PROST: Nurnberger Spiral and Mr. Braumeister Craft Beer @ProstBraumeister

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PROST is a German Restaurant & Bar in Bonifacio Global City. They serve good German comfort food and their own signature craft beer Mr. Braumeister — in collaboration with Craft Point Brew.

The restaurant is named after the traditional German toast, where you look into the eyes of each person and say “prost!” before clinking your beer glass.

Prost is owned by Dom Hernandez, his German friend Marc Von Grabowski, celebrity Sam Milby, and Stef Zanirato.

We recently had our team meeting with our Mercato partners here. Check out what we like…

PROST Braumeister
G/F Fort Pointe Two Bldg. 26th Ave cor 5th AVe Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
Mobile: +63 925 545-4386
Phone: +632 828-3940
FacebookProst Braumeister
Operating Hours
Monday to Thursdays 4pm to 2am
Friday and Saturday 4pm to 3am
Sundays 4pm to 12mn only

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Love the high ceiling ambiance and modern German bar feel, with comfortable leather cuishoned seats.

It’s open from 4pm onwards, and there was a cool guitar performance at around 10pm. 

PROST Braumeister-40.jpgThis is the staircase that leads to the second floor, with interesting posters and memorabilia.

PROST Braumeister-38.jpgThe second floor can be reserved for private functions.

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PROST MENUSoup, Salads, Appetizers | Deli Prost | Main Dishes | Sausages, Prost Brats, Desserts | Bier O’ Clock

PROST DRINKS: Cocktails | Beers | Liquors | Rum, Cognac, Brandy | Single Malt, Coffee, Other Drinks | Vodka | Gin, Tequila | Bourbon, Whiskey | Local Beer, Beers on Tap, Local Beer Bottled | Beers 

Most of the German comfort food you might be craving for are available in the menu, with an extensive list of alcoholic drinks.

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Smoked Tanigue Salad (P360).

The salad was OK. It’s a good way to start to balance out the meat-centric German menu.

PROST Braumeister-29.jpg
✮ Mushroom Soup (P250). Mixed Wild Mushrooms, Thyme.

We like the full-bodied mushroom flavor of this soup. 

PROST Braumeister-27.jpg
✮ Truffle Cream Pasta (P380). Truffle Cream, Wild Mushrooms.

Our comfort pasta favorite, with just the right creaminess and truffle flavor, plus generous bits of mushroom.

PROST Braumeister-30.jpg
Spanish, Truffle, Artichoke Flat Bread (P510). Sour Cream, Spinach, Truffle Cream, Artichokes, Mozzarela, Cream Cheese.

The flat bread pizza was OK. The crust was a bit thick and hard when it cooled off.  We would recommend this as pica-pica. 🙂

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Corned Beef Brisket (P480). Home-cured Corned Beef, Creamed Horseradish, Vegetables.

Their homemade corned beef was really tender, and you can taste the flavor in every strand.

(Although, it’s also good to take this home and eat it for breakfast the next day with garlic rice :))

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✮ Mr. Braumeister (330ml – P265, 500ml – P380).

Love their signature German Craft Beer with just the right bitterness.

Mr Meister label_v3
Congratulations to Prost’s successful CollaBREWation with Craft Point Brew! Love the artwork. 🙂

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✮ Nurnberger Spiral (P950). Pork Spiral Sausage.

My favorite sausage is Nurnberger because it’s just as thick as a finger and has a distinct flavor from the ground pork meat and spices. It pairs well with mustard and a good pulutan with the German beer.

I would recommend the spiral version, which is big enough to share when drinking with friends.

PROST Braumeister-42.jpg
✮ Crispy Pork Knuckle (P760). Pork Knuckle, Fennel Seed, Potations, Onion Gravy with Sauerkraut.

For the ultimate German pulutan, order the crispy pork knuckle. Good value considering its size. 

PROST Braumeister-45.jpg
Order it chopped and eat while the meat is still juicy and the skin still crispy. 

PROST Braumeister-36.jpg
✮ Paulaner Dunkel Draft (500ml – P280).

This is one of my favorite beers — Paulaner Dunkel draft. I love the dark, malted wheat beer flavor with chocolate notes, with a roasted malt aroma. 

The alcohol content is just right. I would recommend ending the hangout night with this beer.

PROST Braumeister-5.jpg
A great night with friends —  Bryan, RJ, and Vanessa with my lovely wife Rache.

PROST Braumeister-1.jpg

Overall, a nice watering hole for having good food and drinks with friends in the Bonifacio Global City area.  

I would recommend the Truffle Cream Pasta, Nurnberger Spiral, and Crispy Pork Knuckle. 

For beer, start with their signature Mr. Braumeister and end with Paulaner Dunkel Draft. Budget about P700/head. 

PROST Braumeister
G/F Fort Pointe Two Bldg. 26th Ave cor 5th AVe Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
Mobile: +63 925 545-4386
Phone: +632 828-3940
Facebook: Prost Braumeister
Instagram: @ProstBraumeister

Live an Awesome Life,


Disclosure: Our meal was courtesy of our friend Dom Hernandez. Read Our Awesome Planet Complete Disclosure Policy here.  

P.S. It’s not a good place to have a business meeting, especially if there’s someone performing.

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  1. This is such a manly food paradise! Those sausages look like it should be eaten with a group of hungry carnivores! Better call my peeps when visiting this place. Meat and beer? Sounds like a party!

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