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Hatch 22 is Rockwell’s All-Day Breakfast Cafe & Bakery by Raymund Magdaluyo, Ivan Salameda & Erwan Heussaff, located where Crustacia used to be.

Its name is a play on the “Catch 22” phrase, because they don’t want to be stuck with just being identified as a breakfast place, but also one with an adaptive menu, depending on the time you arrive in the resto.

Is it all hype or does it deliver on quality of food and overall dining experience? Check this out … 

The Best of ALL-DAY BREAKFAST Craze:

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It’s great to finally have a breakfast place in Rockwell that is open as early as 7am.

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Hatch 22 has a contemporary, New York-ish cafe kind of vibe.

Hatch 22 Menu:  Baskets | Soup of the Day & Greens | Between 2 Breads | Pancakes of the Day, Breakfast | Hatch Entree Specials (11am-11pm) | Hatch Brunch Specials | Sweet Sensations 

Drinks Menu: About Hatch 22 | Coffee, Tea, Shakes, Juices | Hand Crafted Cocktails | Wine, Beer

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This cafe serves single-origin coffee and turns into a bar by night, serving hand-crafted cocktails. 🙂

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Single-origin Coffees from around the world…love it! 🙂  

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They have a modern bakery that serves freshly baked breads. 🙂 

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✮ BASKET #3 (P220 +10% service charge). Pandesal Epi, Dolce de Leche Spanish Bread, Pan de Month, Empanada, Ensaymada Brioche, Queso de Bola Butter, Pineapple Ricotta 

This is a pinasosyal na bread basket that is very Filipino and a great way to start breakfast.

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My favorites are the Pan de Regla with generous red palaman and the Spanish Bread with dulce de leche and a glaze fried finish. 🙂

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Euthopia (Single Origin) (P120 +10% service charge). Pour over Coffee

We tried a few single-origin coffees and the Hatch 22 blend. I like Euthopia just black. 

I wish they had a sugar presentation and healthier sweetener options though. 

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✮ NYOB (Not your Ordinary Benedicts) (P385 +10% service charge). Fresh baked rustic muffins, Portobello mushroom, sous vide eggs, Italian ham, chili orange hollandaise sauce. 

This is how I like my eggs benedict, with malasado egg but shaped well, and cooked in sous vide fashion. 

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The baked muffin is very soft, and matches well with the balanced flavors of the ham, egg, and sauce.

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Hatch Farm Omelet (P345 +10% service charge). Country Ham, smoked bacon, spicy pork sausage, Tillamook cheddar and Monterey jack cheese omelet. Served with potato haystack and toast. 

This was OK. A bit ordinary with a weird looking sausage, but generous servings of ham & bacon inside the omelet. The Focacia bread was really good, and the potato haystack has the right crunch.

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✮ Crispy Corned Beef (P340 +10% service charge). Fried and crispy Delimondo corned beef with extreme garlic rice, crunchy egg, and roasted tomatoes.

I love Delimondo and the crispy version is equally good (but some argue you can do this at home).

The crunchy egg presentation is a bit distracting and it’s not too yummy when you eat it. 

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Trio of Longaniza (P320 +10% service charge). Lucban, Vigan, and Cebu local sausages with extreme garlic rice, crunchy egg, and spiced honey vinegar.

This was a promising combination of sweet longganisa from Cebu, garlicky longganisa from Lucban, and salty-garlicky longganisa from Vigan. But the flavors weren’t too strong and did not taste authentic. This would have been better presented with its own pairing of vinegar. 🙂

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Tapsilog 2.0 (P345 +10% service charge). Marinated beef sirloin, garlic tapa rice, crunchy egg, roasted tomatoes, and picked vegetables. 

This is like eating salpicao with big chunks of marinated beef. The combination is good! 🙂 

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English Trifle (P210 +10% service charge). Classic trifle with fresh fruit and custard cream.

Dessert was so-so. Skip the dessert to save on calories. It would be good if they served home-made ice cream or gelato instead, which is a good dessert for any time of the day.

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Overall, we love Hatch 22’s concept, breakfast food, and contemporary ambiance. We like the Basket of Bread #3, Single-origin Coffee, Crispy Corned Beef, and NYOB.  The best time to go is during breakfast when they open at around 7am. Service is pretty good if you go during the non-peak times. 

Budget is about P500/person for breakfast, and P800 for lunch/dinner.

We’d love to go back. Any suggestions on what to have for lunch or dinner? What about the handcrafted cocktails? 

Congratulations to the Hatch 22 owners for a well-crafted concept! Indeed, the best place for breakfast in the Rockwell/Makati area! 

HATCH 22 Bakery & Cafe
Rockwell’s newest neighborhood Cafe & Bakery. Serving classic all day cafe comfort food w/a twist.
Ground Floor, Power Plant Mall, Rockwell (former Crustacia)
Mobile: +63 943 525-5903 (Constante)
FacebookHatch 22
Twitter: @hatch22ph
Operating Hours:

  • Monday to Thursday: 7.00am to 11.00pm (with Reservations)
  • Friday to Sunday: 7.00am to 12.00mn (No Reservations Allowed)

✮ Our favorites 🙂 

The Best of ALL-DAY BREAKFAST Craze:

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P.S. There’s plenty of parking space outside Hatch 22 early in the morning. 

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5 thoughts on “HATCH 22 Cafe & Bakery: Rockwell Power Breakfast! @hatch22ph

  1. I think this place is over-hyped and a complete waste of money. One is better off getting a breakfast value meal at McDonald’s.

  2. I agree with you completely, this restaurant is nothing but pure hype. Just because a restaurant is owned and endorsed by celebrities it doesn’t mean it’s good. Hatch 22’s food suck big time. Please go somewhere else this restaurant is a waste of time and money.

  3. This place is terrible! Too many items on the menu but almost everything was unavailable. The poached egg/shrimp ensemble was tasteless. The salad was off the shelf. French onion soup had NO CHEESE. Horrible.
    The place was full, it seems the owners are capitalizing on the ignorant. Waste of time & money.
    I hope l get to see a real honest review in this site someday.

  4. I agree with all the comments here. Overhyped and a waste of time. The only reason we went back was because pancake house was full. The cocktails are awful and are trying too hard. We had to drown them in sugar syrup just to make something g out of how disgusting they were. I hope you’d be more honest with your reviews and not be swayed by the celebrity factor of these establishments. Thank you.

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