RECESS: Chef Chris Locher’s Panizza now in Makati! @ChefChrisHouse

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Finally, Chef Chris’ original Panizza has arrived along the Jupiter Foodie St. in Makati!

RECESS is inspired by its co-owner Scott Tan’s favorite time in school, and is highlighted by the school-themed interior design of the resto. The Contemporary Asian-Fresh Market cuisine is created by Chef Chris Locher, one of our favorite Italian chefs in Manila. 🙂

Check out our first look of RECESS by Chef Chris:

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RECESS is located where The Spa along Jupiter St. used to be. This is the same building where the Zalora offices are. There’s parking in the basement and along the street.

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The interiors give you a back-to-school feeling.

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The honeycomb pattern design of the ceiling showing elements from the Periodic Table not only serves an aesthetic purpose but also provides good acoustics.

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There’s a bar area on the side for happy hour clients.

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There’s also a function room for private or corporate gatherings.

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MENUThe Original by Chef Chris, Appetizers and Salads | ENTREE: Sandwich and Main Course Selection | Cold and Hot BeveragesSoft Opening Specials | Dulce (Desserts)

The menu is still limited to Panizzas, pastas, and a few entrees. This is only 30% of what they plan to offer in the restaurant, according to the servers.

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Complimentary bread is served with butter. 

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✮ PLATINUM PT 78 (P760 + 10% service charge). Tomato infused cheese sauce topped with angus burger, bacon, pineapple, and mushrooms.

Chef Chris offered new flavors created for RECESS, like this Platinum Pt. 78 with Angus Beef pieces.

I must admit, you can hardly taste the toppings because they only come in bits & pieces. 

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My favorite part is rolling the thin slices of panizza with arugula and alfalfa sprouts.

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I love the wheat-based thin dough with all the flavors rolled into one big bite. It’s a bit filling, especially after eating 2-3 rolled pieces.

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✮ RECESS 50:50 (P480 +10% service charge). 50% angus beef, 50% maple bacon, 100% amazing, grilled to perfection and served on special dough bun with aged cheddar cheese, sliced mushrooms, grilled tomato, crisp romaine, and golden onion rings, accompanied by home cut fries and sour cream ranch dressing.

We ordered the special burger with 50% angus beef and 50% maple bacon with generous servings of cheese, greens, tomato, and mushrooms. It was a bit hard to eat.

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It’s an interesting combination, having the angus beef and maple bacon flavors integrated in a single patty.

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CANNELLONI with Spinach Ricotta (P540 +10% service charge). Topped with pomodoro sauce, mozzarella, and parmesan cheese.

This pasta was also good, with rich mozzarella-parmesan cheese sauce and big enough to share for 2-3 people. It’s just too rich and nakakasuya at some point.

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CREOLE STYLE CATFISH (P690 +10% service charge). Golden fried boneless catfish topped with rich shrimp gravy, served on butter rice and collard greens.

This was OK. We ordered fish expecting to have a light addition to our meal, but it turns out this is also rich with sauce and the catfish is fried. It’s a good alternative to the usual rice topping and it’s best to order it with the sauce on the side.

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Overall, we’re just happy to know that Chef Chris Locher is finally in Makati! I can’t wait to try Chef Chris’ reinventions and new creations.

This is the place to be for Panizza and pasta during office recess. 🙂

Our bill was a bit expensive with prices being on the high end. Budget at about P750/head.

50 Jupiter St., Bel Air, Makati, Philippines
Telephone: +632 804-0997, 899-1818
Mobile: +63 915 204-8584
Facebook: Recess by Chef Chris
Twitter: Chef Chris Locher

Note: Cash only. Soft Opening.

Live an Awesome Life,


P.S. Before going, make sure you solve this geometry equation to get a free dessert!

Prove the identity (1- cos2[a])(1 + cos2[a])=2 sin2[a] – sin4[a] 

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