DULCELIN GOURMET: Ricky Morelos’ Restaurant Foodies have been waiting for!

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Finally, Dulcelin Gourmet by Ricky & Mico Morelos has opened their first branch at the new U.P. Town Center, offering our favorite Dulcelin gourmet dishes such as the Wagyu Tri-tip (only available for advanced orders) and signature desserts, like the much raved-about Mango Torte.


Check out Dulcelin Gourmet whenever you’re in the U.P. Town Center. Here’s peek at what to expect…

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The restaurant was still a bit plain when we visited on its first month. It’s a work in progress. 

Take a look at the restaurant menu. Most of the meat items are good:

DULCELIN GOURMET MENUStarters, Salads | Main Dishes 1 | Main Dishes 2 | Main Dishes 3 | Pasta | Sandwiches & Sides | Beverage and Coffee | Dessert 1 | Dessert 2

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They carry the extensive line of Dulcelin’s cakes and desserts (Menu: Dessert 1 | Dessert 2).

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Their signature mango torte costs P680 for the 9″ and P1,000 for the 12″.

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We also like their Strawberry Cake and Chocolate Decadent Cake.

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✮ RED RICE SHISO DUO (P240 +10% service charge). Seared tuna with shrimp and SRF wagyu skirt steak with pickled radish and aji tamago quail egg on a bed of Japanese rice mixed with Korean spices and shiso leaves. 

For appetizer, I recommend this rice topped with tuna and shrimp or skirt steak, served on Japanese mint-like leaves that taste a bit citrusy with a unique texture and jagged edges.

The combination is classic Dulcelin, best eaten in one bite so that the flavors explode in your mouth. It’s big enough to share between two persons.

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CHILI OIL POACHED HALIBUT (P399 +10% service charge). Halibut fillet poached in chili oil on a bed of chorizo rice. Topped with fried Shallots and kaffir lime leaves.

The fish tasted like it was frozen too long and not as fresh as you would expect from a Dulcelin resto. Hope they fix their supply of fish after the soft opening.

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✮ PORK INASAL WITH LECHON SKINS (Good for Sharing) (P275 +10% service charge). Extremely tender lemongrass marinated, grilled pork steak combined with crispy lechon skins. Served with a Lime-Patis Sauce and pickled corn.

This is the best new dish I’ve tasted from Dulcelin. The pork tasted like lechon with inasal grill flavors. Best paired with their own Lime-Patis sauce.

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I couldn’t resist the super crispy lechon skin. It’s as if it was drained of all the oil, has the texture of chicharon, but will all the flavors you would expect from lechon skin. The best!

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Our favorite Wagyu tri-tip and short ribs, cooked medium, very soft and tasty. It’s served with creamy truffled mashed potato, sauce, and corn slaw. Best paired with rice. The presentation could use some improvement though.


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✮ MANGO TORTE (P130 +10% service charge). The definitive house specialty. Crispy chewy nougatine, golden mangoes, and cream.

For dessert, you can’t go wrong with Dulcelin’s signature Mango Torte. We like the crispy-chewy base and the sweet mangoes. Sometimes they’re too sweet, depending on the season.

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I’m just really happy that Dulcelin Gourmet finally has a restaurant in the U.P. Town Center Area. Although the restaurant ambiance feels a bit simple (I was expecting more of a homey feel, like Mary Grace) the minimalist concept still works. 

Of the dishes, I recommend the Red Rice Shisho Duo, Pork Inasal with Lechon Skins, Wagyu Tri-Tip, Short Ribs, and of course, Mango Torte. Budget is P700/head for a full 3-course meal.

Congratulations to Ricky and Mico Morelos for opening your first Dulcelin Gourmet restaurant! Hope you can open in the BGC area with the same price point. It would surely be a hit! 🙂

2nd Level, U.P. Town Center
Katipunan Ave., Diliman, Quezon City
Operating Hours:
Monday to Friday 11:00am to 10:00pm 
Saturday and Sunday 11:00am to 11:00pm

Live an Awesome Life, 

Founder, www.OurAwesomePlanet.com

P.S. Let me know what your own favorites in Dulcelin Gourmet are, so we can try them too when we go back. 

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  1. The food looks good, but the portions seem small(those are full portions in the photos, right?) – even the pork inasal that is supposed to be for sharing. Worth a try though.

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