JADE GARDEN Chinese Restaurant in Manila :) (First Look)

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JADE GARDEN is a local branch of one of our favorite Chinese restaurants in Hong Kong. It recently re-opened in Glorietta — just in time for Chinese New Year — and is operated by the same owners of Peking Garden.

Here’s our Jade Garden experience…

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Jade Garden is located at the 2nd floor of Glorietta 2.

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I love how maaliwalas the ambiance is, with green and gold motifs, like a restaurant in the Emerald City.

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They have 6 private rooms that you can reserve for your special celebrations.

There’s a minimum consummable rate of P15,000 for Monday to Friday lunch/dinner and Saturday lunch, and P20,000 for Saturday dinner and Sunday lunch/dinner.

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The rooms can accommodate 2 tables with 12 seats and can be combined for bigger celebrations.

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I like room #6, which has a window view of Fairmont.

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You can also reserve the booth tables all the way at the end of the resto for added privacy.

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JADE GARDEN MENU: Appetizer: Chill & Light | Appetizer: Hot & Crispy | Roasted Peking Duck | Chiuchow Marinade – Cantonese BBQ | Shark’s Fin, Bird’s Nest | Slow Braised Whole Abalone with Oyster Sauce | Soup 1 | Soup 2 | Seafood 1 | Lobster with Superior Sauce | Seafood 2 | Steamed Lapu Lapu | Poultry | Lemon Chicken with Fruit Cocktail | Meat 1 | Meat 2 | Chef Recommended 1 | Chef Recommended 2 | Seasonal Vegetables | Rice | Noodles | Dimsum 1 | Dimsum 2 | Desserts

They serve Cantonese food and special Chiuchow dishes. We asked for recommendations from their service master from Hong Kong and got mixed reviews.

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Drinks Menu: Alcoholic Drinks | Chinese Liquor | Beers, Water, Non-Alcoholic Drinks | Chinese Tea

They have a limited selection of wine from Peking Garden. I still can’t figure out what a good wine to pair with Chinese food is.

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✮ Jade Shrimp Dumplings King (3 pieces – P240 +10% service charge).

This hakaw is big, with more shrimp than usual, and one of the best we’ve ever tasted. 🙂

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✮ Steamed Chiuchow Dumplings (3 pieces – P180 +10% service charge)

This Chiuchow dumpling was also good, which is a mix of meat (usually pork), seafood, dried fish, and vegetables diced with sauce.

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This is how they serve their chili. 
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✮ Assorted Seafood & Vegetables in Fish Soup Hot Casserole (Small – P680 +10% service charge).

We loved this! It’s almost a complete healthy meal with seafood, vegetable, and noodles in a clean tasting broth. The small size is already good for 5-6 people. 

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Spinach (Small – P550 +10% service charge).

The Spinach is good but we prefer to have it with a more garlic taste.

The thing with Jade Garden serving sizes is that their “small” is big for a group of 3 or less. So best to eat here with a big group to get good value for your money. 

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✮ Pan-fried Sliced Beef in Lingnan Sauce (Small – P440 +10% service charge).

The beef was soft and marinated with a Lingnan sauce, which was not too salty. It’s best eaten with some onions and in a cuapao-like flat bread.

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Steamed Fish Fillet & Eggplant with Minced Garlic (P500 +10% service charge)

This was just OK. The fish was too soft and a bit oily from the sauce. The freshly steamed Lapu Lapu is a better alternative.

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Braised Chicken with Basil Leaves in Hot Casserole (Small – P460 +10% service charge).

We were disappointed with this dish. It’s not the type of Chinese food flavor we’re used to.

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Crispy Noodles with Seafood (Small – P520 +10% service charge).

Simple crispy noodles. We’ve had better versions in other restos.

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Jasmine Green Tea (P20/person +10% service charge)

Chinese food goes well with tea, so make sure to order one of their premium teas. 🙂

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I appreciate that they do the packing of the leftovers table-side, so you can be sure your food is handled properly.

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Overall, I like the clean taste of the dishes at JADE GARDEN, even though some got mixed reviews. We love the Hakaw, Chiuchow DumplingsAssorted Seafood & Vegetables in Fish Soup Hot Casserole, and Pan-fried Sliced Beef in Lingnan Sauce.

It’s set up as a fine dining restaurant, so they don’t have dimsum carts. But the small serving size of their dishes is already good for sharing with 5-6 people, so best to eat with a big group.

Budget is about P600-P800/head. 

Maybe we didn’t order the right dishes during our visit. Any tips on what to get next time?

2nd Level Glorietta 2, Palm Drive Corner, West Drive, Ayala Center, Makati City
Telephone: +632 843-1361, 955-1728, 955-1808
Operating Hours
Lunch 11.30am to 2.00pm
Dinner – 6.00pm to 10.00pm

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P.S. It’s best to park in Basement 1 of Glorietta 2. 

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There’s an elevator access near the Landmark entrance on Basement 1.

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You can go straight to the 2nd floor Jade Garden area. This is very convenient if you are going with your parents.

JADE GARDEN - Glorietta - Our Awesome Planet-3.jpg
The ground floor is just one big main lobby.  

One thought on “JADE GARDEN Chinese Restaurant in Manila :) (First Look)

  1. Ate there tonight. I’d consider it a disaster. We ordered 8 dishes but only 5 came out and those missing 3 we’re all main courses so we left with still hungry tummies. For some reason, our orders never made it onto their system despite placing our orders with one of their head waiters. I’d like to believe this is an isolated case but I hope they handled the situation better. We didn’t even get an apology.

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