RAMEN DAISHO: Ukokkei Ramen without the Drama :)

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RAMEN DAISHO offers ramen that may not only be familiar in name but also in taste.  Daisho comes from a coined word meaning dai=”big”, sho=”fly” or “fly high”.

Their ukokkei (“Silkie” chicken) ramen recipe is the same recipe bought by the Ukokkei Ramen Ron owners years ago from Japanese Master ChefFunatsu Yasuhiko, helping start the ramen craze here in the Philippines. In addition to the ramen recipe, Ramen Daisho bought the Master Chef’s Gyoza and Chahan recipes, too. 🙂

Take a look at what you can expect from Ramen Daisho…

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Ramen Daisho is located along Shaw Blvd, near Puregold and beside Bon Chon.

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It has a simple modern ramen house design with light box lighting.

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There’s a special private room for corporate functions or large groups. 

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The Ukokkei Black Chicken is Ramen Daisho’s official mascot. 🙂

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Take a closer look at the menu: Ramen Daisho Front Menu | Ramen Daisho Weekday Lunch Menu

The menu is simple, focused on the Ukokkei Ramen in 4 broth variants (Miso, Shio, Shoyu, and Tonkotsu), with customizable side dishes and toppings.  

NOTE: I had the privilege of shooting all the food photos for the Ramen Daisho menu. 🙂

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While waiting for your ramen, they have a special origami project using the chopsticks wrapper to keep you occupied.

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It’s a little Mt. Fuji that also serves as a chopsticks holder. 🙂

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HAKATA TONKOTSU CHASHU-MEN (P380 – Regular). Hakata-style straight noodles in rich, milky pork bone broth soup with a generous serving of chashu.

This is the best ukokkei ramen for me — milky broth with thin noodles and lots of chashu meat. 🙂  

Order the regular size which is just enough for one person. All their ramen come with egg at no additional cost.

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The noodles are specially designed for each particular ramen variant. The tonkotsu comes with thin noodles that are a specialty of Hakata, Fukuoka in Kyushu, Japan. 

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✮ GYOZA (5 pcs. – P110). Pan-fried dumplings made from seasoned cabbage, chives, and pork. Wrapped with our special dough made from sticky rice and flour.

The gyoza cover is made from the same thin sheet used in mochi to make it extra yummy. 🙂 

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✮ YAKIBUTA CHAHAN (P250). Fried rice made with grilled seasoned pork loin, eggs, and leeks.  

This is one of the best Chahan I’ve ever tasted and it’s very addicting. It only comes in a large portion intended for sharing. 

TIP: Best enjoyed with the remaining ramen soup in your bowl! 🙂

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Had a lovely dinner with Jill, The Food Scout and her photographer boyfriend Oliver during Ramen Daisho’s grand opening night. 🙂

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MISO RAMEN (P300 Regular). Curly noodles in a soup broth with a blend of the finest selection of Japanese miso.

I’ve tasted all their ramen variants, and my second favorite is the miso ramen, which comes with curly noodles.

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SHOYU CHASHU-MEN (P380). Thin, flat noodles in soup broth with a blend of the finest selection of Japanese soy sauce with a generous amount of chashu. 

You can also try their Japanese soy sauce (Shoyu) based version.

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COLD ZARU RAMEN (P350 – Regular). Thin flat ramen noodles on a bamboo strainer with chopped leeks, wasabi and soft-boiled egg. Served with sesame seeds in cold dipping sauce.

The cold zaru ramen is also worth trying, which comes with a large serving of noodles… 

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…and a special dipping sauce with sesame seeds, egg, wasabi, and chopped leeks.

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BEEF CURRY RICE (P270 – Regular). Thin sliced beef in Japanese-style curry with rice.

They also serve beef curry with rice. Perfect for those who prefer rice toppings for lunch.

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Congratulations to my Japanese foodie friend Atsushi Matsuura and Ukokkei Master ChefFunatsu Yasuhiko for offering the best and most complete ukkokei experience in the metro! 🙂

To Master ChefFunatsu Yasuhiko, thank you for sharing with us the magical secret of this ramen. 🙂

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If you love ramen and are looking for the ultimate ukokkei experience, Ramen Daisho is the best place to enjoy it while being treated with a nice friendly service. 

Make sure to order the Hakata Tonkotsu Chashu-men or Miso Ramen, and the Yakibuta Chahan. Budget is P500/head. 

Indeed, ukokkei ramen without the drama!

Unit 2, Sunshine Square, Liberty Center, 312 Shaw Blvd. Mandaluyong, Philippines
Operating Hour: Open Daily 11:30 AM – 02:30 PM, 05:30 PM – 10:00 PM
Telephone: +632 774-0036
FacebookRamen Daisho

The BEST RAMEN in Manila Series 2013:

Live an Awesome Life, 

Founder, www.OurAwesomePlanet.com

P.S. Check out their promos for December and January. 🙂

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8 thoughts on “RAMEN DAISHO: Ukokkei Ramen without the Drama :)

  1. Had the miso ramen lunch set today for P380 and it was pretty good. I like that the ramen included half an egg and bamboo shoots compared to ramen ron but overall the original ukkokei ramen ron still tastes better. The miso broth here comes close but is a bit saltier.

  2. Ramen , gyoza , chahan and ice cream dessert was good. But air conditioning needs to be IMPROVED alot! Chairs and offer some appetizers/snacks for waiting customer.

  3. Hello jiggadu,
    Our soup base and curly noodles come from the same source in Japan.
    The recipe is also the same as the master chef who provided the basic concept/recipe of Ukokkei Ron.
    The only difference with the ramen is that we followed exactly what our master chef told us to do. Unlike Ukokkei Ron, we have all the toppings including the seasoned egg.
    Many of our customers compare our ramen with Ukokkei Ron, but most of them don’t know we have exactly the same soup base, which can’t be saltier.
    We hope to see you again in Ramen Daisho soon!

  4. Hello joey kong,
    We’ve placed benches outside for waiting customers.
    The problem with the aircon is not only about the aircon but the air duct system in the kitchen which needs improvement.
    So far, we’ve had our contractor change the 2 inverter aircons to a 3T type. This have improved, but we are still waiting for the air duct system to be fixed, which will take another few weeks.
    We appologize for the inconvenience.

  5. Hi Anton,
    How are you connected with Ramen Daisho? I ate there some time ago and saw your logo (or name, can’t remember) on their placemat.
    Just wondering.

  6. Been to Ramen Daisho a few times and will still be going back. Kudos to Atsushi Matsuura, from rock guitarist to ramen guru (looking forward for him to play again).

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