“Bayanihan gives the next generation a brighter future.” (@BayaniChallenge Week 2) #WalangIwanan

Bayanihan gives the next generation a brighter future. And we’re just getting started…

Capiz 2
Bringing back the smiles to these kids in Sapi-an, Capiz. Because there IS something that we can do to help them through their fear. Be the HOPE.



Volunteerism is fun! Bonding and building relationships with new found friends and the locals after a long day of activities. Beach Volleyball at Laua-an, Antique. Oh yeah!


Antique 2
Miss Earth Philippines 2014 candidates dropped by to spend time with us and the kids in Antique! Bayani na, beauty pa.


Roofless homes. Roofless school buildings. Roofless structures. A common sight in Sapi-an, Capiz and when traveling to Roxas City. Heartbreaking stories. And the fear is still there that a stronger typhoon is coming. May we never get used to this. Ever.


Capiz 3
Armed Forces of the Philippines. They are our silent heroes. In Capiz, they’ve been moving around a lot since Typhoon Yolanda, from one school to another, from one community to another, to help rebuild and refurbish. Making HOPE real. And they’ve committed to volunteer to build our new Gawad Kalinga communities too!


Our volunteers from Globe and Singtel joining our team in building hope from the ground up in Leyte.

Bringing hope in Iloilo with our volunteers from LBC. Hope becomes real if we choose to be the answer to our fellowmen’s despair.


Iloilo 2
Our soon-to-be homeowners in Batad, Iloilo join the fun and the excitement that bayanihan brings! They’re most grateful that volunteers from across the country are not leaving them behind.


Eastern Samar
Protecting the Hernani Coast, Eastern Samar. 2,000 mangroves in the morning. 2,000 mangroves more in the afternoon. Thousands more in the coming days!


Eastern Samar 2
No burden is too heavy when we share the load. Volunteers all the way from Batangas spending a week in Eastern Samar!

 SQ Tony Meloto

Bayani Challenge Invitation

You are invited to be part of the 1 MILLION volunteers to rebuild Pilipinas this summer at the Bayani Challenge 2014!

To join the Bayani Challenge, it is recommended to go with your barkada or with the company of your family and friends.

Select Five (5) days from April 9 to June 12, and choose from 12 locations where you want to rebuild.

Register online here: http://www.bayanichallenge.com/register

Here are more information about the Bayani Challenge 2014 movement:
@BayaniChallenge 2014: 1M Volunteers rebuild 12 Provinces in 2 Months! #WalangIwanan


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