KIMUKATSU: 25-layered Mille-feuille-style Tonkatsu :)

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KIMUKATSU is a Japanese Katsu franchise specializing in a 25-layered select pork cutlet Mille-feuille-style Tonkatsu. Manila is the 5th international restaurant after a branch in Hawaii, 2 branches in LA, California, and one in Seoul, South Korea. In Japan, Kimukatsu has 19 branches.

Looks like the Tonkatsu War is heating up in Manila. Here’s our Kimu Katsu experience…

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Kimukatsu is located at the 5th floor of Edsa Shangrila Mall East Wing, beside Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen.

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The restaurant ambiance is Yin-Yang-themed, with contrasting black and white patterns. The multiple lanterns on the ceiling are mesmerizing.

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The dining is set up like a fastfood, with light tables that you can easily push, and stylish black plastic chairs. 

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KIMUKATSU MENU: About Kimukatsu | Plain, Garlic, Black Pepper | Cheese, Negi Shio, Yuzu Kosho, Ume Shiso | Kimukatsu Assorted Set | Premium Katsu Set | Tonkatsu Meal Set | Donburi | Seafood Set | Rice Set | Side Menu | Dessert | Non-Alcoholic | Alcoholic 

The white menu is for the girls while the black menu is for the guys.

The menu is focused on 7 flavors of Tonkatsu, a premium Tonkatsu line, and different variations of side dishes. The Tonkatsu sets come with unlimited miso soup, Japanese rice, cabbage salad, and pickles. 🙂

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You have two options for the soup — a white milky one and a red strong flavored one (not chili) to match the Yin-Yang concept of the resto.

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They serve unlimited cabbage salad but you have to ask the waiters for a refill. Their salad dressing was a bit watery though and ruined the experience.

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It’s best to put crushed black sesame seeds not only in the Tonkatsu sauce but also on the salad.

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✮ Koshihikari Rice. The Japanese rice was very good, pearly white, and kept hot in the insulated container.

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The pickled salad was also very good and is best paired with the katsu to balance the flavors.

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✮ Kurobuta Kimukatsu Set (P595 +10% service charge).

We ordered the Kurobuta set instead of the flavored ones because we prefer tasting the actual meat instead of masking it with other flavors.

But for future reference, the bestsellers for the flavored Tonkatsu are Cheese, Garlic, and Black Pepper.

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I really enjoyed this 25-layer style of Katsu. The meat is kept very juicy and tender with a crisp thin layer of breading.

The boys loved this, too. 🙂

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Ebi Mayo (P210 +10% service charge)

We ordered side dishes like this shrimp coated with mayo as appetizers. But this arrived only after all the Tonkatsu was served.

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Tatsuta-Age (P180 +10% service charge).

Japanese Fried Chicken is always a hit with the kids. It was not too oily and still juicy inside.

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Kimukatsu Tamago Don (P330+10% Service charge).

We also ordered the Katsudon which was OK. It came with rice topped with scrambled egg.

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I also like this katsu with an eggy flavor. 

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Ebi Fry Set (P495 – 4 pieces +10% service charge)

My son Aidan loves tempura so he definitely enjoyed this, with 4 long pieces of shrimp served with creamy mayonnaise on the side.

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Kurogoma Pudding (P110 +10% service charge).

The dessert was just OK. It tasted like peanut butter with jelly.

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I love KIMUKATSU‘s very juicy and tender 25-layered Mille-feuille-style Tonkatsu. It’s quite the experience for Katsu lovers out there. 🙂  

The ambiance of the resto feels a bit like a fastfood though, with super light tables and plastic chairs.

Budget is P700/head. Best to go with a big barkada so you can order the 7-flavor Kimukatsu set to get a taste of all the available flavors for P2,400. 

Level 5 Shangri-la Plaza East Wing Shaw Boulevard corner EDSA Mandalyoung City
Telephone: +(632) 727-0333

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P.S. What Katsu flavor would you recommend?

4 thoughts on “KIMUKATSU: 25-layered Mille-feuille-style Tonkatsu :)

  1. hahaha! fast-food look? seriously? I am an interior designer. those chairs are Louis ghost chairs. Don’t know if they are replica or not but those chairs are damn expensive. check out dimensione, they sell it there.

  2. Agree with the ID fellow. Those acrylic chairs definitely do not look cheap. The interiors of this place is actually far from the very ordinary interiors of ginza, saboten, katsusora and yabu. Oh, but agree with your food review, everything is good except for the goma dressing. Cheese katsu is a must order!

  3. “The dining is set up like a fastfood” may na hurt na namang interior designer. whoever set the place up didnt do justice sa sinasabi mong damn expensive chairs… or he intended it to look that way… “fastfood” hehe

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