SCREAM PARK MANILA: How Scary is @ScreamParkPH? (A Review)

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SCREAM PARK MANILA is a Halloween-inspired theme park where you have to survive three Scare Mazes: The White House – Curse of the White Lady, The Undead – Hungry for your Flesh @ the Graveyard, and the Asylum of Terror (which is not yet operational).

It is the first of its kind in Asia and the sets are really scary. Think of it as an upgraded version of the Halloween Houses in Carnivals or during the Big Bang sa Alabang days.

We brought the whole team of Mercato to the Scream Park for a team-building Chinese New Year celebration, and here’s what I think about the scary experience…

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You can buy your tickets from the booth but they only accept cash. It’s best to buy your tickets from Ticketworld at P566.50 per adult if you want to purchase using your credit card.

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There’s plenty of parking in front of the park and the entrance is just in front of Home Depot along Jose W. Diokno Blvd. Scream Park is located diagonally across World Trade Center.

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Zombies greet you at the main gate to give you a feel of how scary or funny they are.

Scream Park Manila- Halloween Haunts-7.jpg
As you enter the park, it feels like walking through a set of “The Walking Dead”.

Scream Park Manila- Halloween Haunts-21.jpg
The Church Plaza is the starting point. You can go to the restroom first at the back before starting off your journey.

Scream Park Manila- Halloween Haunts-9.jpg
Behind the Church facade is a sort of Tavern, with tables for those people hanging out after finishing the scare maze, and while waiting for the Dancing Zombies.

Scream Park Manila- Halloween Haunts-49.jpg
They created a mini perya which cheapens the whole look of the place.

Scream Park Manila- Halloween Haunts-18.jpg
There’s no decent place to buy food. I would recommend eating after the Scream Park experience. 

Scream Park Manila- Halloween Haunts-11.jpg
If you are really hungry, you can always try the carinderia food.

Scream Park Manila- Halloween Haunts-17.jpg
The girls were really scared so they created a human chain as the group walked past the Zombies.

Scream Park Manila- Halloween Haunts-23.jpg
First stop is this walk through the Old Vigan town, with Zombies scattered along the street ready to scare you. 

It’s good to know that the Zombies will not touch you. They will get close to you but they are forbidden to have any contact with the people. The same rule applies to the people going through the park — you cannot touch the Zombies.

Scream Park Manila- Halloween Haunts-27.jpg
Before you enter the Haunted House, they will require you to leave all your bags, cameras, and cellphones in the deposit counter. You enter the house with a maximum of 7 people per group.

The Haunted House was really scary but fun. 🙂 You enter the house and it’s a very long maze and each room is designed like a set in a scary movie. My favorite is the Laundry Room, The Butcher’s Room, and Linda Blair. 🙂 There are a lot of Zombies waiting to scare the people who are usually at the back of the group.

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Scream Park Manila- Halloween Haunts-29.jpg
As you finally get out of the very long maze inside the house, one final scare is waiting for you. 🙂

Scream Park Manila- Halloween Haunts-30.jpg
TIP: Make sure to scare the Zombie back. 🙂 

Scream Park Manila- Halloween Haunts-26.jpg
The Asylum of Terror is not yet ready. They said it will be ready for Halloween 2014.

Scream Park Manila- Halloween Haunts-32.jpg
The last maze is the Graveyard where you go around a cemetary.

Scream Park Manila- Halloween Haunts-35.jpg
Here they only allow 5 people at a time. This is the corniest set and was not scary at all.

Scream Park Manila- Halloween Haunts-34.jpg
Here’s the Scream Park “I Survived” Photo after going through the Old Town, Haunted House, and Graveyard. It took 30 minutes for our team of 14 people to go through the scare maze.

Scream Park Manila- Halloween Haunts-37.jpg
This is the restroom being guarded by a Zombie.

Scream Park Manila- Halloween Haunts-41.jpg
You can buy your official Scream Park group photo for P300.

Scream Park Manila- Halloween Haunts-22.jpg
The merchandise are not very creative. 🙁 It would be great if they had Zombie costumes or a really nice “I Survived” Scream Park shirt that you’ll be proud to wear. 🙂

Scream Park Manila- Halloween Haunts-43.jpg
At 9.00pm, all the Zombies converge at the Tavern for a live chillin’ presentation…

Scream Park Manila- Halloween Haunts-46.jpg
Surprisingly, all the Zombies dance very well!

Check out the Dancing #WalkingDead Zombies of Scream Park Manila! 

Scream Park Manila- Halloween Haunts-48.jpg
In the end, it was party time for everyone. 🙂 The Zombies were awesome! They are the real stars of Scream Park Manila. 🙂

Scream Park Manila- Halloween Haunts-52.jpg
I love that the Zombies are game to have one last photo op to complete our Scream Park Manila experience!

Scream Park Manila- Halloween Haunts-55.jpg

I would recommend this for a barkada outing or a mini-teambuilding for your office group. It’s also worth considering for couples who want to go on a romantic scary date. 🙂 

For P500+ pesos, the Haunted House maze and the live performance of the Dancing Zombies was very much worth it. 🙂

Is it scary? YES…but only in the Haunted House. I do hope the increase the scare factor in the Asylum.

I did not like the perya-ambiance, lousy stall choices, and the uncreative merchandising materials.

Come here to get a scary but fun interaction with the Zombies and watch them perform live!

Diosdado Macapagal Avenue cor. Gil Puyat Avenue, Pasay City
(diagonally across World Trade Center, Manila)
Facebook: Halloween Haunts Scream Park Manila
YouTubeGore Street Productions (Scream Park Manila)
Operating Hours: Wednesday – Sunday 6pm  to 2am Until March 2014

Buy your tickets here: Halloween Haunts Scream Park Manila

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Live an Awesome Life,


P.S. Here are the ticket prices. No need for the VIP – Fast Track if you are going on a Weekday — Wednesday or Thursday.

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7 thoughts on “SCREAM PARK MANILA: How Scary is @ScreamParkPH? (A Review)

  1. i wish you didn’t spoil the “scariest” part of the maze by putting the photo with the well in it. i think some other bloggers left this out to make others’ Php 500 at least worth it.

  2. actually i skipped most of the post since it is full of spoilers… it kinda discourages future customers of the park since you’ve already revealed the highlights of the park…sayang

  3. went there last night, and hell we got scared, really the photos arent really spoilers, wait till you actually get in the haunted house, and you are not allowed to bring any mobile phones or any gadgets because you might end up loosing it. the photos are just outside the scare house where the luggage counter is, yes there are zombies roaming around, but these are just weak starters.

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