body weights in stronger end part will hurt bad but will minimized deaths & separations another mistakes was where are their EMERGENCY BACK PACKS I was talking about like a broken record in past many years where are that higher grounds but dry with generators to run those washing machines clothes dryers and cooking areas and rest rooms for dry emergency places why are those businesses windows & homes do not have a metal curtains like a typical warehouse double metal doors to hold stronger objects from damaging glass woods & other less stronger materials this was a failure to tell all Filipinos nationwide how to minimized EXTREME conditions and they have to thank those medium size trees/bushes they helped lessend the strength of those jumbo jet exhaust winds{like one}haaayyyy do not fail to do it next time thank you salamat po ng marami

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