BEIGEL BAKE: 24 Hours Authentic Bagel Shop in London with @MikaelDaez! @UKinPhilippines

BEIGEL BAKE is a popular 24-hour Authentic Jewish Bagel Shop along Brick Lane in London. Here’s our literal Midnight Snack food trip with my roommate Mikael and a friend at Beigel Bake…

The LONDON EYE Experience :) @UKinPhilippines

The LONDON EYE is the iconic giant Ferris Wheel on the South Bank of the River Thames in London, also known as the Millennium Wheel. It is Europe’s tallest Ferris Wheel at 135 metres (443 ft) in height and a wheel diameter of 120 metres (394 ft). It’s a popular British icon that even my boys know about … Continue reading The LONDON EYE Experience 🙂 @UKinPhilippines

I ♥ COVENT GARDEN! @UKinPhilippines

COVENT GARDEN is a historic building converted into a shopping centre in 1980. It’s famous for its cute cafes, pubs, small stalls, a craft market called Apple Market, and a tiangge called Jubilee Hall.   It’s popular among Filipinos looking for a bargain and a cool place to eat before watching a show on the … Continue reading I ♥ COVENT GARDEN! @UKinPhilippines

PORTERS: English Restaurant & Pub since 1979 @ Covent Garden @UKinPhilippines

PORTERS is what I imagined a traditional English Pub experience would feel like. It’s located near Covent Garden, a popular shopping and tourist site on London’s West End, also know as the Theatre District.  Here’s a peek at our experience…

TUTTONS: Traditional British Restaurant @TuttonsLondon, Covent Garden

TUTTONS is one of the most popular and long-standing British restaurants in Covent Garden. We had the opportunity for a quick lunch at Tuttons, and here’s an overview of our experience…

THE COUNTING HOUSE: Traditional London Pub Favorite! (Built in 1893)

One of my favorite traditional London Pubs is The Counting House. A former banking hall built in 1893, it has had its 19th Century charm preserved with chandeliers, a wooden staircase, high-domed ceiling, and authentic fixtures reminiscent of that era. Be sure to check out The Counting House when you’re in London…

CAMBIO DE TERCIO: Cool Spanish Resto Hangout in London! @CambiodTercio

Read: PAL Manila Non-Stop to London: A Photo Essay of the Maiden Vogage of PAL Flight PR720! When we first arrived in London, we asked around for the best places to eat in. Good thing we had our expert Pepper Teehankee, who lives half of the time in London. He suggested this cool Spanish resto hangout called … Continue reading CAMBIO DE TERCIO: Cool Spanish Resto Hangout in London! @CambiodTercio

PAL Manila Non-Stop to London: A Photo Essay of the Maiden Vogage of PAL Flight PR720! @FlyPAL #PALnonstopLondon

Here’s the photo essay from the Instagram highlights of the Inaugural Flight of PR 720 from Manila non-stop to London on Boeing 777. A proud Pinoy moment to see the Philippine Flag once again at the Heathrow Airport in London, after 15 years!

Josephine’s Restaurant — a Filipino Resto experience in Central London

First of all, eating in a restaurant would set us back at least 2 hours and why do we need to eat Filipino cuisine in Central London when I am from the Philippines and going back the next day! … I was already dreaming of eating at least a decent meal in a Filipino restaurant only to find out that there is one and only Filipino restaurant called Josephine’s somewhere around the Oxford shopping area. If you are a tourist and you only have two days, would you spend the time to eat in a Filipino Restaurant in Central London?