ORANGE WHISK: The Best Kept Secret Resto of Better Living! @OrangeWhisk

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ORANGE WHISK is a labor of love of Chef Isaiah Ortega and fiancée Pastry Chef Korinne Lirio, located inside the Better Living subdivision in Bicutan. They specialize in chewy buns, continental dishes, and one of the best adobos in town. 🙂

I was hesitant to visit this at first because there aren’t that many quality restos in the south and most I’ve been to before were just okay. It’s nice to know this isn’t one of them… 

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Orange Whisk is located along Michael Rua St. in Better Living. This street is along the shortcut route going from Bicutan to Sucat. 

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The restaurant’s name is inspired by the Pastry Chef’s favorite color and love for the whisk. 🙂

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Best to order from the off-the-menu items, which are the latest creations and favorites in the resto.

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ORANGE WHISK MENUStarters, Soups and Salads | Pizza, Pasta and Sandwiches | Rice Meals, Filipino Main Dishes | International Dishes, Extra | Beverages, Coffee & Tea | White Wines, Sparkling Wines | Red Wines | OFF THE MENU

They offer their award-winning Filipino dishes and continental gourmet dishes. 

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Chef Isaiah’s medals, won in local culinary competitions here in Manila.

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The soup was made from scratch. It’s creamy and a little bit peppery.

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BUCATINI ORANGE PASTA (P258). Our Signature Pasta Dish! A combination of Red Sauce and White Sauce and Premium Ground Beef, Fresh Herbs, and Spices.

Really enjoyed the plump noodles with the red-white sauce combination. The boys loved this. 🙂 

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One of the best adobos I’ve tasted this year! They use a blue ginger called langkawas or galangal, which has a very distinct aftertaste and commonly used as a spice in Thai cuisine, which is a great balancing flavor for the adobo. The liempo meat is very soft with just the right amount of fat. 

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✮ PAN ROASTED MAHI-MAHI FILLET (P388) with Bacon and Saffron Cream.

The mahi-mahi was roasted well on the outside but a bit dry on the inside. It still tasted good but was just too creamy, which defeats the purpose of ordering a healthier alternative. 

TIP: Order the cream on the side so it doesn’t overpower the flavor of the fish. 

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ROASTED PRIME PORK BELLY STEAK (P388) with Garlic Rice & Soy Kaffir Lime Sauce.

This was very good, too. I appreciate the time it took to cook and present this dish well. The pork belly steak though was too lean. I was looking for a little more marbling of fat between the meat. 

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They have mini cakes, cookies, and macarons…

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✮ CHEWY BUN (P28).

…but the best is their signature chewy bun pandesal, which is perfect with coffee. 🙂

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As for the boys, they made us promise to buy them gummy goodies on our way home. 🙂 

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Congratulations to Chef Isaiah Ortega and Pastry Chef Korinne Lirio for this nice hole-in-the-wall in Bicutan for foodies to discover. I was pleasantly surprised by my experience! 🙂

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This is one of the best restos in the south and worth the drive if you are in the area. The exit to Bicutan is a bit traffic on weekdays, so best to go on weekends or Mondays. 🙂

Don’t forget to order the Chewy Bun and the Adobong Liempo sa Langkawas. The food is prepared when you order and the Chefs are always at the restaurant to prepare it for you.

Budget is P500/head + toll fee to Bicutan.

by Chef Isaiah Ortega and Pastry Chef Korinne Lirio
35-B Michael Rua St., Betterliving Subdivision 1711 Parañaque
Operating Hours: Mondays, Wednesdays to Sundays: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Note: Closed on Tuesday.
Telephone: +632 501-6454
FacebookOrange Whisk Restaurant and Patisserie
Twitter: @OrangeWhisk
Instagram: OrangeWhisk


Live an Awesome Life, 


P.S. I think their wine selection can still be improved and it would be nice if they also offered a signature drink to enhance the overall dining experience. 🙂

9 thoughts on “ORANGE WHISK: The Best Kept Secret Resto of Better Living! @OrangeWhisk

  1. Thank you Anton and family for this wonderful review!!! Come back anytime, we’ll serve your Mahi-mahi sauce on the side 😀 We also have the best Lengua in town. Better than the Adobo if you ask me! Hope you can try it out on your next visit! God bless and Merry Christmas!

  2. I just noticed that in your past few reviews, I didn’t see any disclosures.
    I assume that when it is missing, there is nothing to disclose?

  3. @kuki, sieg’s has mediocre food and has poor service unfortunately. great place to hang out though for beer and karaoke.

  4. Groupon has an offer for Orange Whisk with a voucher value of P1400 and paying only 50%, but beware although the fine
    Print states that leftovers can be taken out, orange whisk will not allow you take it out if not half consumed. It is okey for them to throw the food than to be taken out. because according to them some Groupon voucher holders are “manloloko”, they will order the food but will not consume it but rather taken out. Where’s the “panloloko” here? We paid for the voucher so I think they will give us the entire voucher value also. We are the one’s cheated here, Groupon and Orange Whisk should state clearly what is to be written on the fine print so we have an early choice to purchase it or not.
    And, mind you rice is not included in the voucher value. First time to pay extra for the rice.

  5. Sieg’s service leaves a lot to be desired, but each time we eat there, it feels like we’re eating in someone’s house hence the iconic service by the majordoma and yaya. However, food wise, I can’t help but think that they take inspiration from other restaurants in the city like Sentro and Crisostomo . . there are a few gems, among them the bicol express, which is their version with lechon kawali on top. My daughter thinks it’s more like guising guising but with the cigarillas and a light smattering of chilis, they managed to create one of their own. The crispy pata isn’t half as bad as some you’ve tried in the city. Give it a chance and not just pass judgement in one fell swoop.

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