SIMPLE LANG: Modern Filipino Comfort Food Interpretations by Raintree

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Garlic Beef Belly & Mushroom Salpicao, Thai Green Curry Gising Gising with Brown Rice, Toyo Suka and Sosy Patis

SIMPLÉ LANG is the Raintree group’s modern take on Filipino Comfort food with a playful coño twist. This is for those days when you can’t decide and just want something yummy and simple.

Here’s what we think about the food at Simplé Lang…

Good food simplified. All you want rice and soup pa!
Ayala Triangle Gardens, Makati City
Telephone: +632 621-6161, 621-6162
FacebookSimplé Lang

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SIMPLÉ LANG is located in the middle of the restaurant row in Ayala Triangle Gardens.

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SIMPLE LANG MENU: Platitos, Pulutan & Pica-Pica, Breakfast, Merienda, All Day, Salad, Something Drinks, Soup to Share, Our Famous BBQ | House Specials, Vegetables, Carbs, Dessert, Ice Cream, Coffee & Tea

The Filipino Food menu is extensive, from street food, BBQ, breakfast, and comfort Filipino food favorites. 

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I love the high ceiling with drop-down red lamps.

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The color scheme of the resto is Coca-Cola red and white giving it a lively vibe, especially at night.

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The second floor provides more private seating sections, or for when you prefer to have a balcony view of the dining area. 

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Love the free and hot chicken soup! 🙂

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I also like the simple but hip setup.

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Chicken & Pork Adobong “Pula” (P225 +10% service charge). Crispy Pork Flakes, Chicken & Garlic.

We like the garlicky adobo oily flavor but the pork flakes were a bit makunat.

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✮ Seafood Kare-Kare (P375 +10% service charge). Fish, Prawns, Manila Clams, Squid & Homemade Bagoong.

We all like the Kare Kare, with just the right consistency of the sauce and a good amount of vegetables and seafood. The bagoong was a good balance of sweet and salty. 

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✮ Garlic Beef Belly & Mushroom Salpicao (P325 +10% service charge). Lots of Garlic Goodness.

My personal favorite because of the toasted garlic bits, well-done tender beef belly, and generous mushrooms to balance out the guilt of indulging in this.

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Thai Green Curry Gising-Gising (P150 +10% service charge).

The green curry sauce was a not too spicy and gave this Gising Gising dish a different twist.

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Aidan asked me how I know where the yummy restos are…I’ll take that as a compliment! I’m happy that the boys are satisfied. 🙂 

Simple Lang-37.jpgSimple Lang-39.jpgSimple Lang-38.jpg
Choc-Nut Milkshake (P150), Ube Milk Tea (P150) and Mango Sago (P150) +10% service charge.

The drink selection was a bit lousy, made of fake flavors, lots of ice, and makunat na sago. You can skip these.

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The family loved the Filipino flavors, free hot chicken soup,, the presentation of the food, and the casual sexy ambiance. 

Order the Garlic Beef Belly & Mushroom Salpicao, Seafood Kare-Kare, and Thai Green Curry Gising-Gising. Don’t order the drinks.

Food is a bit expensive considering the serving size. Budget about P500/head.

Can’t wait to try the breakfast and merienda dishes. Any suggestions on what to order?

Good food simplified. All you want rice and soup pa!
Ayala Triangle Gardens, Makati City
Telephone: +632 621-6161, 621-6162
FacebookSimplé Lang

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Disclosure: We paid for our meals. Read Our Awesome Planet Complete Disclosure Policy here.  

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5 thoughts on “SIMPLE LANG: Modern Filipino Comfort Food Interpretations by Raintree

  1. coño? Seriously? I think there are other better words to describe the experience unless it felt really vulgar for you.

  2. Hi, Anton how are you? Thanks for sharing this one. This is a nice restaurant and I’ve not yet been there. I visited in Philippines way back in 2009. Anyway, I will visit to this restaurant later. Ang dami palang magagandang restaurant sa Pilipinas kaya parang hindi 3rd world country ang Pilipinas. Sana dumami pa ang mga Pinoy restaurants na pwedeng ipagmalaki at puntahan pa ng mga Pinoy. I want a dish that is simple and yet the quality and taste are good.

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