DENLIM’S KITCHEN: Hipster-Inspired BYOB Secret Private Dining in Pampanga!

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It took me 3 months just to get a reservation at Denlim’s Kitchen. We travelled 3 hours from Manila just to experience the most raved about (but hush-hush) private dining resto in Pampanga.

Was it worth it? Check this out…

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It was a bit hard to find because there was no sign. The only sign was the LA Bakery billboard.

Denlim's Kitchen Pampanga-20.jpg
Upon entering, you get the East London hipster vibe of the bakery-turned-kitchen with a chef’s table. 

Denlim's Kitchen Pampanga-68.jpg
This is the staircase that leads to their home. I wonder what it looks like?

Denlim's Kitchen Pampanga-65.jpg
The kitchen is an organized mess. 🙂

Denlim's Kitchen Pampanga-19.jpg
The toilets are decent and you’ll probably need to go after that long trek to Pampanga.

Denlim's Kitchen Pampanga-7.jpg
Sink with a beer bottle collection. Every corner is photogenic.

Denlim's Kitchen Pampanga-18.jpg
They only serve soda or tamarind soda. I suggested having more fresh juice options.

Denlim's Kitchen Pampanga-8.jpg
Denlim cooks dinner exclusively for one group only almost every night.

Denlim's Kitchen Pampanga-12.jpg
The bread is baked on the spot and served directly from the oven.

Denlim's Kitchen Pampanga-13.jpg
One of the good spots to put your signature after the meal.

Denlim's Kitchen Pampanga-15.jpg
It’s energizing to see passion in action. 

Denlim's Kitchen Pampanga-16.jpg
bread n spread. Nice! Eat it while it’s hot. 🙂

Denlim's Kitchen Pampanga-21.jpg
Family-sized salad is freshly prepared.

Denlim's Kitchen Pampanga-26.jpg
summer salad. A refreshing combination of apple, walnuts, raisins, cheese, and sauce.

Denlim's Kitchen Pampanga-30.jpg
This is a good family or team bonding session over good food.

Denlim's Kitchen Pampanga-28.jpg
The pasta is also cooked and prepared on the spot.

Denlim's Kitchen Pampanga-31.jpg
squid spaghetti marinana. Yummy! Love the simple flavor combination of tomato, garlic, herbs and cheese.

Denlim's Kitchen Pampanga-32.jpg
The food is photogenic at any angle, especially from the top.

Denlim's Kitchen Pampanga-34.jpg
This could get a bit filling, so best to pace yourself.

Denlim's Kitchen Pampanga-39.jpg
Shrimp! Ooh la la…

Denlim's Kitchen Pampanga-40.jpgAn instagrammable moment indeed!

Denlim's Kitchen Pampanga-41.jpg
shrimp elena. Big, juicy, hot, and very flavorful. What more can you ask for?

Denlim's Kitchen Pampanga-14.jpg
Ordinary shelves turned into installation art.

Denlim's Kitchen Pampanga-44.jpg
classic chicken roast. Just the way I like it, roasted with the meat still juicy.

Denlim's Kitchen Pampanga-46.jpg
The Mercato Centrale team.

Denlim's Kitchen Pampanga-47.jpg
Bring your own booze (BYOB) — no corkage! 🙂

Denlim's Kitchen Pampanga-49.jpg
Brought a nice full-bodied red wine to complement the meats.

Denlim's Kitchen Pampanga-50.jpg
After cooking, Denlim would personally bring the food to your table.

Denlim's Kitchen Pampanga-53.jpg
beef ala dione. I think this was the least favorite of all the dishes. Best to eat with rice.

Denlim's Kitchen Pampanga-57.jpg
The winner of the night was the lechon ribs — with crispy skin and buro!

Denlim's Kitchen Pampanga-55.jpg
pugon liempo wrap. The lechon is cooked in a pugon with slices of crispy skin (with a layer of fat) and my favorite, the lechon ribs. 🙂

Denlim's Kitchen Pampanga-59.jpg
It’s recommended to wrap the lechon with lettuce, tomatoes, and buro.

Denlim's Kitchen Pampanga-62.jpg
After the meal, savor the tea of freshly picked herbs with hot water served from an old-school big kettle.

Denlim's Kitchen Pampanga-63.jpg
fresh tea. Just perfect for cleaning your system after eating something fatty and oily.

Denlim's Kitchen Pampanga-64.jpg
Let loose your inner graffiti artist and leave a mark anywhere in the kitchen.

Denlim's Kitchen Pampanga-76.jpg
Awesome hipster ambiance, yummy Kapampangan food, and great bespoke service. Highly recommended and worth the drive to and back from Pampanga.

They only accept one group for dinner, and no mixed crowds are allowed. Reservations are 3 months out already so best to reserve 6 months in advance.

The menu is customizable. Our particular menu was based on the bestsellers of Denlim’s Kitchen.

This is one of those dining experiences you’ll cherish in your stomach, heart, and instagram forever.

Best to bring your own booze. Drink options are only limited to soda. I do hope they serve fresh juices at least, like dalandan.

They don’t have dessert so consider bringing your own or buying a Kapampangan dessert on your way to Denlim’s.

Somewhere in San Fernando, Pampanga
Mobile: +63 917 528-2520

P850/head minimum of 12 persons (~$20 or £14/head)

Live an Awesome Life,


Disclosure: We paid for our meal. Read Our Awesome Planet Complete Disclosure Policy here

P.S. The secret map to Denlim’s Kitchen handwritten by the owner.

DenlimsMap2 DenlimsMap1

3 thoughts on “DENLIM’S KITCHEN: Hipster-Inspired BYOB Secret Private Dining in Pampanga!

  1. Great food adventure! The place reminds me of Cubao expos environment, hipster nga 🙂 I like the idea you can just write on anything there, hipsterish!

  2. Nothing original, really. The writing on anything that would take a magic marker’s been done all over the west and east coast. One place even has multiple branches – The Boiling Crab. Denlim’s concept of ONE client a day was even shown in one of Zimmern’s shows…some taiwanese or thai dude does the EXACT SAME thing. On the examples I wrote about, I wouldnt really call Denlim a hipster because nothing about what he does is uber-unique or original.
    That being said, I am 100% sure that the food he serves will knock your socks off simply because its in pampanga. And finally….a place with GREAT LIGHTING.

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