DONOSTI Pintxos y Tapas: San Sebastián Basque Cuisine in Manila!


DONOSTI is the name of the San Sebastián region in the Basque tongue, known to serve the best Spanish cuisine in Spain. It’s one of the best Spanish restaurants in Manila specializing in San Sebastián cuisine.

Here’s our experience at Donosti, BGC…

Donosti is located at the ground floor of the NAC building facing the Turf Footbal field.

The ambiance is casually romantic at night and very conducive for conversations.

DONOSTI MENUPintxos | Los Embutidos / Cold Cuts | Huevos/ Egg Dishes, De la Freidora/ From the Fryer (with Evoo) | Clasicas / Classics | Las Ensalads/ Salads | Platos Principales / Main Courses (Meats/ Fish)  | Postres / Desserts | Drinks | Red, White, Rose 

They specialize in Pintxos or Tapas.

Great Basque Foodie Proverb! 🙂

Started off with a good full red wine to get us in an eating and talking mood. 

✮ CYAN Tinta de Oro, Toro Spain 2003 (P1,695/bottle, P395/glass +10% service charge).

Love this full-bodied Spanish Red Wine called Cyan.

✮ Gambas al Ajillo (P535 +10% service charge). Garlic shrimps sauteed in olive oil. 

The Gambas was still sizzling hot when it was served. Each piece is very flavorful and a delight to eat. When all the shrimps are finished, you can dip your bread in the olive oil.

Brandada de bakalao con tomate casero (P690 +10% service charge). Salted cod fish emulsified with extra virgin olive oil and tomato sauce.

The Bacalao was very salty and creamy. The taste is balanced by the tomato sauce. Serving size is a bit small though, considering its price. 

✮ Ensalada de Queso Fresco (P450 +10% service charge). Salad topped with fresh grilled cheese.

Simply topped with grilled cheese, this is one of the best and most unique salads we’ve tasted. 

This Al Ajillo Garlic soup was not what we expected but still interesting.

The service is very warm, pleasant, and well-trained. 🙂

✮ Pulpo a la Gallega (P795 +10% service charge).  Boiled & Grilled Octopus served with boiled potato, evoo, & pimenton.

So good that you have to order this when you go to Donosti. The octopus was tender, with a bite like that of meat but with flavors of ocean. It’s not chewy and each part is very flavorful. Sobrang sarap for an octopus dish!

✮ PAELLAS (P450/order). Paella is the typical flat pan from Mediterranean Spanish Coast where we cook the rice mixed with producs from the orchard and the sea. At Donosti we cook it in the traditional way; for lunch & dinner, in a big paella pan, with Imported Bahia Rice grains from Spain and homemade fresh broth.

The Paella was good, too, and the serving size per order is already good for 2 persons. Note that there’s only a limited amount of paella available during lunch and dinner. 

Chef Borja Doran (+63917 803-6044, is one of the chefs responsible for the yummy San Sebastián food at Donosti.

One of the specialties in San Sebastián is Baby Lamb. Chef Borja gave us a sample and it was tender, flavorful, and cooked very well a la Caldereta. Will order the full serving next time.

ENVOY 2008 Marlborough, New Zealand Riesling (P2,450 +10% service charge).

If you like sweeter wines, order this Marlborough, New Zealand Riesling. It was a bit too sweet for me though and does not pair well with the Spanish dishes.

Lubina a la Bilbaina (P1,250 +10% service charge). Bilbao style Chilean sea bass.

The Chilean Sea Bass was silky smooth and juicy. But it was too expensive for the serving size.  

We tried the 1kg Black Angus Chuleton!

Chuleton (P5,500 +10% service charge). 1 kg black angus, bone in ribeye steak dry aged 28 days grilled in Josper Charcoal Oven.

We ordered it medium and was served with nicely grilled sides and still-red insides.

The fat was still too raw, though. It was like a big chunk of blobby fat that you couldn’t chew. But I loved the green chilis that came with the steak.

The serving is good for 5-6 persons and according to the chef, it’s best to order it medium rare.

Chef Borja, my Business Partner RJ, and my son Joshua, who was joining us for a “Day at Work with Papa” assignment.

✮ Crema de Queso (P250 +10% service charge). Creamy cheese mousse with dry plums and sweet sherry reduction.

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this creamy cheese mousse. We all agree that this is the best dessert we’ve tasted. 🙂

DONOSTI-48.jpg✮ Tarta de Santiago (P295 +10% service charge). Santiago almond cake.

If you like to have a nutty milky finish, order this almond cake. 

Coulant de Chocolate (P285 +10% service charge). Chocolate coulant.

A traditional coulant dessert with chocolate oozing out of the cold cake.


We love the San Sebastián cuisine at Donosti! 🙂

Be sure to order the Octopus, the different tapas, the paellas, and the Chuleton. Budget is P1,500 to P3,000/head, depending on whether you order the steak or not.

DONOSTI Pinxtos y Tapas
Ground Floor, NAC Bldg, 32nd St., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Telephone: +632 216-4677
Mobile: +63917 849-2205
FacebookDonosti Pintxos y Tapas
Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday 11.00am to 11.00pm

Live an Awesome Life,


P.S. What’s your favorite at Donosti?

10 thoughts on “DONOSTI Pintxos y Tapas: San Sebastián Basque Cuisine in Manila!

  1. I was there last weekend, food was amazing! It’s a great restaurant for get togethers with friends and colleagues. A bit more expensive than Las Flores, Rambla or Barcino but the taste of the food makes up for it.

  2. Had dinner at this restaurant tonight. I am definitely a foodie so here’s my review of this place. I think this restaurant is way overrated. It’s touted as a pintxos and tapas restaurant but when we ordered pintxos they only had 3 available choices and nothing else and mind you, they ran out of it and it was only 8.15 pm. So much for being a pintxos and tapas restaurant. The pulpo, however was nice but that was about it on their menu worth mentioning. That I give to them.
    Prices, however were absurd!!! As for the paella, they should not even include it on the menu since there is only 10 – 15 portions available. As to the Gambas al ajillo (which is one of the easiest tapas food to make) was not even worth commenting on. If you think Vask is expensive then you better not consider Donosti since Vask food quality and choice is far better. Also, if you are the type who would just walk in and try any restaurant then this is definitely not the place for you.
    Definitely won’t be back here if I had a choice. Thumbs down…

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