CHAMPÊTRE: Boutique & Restaurant with Chef Marc Aubry and @LifestylePhilip

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CHAMPÊTRE is an authentic French restaurant owned by the family of French Chef Marc Aubry. Formerly known as “Je Suis Gourmand” when he initially ran the resto with some partners, it’s one of the best authentic restaurants in Manila loved by both Filipinos and French alike. 🙂

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The ambiance and the food is inspired by its name, which means “Country Living”. It has that down-to-earth feel and has consistenty served good French food over the years.

I was invited as a guest by Philip Abadicio on his show “Philip, Lifestyle Guy” to have a nice French Dinner in Manila, with wine pairing designed by Chef Marc himself. 

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CHAMPÊTRE is located at the ground floor corner of the Net One building along 3rd Ave. & 26th St. in BGC.

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It has an outdoor al fresco dining area which also serves as a smoking section.

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CHAMPÊTRE A LA CARTE MENU: Appetizers, Soup | Main Course | Dessert 

You are greeted by a mini-deli setup and warm golden lighting upon entering.

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WINE MENUWhite and Red Wines 

They have a good selection of French Wines.

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The ambiance is casually romantic and very welcoming.

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I like the way they shoot the show with a three-camera setup and in one continuous take. 

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Gold in color, has aromas of lavender, grapes, honey and marzipan. This is translated in the palate with a slightly sweet finish.

We started the meal with a fruity sweet Vouvray white wine. Very refreshing and a great way to start the meal.

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Complementary bread is served in a country-inspired triangle basket.


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✮ Homemade Duck Foie Gras Terrine with Salad & Toasted Baguette (P740 +10% service charge)

The Foie Gras terrine, made into a pate, is spread on top of the baguette and best eaten with the fresh greens.

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Roasted Smoked Bacon, Roquefort Cheese, Walnut & Boiled Egg Salad with Dijon Mustard Vinaigrette (P490 +10% service charge)

A nice, simple salad with French blue cheese, boiled eggs, walnuts, and bacon. 

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It’s easy to get comfortable with Philip. The shooting of the segment is really just like having a nice chat over good food.

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Chef Marc served an off-menu item because he only serves it when he has a fresh supply of Chilean mussels. 

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✮ French Bouchot Mussels Mariniere Style with Fries

I love the classic way of serving this dish, with a light creamy sauce with white wine.

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Chef Marc showed us the right way to eat it Champêtre style…with your hands.

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You break open the mussel and use a shell to scoop out the meat and some of the cream sauce before you eat it. 🙂

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One thing nice about the show is we get to share the food with the crew! The food was wiped out. 🙂

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✮ COTE DU RHONE: LES QUARTZ 2009 [grenache, syrah] (P2,700)
Deep red color with dark violet reflecs. Aromas of dark fruits, cinnamon and vanilla. Full and silky in the mouth, accompanied by complex retro nasal of cherry, berries, licorice, cinnamon and nutmeg.

I love the full taste and silkiness of this red wine from Southern Rhone.

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The red wine is properly decanted to separate the sediments…

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…and to make it breath before drinking it.

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As a courtesy, they let you taste it first and see if it is good. You can actually reject the wine if it tastes funny, which happens with wines that have been open for some time.


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Chef Marc served us his signature classic French dishes… 

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✮ Grilled US Lamb Chops with Garlic Cream & Mushroom Risotto (~P1,400 +10% service charge)

The lamb is just perfectly cooked medium without the malansa taste. I like the light cream sauce and the al dente risotto. 

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✮ Traditional Coq-au-Vin with Sauteed Marble Potatoes (P530 +10% service charge)

I also like this traditional French chicken dish using Pamora Farm’s organic chicken. 

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It resembles an adobo except that this is braised in wine, lard, and mushroom. 

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Sarap to the bones! 🙂 


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According to Chef Marc, a French meal is not complete without having a cheese course.

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Assorted French Cheese PlatterBrie de Meaux, St. Maurc Goat Cheese, Morbier, Roquefort, Secret du Couvent, Tomme de Savoie

I personally like the Roquefort (French blue cheese), the goat cheese, and the French brie cheese.

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FAUGERES: NOS RACINES 2007 [caringan, grenache]
Blackberry fruits and blackcurrant flavors, this wine combines concentration and freshness with soft tannins.

A fruity dark red wine to pair with the cheese.  


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Fresh Baguio Strawberry Fraisier Gateau with Sauces & Whipped Cream (P280 +10% service charge)

When Fresh strawberries are in season, Chef Marc likes creating this rich dessert.

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This was paired with a nice bubbly French wine to complete the meal. 🙂 

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Pale wine with honey and quince, accentuated by lovely green and grassy notes. Fresh and delicate flavors but robust in the mouth. Has appealing bubbles that play with the palate.

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✮ Warm Thin Apple Tart with Caramel Sauce & Grand Marnier Ice Cream (P290 +10% service charge)

I enjoyed this dessert better — imagine a crisp tart with the flavors of green apple, caramel, and grand marnier ice cream. 🙂

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I’ve always been a fan Chef Marc Aubry’s authentic French cuisine and it’s great that his food has been consistent over the years. I love the new CHAMPÊTRE brand compared the old Je Suis Gourmand because of its more down-to-earth and welcoming vibe. 

I recommend the French Bouchot Mussels Mariniere Style, Grilled US Lamb Chops, Coq-au-Vin, and Warm Thin Apple Tart. I also like the Vouvray: Demi Sec-Cuvee Fondreaux 2011 and the Cote Du Rhone: Les Quartz 2009.

Price is a bit on the high side because of its BGC location. Budget at around P2,000/head with wine.

CHAMPÊTRE Boutique & Restaurant
Ground Floor, Net One Center, 26th St. corner 3rd Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, 1634 Taguig
Operating Hours: Monday – Saturday: 11:00 AM – 10:30 PM
Telephone: +632 815-8801 / 815-8802
FacebookChampetre Boutique & Restaurant

Live an Awesome Life, 


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