RAMBLA Rockwell: Spanish Mediterranean Cuisine by Chef Pepe Lopez @RamblaPH

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RAMBLA is a Spanish Mediterranean restaurant from the owners of LAS FLORES, with Spanish Chef Pepe Lopez as head chef, and named after the famous street La Rambla in Barcelona.

They specialize in Catalan Spanish food with Mediterranean influences. Its modern menu is like VASK, using Modern Gastronomy techniques, plus LU’s Mediterranean food.  

It was fun ordering something new and exciting. But I think we got carried away trying out all the new dishes and pairing it with wine and their signature cocktail drinks.

Check out RAMBLA this holiday season!

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RAMBLA is located where LU Restaurant used to be, along Joya Drive in Rockwell, Makati.

RAMBLA - Mediterranean Spanish - Our Awesome Planet-19.jpg
The highlight of the restaurant is the open kitchen and Chef’s table bar setup, where you can see the chefs prepare your food up close.

RAMBLA - Mediterranean Spanish - Our Awesome Planet-61.jpg
The ambiance is modern and retains the old cozy seating arrangement of Lu.

Check out the RAMBLA MENU: Picoteo, Eggs, Vegetables, Meat, Seafood, Desserts

COCKTAIL BAR MENU: White Wine Menu | Red Wine Menu | Drinks for Lunch | Cerveza, Water, Sparkling Water, Soda, Juice, Cafe

RAMBLA - Mediterranean Spanish - Our Awesome Planet-59.jpg
The second floor is more private with its own bar setup, which you can reserve for group functions.

RAMBLA - Mediterranean Spanish - Our Awesome Planet-58.jpg
They don’t have a function room but you can secure this secret corner table, also on the 2nd floor.

RAMBLA - Mediterranean Spanish - Our Awesome Planet-57.jpg
Shot from above with the bike as a highlight of the interiors.

RAMBLA - Mediterranean Spanish - Our Awesome Planet-11.jpg
They serve a complimentary chewy brown bread with oil and vinegar.

RAMBLA - Mediterranean Spanish - Our Awesome Planet-50.jpg
✮ SPHERICAL OLIVES (P45/piece +10% service charge) marinated in Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

This is a unique appetizer — olives pureed and formed back into big spherical olives soaked in Extra Virgin Olive Oil. They scoop each olive table-side and serve it on a ceramic spoon.

(All the nearby tables were ordering it so we didn’t want to be left out. :P)

RAMBLA - Mediterranean Spanish - Our Awesome Planet-14.jpg
I’m starting to explore wines and moving from just casually enjoying them to remembering what I like or don’t like and what pairs well with them. 

RAMBLA - Mediterranean Spanish - Our Awesome Planet-13.jpg
✮ Martin Codaz Marieta, Albariño Semi Seco Rias Baixas 2011, Spain (P995/bottle and P295/glass) Full body, bright straw colour, touch of lemon, lots of peach and green apple.

I like this spanish white wine, very fruity with refreshing lemon flavors and a great name — Marieta!

RAMBLA - Mediterranean Spanish - Our Awesome Planet-18.jpg
✮ Sicilian Limonata “Almond & Lemon” (P330 +10% service charge). Don’t Ask!!!!! … fresh lemonade with almond flavor served at the table.  

The best lemon drink in town with a fresh almond flavor finish! 🙂 My wife doesn’t even want to share this with me.

RAMBLA - Mediterranean Spanish - Our Awesome Planet-26.jpg
CRISPY CATALAN FLAT BREAD (P245 +10% service charge) topped with smoky grilled aubergine, bell pepper and choice of: marinated tawilis or goat cheese or “Butifarra”.

It’s like the Tarte Flambe of Wild Flour with very thin crisp bread topped with vegetables. I’m glad we added goat cheese to further enhance the flavors. My vegetarian partner RJ would surely love this. 🙂 

RAMBLA - Mediterranean Spanish - Our Awesome Planet-24.jpg
✮ FOIE GRAS MOUSSE (P295 +10% service charge) with caramelized apple & coffee-baileys foam. 

This is one of those few dishes we like closing our eyes to when tasting it. The combination of light foie gras mousse, coffee baileys, and caramelized apple was brilliant! 

RAMBLA - Mediterranean Spanish - Our Awesome Planet-25.jpg
It’s best to eat it with bread and arugula leaves to balance the creaminess. 

Make sure you order extra bread and arugula to make it really worth it.

RAMBLA - Mediterranean Spanish - Our Awesome Planet-15.jpg
RICOTTA GNUDIS (P325 +10% service charge) with seasonal mushroom sauce, rosemary & hazelnuts.

This was highly recommended (i.e. with a “Rambla Man”) on the menu. It’s like gnocchi with ricotta cheese inside, served with parmessan, mushroom sauce, and hazelnut. 

RAMBLA - Mediterranean Spanish - Our Awesome Planet-17.jpg
The Gnudis is pillowy soft with the ricotta inside, and you can really taste the flavor of the mushroom in it. An interesting vegetarian dish. 

RAMBLA - Mediterranean Spanish - Our Awesome Planet-31.jpg
INSIDE OUT CANNELLONI (P425 +10% service charge) with Wagyu & Smoked Aubergine.

This was a bit different, with wagyu meat on the outside and smoked mashed eggplant inside, shaped into a long cannelloni form. 

RAMBLA - Mediterranean Spanish - Our Awesome Planet-33.jpg
This was just OK. Didn’t really get the point of this dish. 

RAMBLA - Mediterranean Spanish - Our Awesome Planet-37.jpg 
We ordered red wine with our main course. They served us a previously opened red wine that already tasted funny at first. I’m glad they replaced it with the Al Tozano.

RAMBLA - Mediterranean Spanish - Our Awesome Planet-35.jpg
AL TOZANO Finca Constancia Tempranillo & Cabernet Sauvignon 2011 Spain (P195/glass)

A nice affordable red wine from Spain.

(I’d like to learn more about Spanish wines. Where’s the best place to get educated on them?)

RAMBLA - Mediterranean Spanish - Our Awesome Planet-38.jpg
CHICKEN & SEAFOOD COULANT (P545 +10% service charge) with prawns & fine herbs.

This is an interesting savory version of the chocolate coulant of Las Flores.

RAMBLA - Mediterranean Spanish - Our Awesome Planet-43.jpg
The shredded chicken is formed into a dome with Mariscos seafood sauce oozing out when you slice it. My wife liked the shrimp while I liked the chicken with seafood sauce.
 RAMBLA - Mediterranean Spanish - Our Awesome Planet-47.jpg
TAGLIATELLE “AL NERO DI SEPIA” & SCALLOPS (P595 +10% service charge)

Yummy Black Ink pasta with al dente flat noodles, topped with juicy scallops. Just make sure you go to the rest room after and clean your teeth. 🙂

RAMBLA - Mediterranean Spanish - Our Awesome Planet-51.jpg
For Chocolate Lovers (P275 +10% service charge) 

Love this chocolate mash-up composed of 7 delectable chocolate:

  • Chocolate Ganache with seasalt,
  • Truffle Chocolate with truffle oil,
  • Chocolate Pistachio brownie, 
  • White Chocolate Foam with Orange,
  • Panacotta with Cardamom,
  • Ginger cookie,
  • and Chocolate sauce.

I like the ganache mixed with the white chocolate and cookie or brownie for added texture.

The Panacotta with cardamom is not as soft as you’d expect. 

RAMBLA - Mediterranean Spanish - Our Awesome Planet-62.jpg

Overall, RAMBLA is one of the best places to explore new flavors this Holiday Season. I love the creativeness of their dishes and the availability of a good selection of vegetarian options. I also find their menu exciting and I look forward to going back again to try the other items on the list. 

I recommend the Foie Gras Mousse for appetizer, the Marieta and Sicilian Limonata for drinks, and the For Chocolate Lovers for dessert. For the main dishes, we all had different reactions to what we ordered, so I guess this depends on how adventurous you are. It felt like the mains were too creative, with much emphasis on the form rather than on the flavor.  

The price of the food is reasonable, but the drinks are expensive. Budget is about P1,500/head for the full experience (i.e. with wine and cocktail drinks). 

Congratulations to Uri, Dani, and Sergi for another winning Spanish resto! 

RAMBLA Philippines
Ground Floor at Joya building, Joya drive, Rockwell, Makati, Philippines
Telephone: +632 823-6468
Mobile: +63 926 690-9774
Email: info@rambla.ph
Facebook: RAMBLA PH
Twitter: @RamblaPH
Instagram: @RamblaPH

Live an Awesome Life, 

Founder, www.OurAwesomePlanet.com

P.S. Make sure you reserve in advance if you plan on holding your reunions and Christmas parties here. 🙂


4 thoughts on “RAMBLA Rockwell: Spanish Mediterranean Cuisine by Chef Pepe Lopez @RamblaPH

  1. Oh no! What happened to LU? Did Tom shut it down for good or did they just more someplace else? On the other hand, I’ll probably head over there if only for that delicious chocolate platter – I’m getting weak in the knees just thinking about it.

  2. This place reminds me so much of 22ships in Hong Kong it’s a place that plays with Spanish tapas like food with a modern twist opened by Jason Atherton. Pretty cool restaurant and it doesn’t take reservations… it’s a hole in a wall and lines are freakishly long all the time.

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