B&P (Bea & Pia): Just Like Home! All-Day Breakfast by the Cravings Group :) @BnPHome

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B&P (Just Like Home) is an All-Day Breakfast restaurant by the Cravings group, conceptualized by Chef Boom Jota 

Its name is a tribute to owner Annie Guerrero’s grand daughters — Bea and Pia Trinidad — and the restaurant showcases the breakfast comfort food in their own home.

Here’s what we like and don’t like about B&P…

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B&P is located beside the flagship branch of Project Pie on Shaw Blvd.

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It’s a long, rectangular-shaped restaurant glowing in yellow, which could be intimidating for some.

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B&P MenuBreakfast Specialties | Grandma’s Get Fit Menu | Our Chef’s Table | Hall of Fame, Extras | Omelettes and Scrambles | Whipped it Good!Sweetie Me, Coolers and Shakes

The menu is colorful and unusually-shaped. It features the best of breakfast food from the Cravings group.

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As you wait for your food, they serve a plate of mixed nuts with cornic.

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The signature drinks are interesting. We were presented with the two bestsellers: Lemon Cucumber Pandan Cooler or Strawberry Lemon Quench…which one to choose?

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Strawberry Lemon Quench (P125 +10% service charge)

I like the strawberry lemon quench because of its unique sweet berry-tangy taste, made special by this flavored popping bobba.

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✮ YOGA (P255 +10% service charge). Three egg whites scrambled with two strips of turkey bacon, served with a cup of ripe mango.

For the healthy breakfast eaters, here’s a complete meal of protein from meat and eggs, plus fruits and vegetables.

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✮ PRIMERA TAPA (P280 +10% service charge). Premium Angus Beef Tapa served on a bed of garlic rice, scrambled egg and pickled relish.

I love the taste of their tapa served on this hot bowl to keep the food warm and to give the rice a toasted flavor.

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Don Malutong (P275 +10% service charge). Crispy pork belly served with garlic rice, choice of egg and papaya relish.

This is like chicharon-silog. I just think a little too oily for a breakfast meal. 

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✮ BnP Chick to Chick (P425 +10% service charge). Half chicken simmered in herbs and spices, coated in our buttermilk batter then deep fried to perfection. Served with our homemade french toast and peppered gravy and sour cream dip. 

Chicken with buttermilk batter fried until golden brown. They serve it with a piece of pancake and some peppered gravy. It’s good…juicy inside and crispy outside.

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We were seated next to the kitchen, so we were enticed to order more pancakes. 🙂

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Pancake Supreme (P210 +10% service charge). Five layers of pancake filled with strawberry, blueberry, banana, orange and mango. Served with whipped butter and assorted syrup.

This is 5 layers of fluffy pancakes with different fruit and berry flavors.  

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It’s not the best but still good! Best shared with a group, slice it like a cake to taste all the flavors at once.

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They give you this home-made fortune cookie treat upon check out. 🙂

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I like the feel-good breakfast ambiance of B&P. It’s a nice place to drop by for breakfast after bringing your kids to school in the Mandaluyong area. I also like its off-mall location, but it gets congested in this part of Shaw during the rush hour.

It would be nice if they had a bakery that served fresh breads to complete the breakfast experience.

Make sure to order the Primera TapaBnP Chick to Chick, Pancake Supreme and the Strawberry Lemon Quench.

Budget about P500/head.

B&P (Bea & Pia Just Like Home)
B and P is a casual dining resto that serves all-day breakfast and your favorite comfort food.
515 Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City (infront of S&R)
Operating Hours:
Sunday to Thursday – 7am-12am 
Fridays to Saturdays – 7am to 1am
Telephone: +632 631-3252
Email: bandpjustlikehome@gmail.com
Facebook: B and P Home
Instagram: @BandPHome
Twitter: @bnphome

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Disclosure: We paid for our meals. Read Our Awesome Planet Complete Disclosure Policy here.

P.S. The Buttermilk Fried Chicken of Kettle is still the best for me. 🙂

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