LARTIZAN Serendra: Boulangerie Française & Mariage Frères Tea Time!

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LARTIZAN is the artisanal French Bakery, Restaurant, and Tea Salon of the French Baker founder, Johnlu Koa.

It started as a boulangerie in partnership with Mickey’s Delicatessen along Jupiter Street. Now, it has transformed into a French Cafe, with authentic French pastries and baked products, and a European cafe ambiance.

I love their signature teas from Mariage Frères in Paris.

We had the pleasure of dining with Johnlu recently and coming up with recommendations on having an awesome dining or tea time experience at Lartizan…

LARTIZAN Boulangerie Française
Le Goût du Bon Pain | Boulangerie, Restaurant . Salon de Thé
Serendra, 26th corner McKinley Parkway, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
For reservations, please call: telephone +632 511-7866.
Operating Hours: 8.00am to 10.00pm daily.

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Lartizan’s ambiance is a bit intimidating at first, but it warms up as the people make you feel at home. 

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Lartizan is best known for their breads. It serves as the neighborhood bakery for the Serendra community. 

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Make sure to order their best-selling Sourdough with Walnut and Raisin. 

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Take your time tasting the different bread options.

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Jamon Serrano is available, which is best paired with the breads.

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They also serve freshly baked cookies and brownies.

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Check out the macarons, tarts, and cakes.

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They have tuna or chicken turnover and a variety of croissants.

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Check out their baked muffins and my personal favorite, Pain Au Chocolat at a very good value. 

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This corner with a window view is a great spot for tea time.

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Lartizan imported 36 variants of Mariage Frères Tea, complete with signature tea pots and accessories. 

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There’s an elegant small function room you can reserve if you want to have a more private time with friends. 

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Breakfast Menu: Breakfast Specialties, Sweet, Savory, Breakfast Beverages | Mariage Freres Breakfast Tea 
Main Menu: Appetizers & Soup | Salads, Pasta | Main Course – Steak, Lamb, Chicken, Pork | Specialty Sandwiches, Desserts | Coffee & Hot Chocolate, Juices & Cold Tea Drinks, Beer, Sodas in Can & Water

I love the well-curated breakfast, lunch, and tea time menu.

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You can start with an assorted basket of French breads.

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For something different, order the Red Wine Baguette.

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Shaved “Jamon Iberico de Belotta”  (P795 +10% service charge – good for 2-3 persons) with Basket of breads and dips.

The Jamon Iberico is a good starter with bread or if you just want to hang out for tapas

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Iced Passion Fruit Green Tea (P110 +10% service charge).

The iced teas are really good! They got their blends from their sister company Chatime and serve them in this double wall insulated glass so that the ice does not melt easily.

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✮ Iced Black Forrest Fruit Tea (P110 +10% service charge).

Our personal favorite is the refreshing Black Forrest Fruit tea. You can taste real tea in this. 🙂

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✮ Roasted Tomato Cappuccino (P265 +10% service charge).

I would recommend this unique tomato soup with roasted flavors and a froth on top, just like on a cappucino.

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French Onion Soup (P255 +10% service charge)

You can also go for the classic French Onion soup, which was just OK.

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Salad Maison (P295 +10% service charge). Poached organic egg, bacon, vinaigrette.

The salad is nice and good to share.

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✮ Shrimp Linguini, Gambas-Style (P415 +10% service charge – good for 2 persons)

Love this because the pasta has a garlicy shrimp flavor. Good value and enough for 2-3 persons. 

LARTIZAN - Our Awesome Planet-51.jpgRoasted Half Chicken with French Butter & Herbs  (P475 +10% service charge) baked in a deck oven.

Order this if you are craving for a roasted buttery herbed chicken done the French way.

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✮ Chicken Vol-Au-Vent with mix Wild Mushroom Sauce (P395 +10% service charge).

A surprising favorite was this chicken with mushroom sauce, served overflowing in a small round pastry.

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Lartizan ensures an authentic European cafe experience by importing the plates, cutleries, and most of the items in the restaurant.

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After your meal, I suggest you try the different Mariage Frères teas.

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You can smell the teas and have a private tea education session with the Lartizan staff.

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Jasmin Imperial (P185 Pot for one 400ml +10% service charge). The King of Jasmine Teas. This is made with very rare green tea. A wonderful combination of the most refined Jasmine flowers.

If you want something light and digestive, go for the green tea. Order the jasmine for its aroma.

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Rumor has it that TWG was inspired by the original Mariage Frères in Paris.

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You can order your own tea to take home. 

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✮ Marco Polo (400ml Pot for one – P185 +10% service charge). Mariage Frères’ most famous secret is this mysterious blend that take you to distant lands and strange countries. The aroma of Chinese and Tibetan flowers and fruit lend it a uniquely velvety taste. Its extraordinatry bouquet makes Marco Polo the most legendary of flavored teas.

Make sure to try Mariage Frères’ signature Marco Polo black tea.  Best to order during tea time.

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TEA MENU: French Tea from Mariage Frères Collection | Afternoon Tea (served between 2.30 to 5.30pm daily), After Dinner/Evening Tea (served between 9.00pm to 11.00pm daily) | Earl Grey, Breakfast Tea, Caffeine Free-Tea | Black Tea | White Tea, Jasmine Flavoured Tea, Green Tea | Traditional and Fancy Flavoured Tea and Blends

One great thing about Lartizan is it’s a place for all your dining occasions, including tea time.

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✮ Le Grande (Large – P850 +10% service charge). Three English scones with clotted fresh cream and jam.

Order Le Grande if you are dining with a couple of people (3-5) during tea time. The set comes with 3 scones…

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+ 6 Savory Pastries (Tuna-Filled Tomato Quarter, Roasted Chicken Salad Sandwich Roll, Mushroom Mini Puff, Fresh Mango Cocktail Shrimp Boat).

…very tasty merienda bites… 

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+ 6 Sweet Pastries (Mini Chocolate Eclair, Mini Fruit-Filled Pate-a-Choux, Parisian Macaron, Mini Fruit Tartlet).

…and sweet endings. 

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Pistachio Sansrival (P180 +10% service charge).

We tried the sansrival for dessert. It was really good except they used too much butter.

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Cappucino “Italian Slow Roast” (P145 +10% service charge).

You can also have coffee, but the teas are what makes Lartizan special.

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Thank you to Johnlu Koa for the great tips on having an awesome dining experience at Lartizan!

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Lartizan is the best place for a nice breakfast or tea time with friends in the Serendra area. The restaurant is very conducive for meetings, especially if you reserve the private room.

Service is homey. I love the idea of French ambiance with Filipino hospitality. The look of the place can be a bit intimidating though so you may want to dress up a bit for it.

We would recommend the Roasted Tomato Cappuccino, Shrimp Linguini, Gambas-Style, and Chicken Vol-Au-Vent with mix Wild Mushroom Sauce. Order the Iced Black Forrest Fruit Tea, and the Mariage Frères Marco Polo Tea for your drinks.

For tea time, order the Le Grande Tea Set with 3 scones + 6 savory bites + 6 mini-desserts, good to share for 3-5 persons.

Budget about P500-P700/head, depending on what time you’re dining.

Congratulations to Johnlu for this latest French cafe and restaurant concept in Serendra!

LARTIZAN Boulangerie Française
Le Goût du Bon Pain | Boulangerie, Restaurant . Salon de Thé
Serendra, 26th corner McKinley Parkway, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
For reservations, please call: telephone +632 511-7866.
Operating Hours: 8.00am to 10.00pm daily.

Live an Awesome Life,


Disclosure: Our meal was courtesy of our friend Johnlu Koa. Read Our Awesome Planet Complete Disclosure Policy here.  

P.S. Sharing your tea pot is encouraged. 🙂

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