TUTTONS: Traditional British Restaurant @TuttonsLondon, Covent Garden

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TUTTONS is one of the most popular and long-standing British restaurants in Covent Garden.

We had the opportunity for a quick lunch at Tuttons, and here’s an overview of our experience…

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Tuttons is strategically located near the piazza, with a nice view of the market. 

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TUTTONS MENU: A LA CARTE Menu | Desserts Menu | Breakfast MenuKids Menu | Drinks Menu | Pre-Theatre Menu

Love their red leather seats, with a classy ambiance conducive for conversations before or after watching a show at the theatre.

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They have private dining rooms which are located at the basement in a bunker-like fashion.

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Lunch is always great with the Who’s Who of Manila journalists.

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Simple complimentary bread is served with butter.

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Tuttons Cured Salmon (£7.95) with fennel, salmon caviar, horseradish & dill crème fraiche. 

We wanted to eat something light, so we ordered cured salmon for appetizer with red wine.

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Roast Salmon Fillet (£16.95) with crushed new potato & spring onions with a sun blushed tomato and shallot dressing.

We ordered roasted salmon for our main. The salmon meat was good and still juicy, but it was a bit pale in color.

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Dark & White Chocolate Brownie (£6.25) with chocolate sauce & Dorset clotted cream.

For dessert, we had a classic brownie…a little sweet and a bit heavy.

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Classic Vanilla Crème Brûlée (£5.95) with shortbread biscuit.

This was good and was served with shortbread biscuit on the side. The dessert menu was a bit boring so you can skip the dessert to save on the calories.

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A few things I like about Tuttons is the ambiance and it’s convenient location near the piazza of Covent Garden. Sadly, I wasn’t impressed by the food that they served during our visit, but it’s still a good place to hang out before or after watching a theatre show.

11/12 Russell Street, Covent Garden, London WC2B 5HZ
Telephone:+44 844 371 2550
Email: tuttons@cgrestaurants.com
Facebook: Tuttons Covent Garden

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P.S. They say that most restaurant restrooms in London are located at the basement.

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It feels like going through a maze of narrow aisleways…

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…along a zigzag path…

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…to Toilet Heaven. 🙂

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