@EXPIQUE Bangkok: Diversity and Harmony Walking Tour Photo Essay #AmazingThailand

Expique Sunrise Tour-192.jpg
EXPIQUE provides unique tour experiences in the less travelled parts of Bangkok, like the Kudeejeen area with the street art above.

Here’s a photo essay of our Diversity and Harmony Walking Tour of the Modern Thonburi area, with the cool guys of EXPIQUE…

Expique Sunrise Tour-7.jpg
We met our Expique tour guides, Esso and Namo, at Saphan Taksin BTS Station Exit 1 at around 9am.

Expique Sunrise Tour-19.jpg
The tour kicks off with the group boarding a long tail boat in the Sathom pier.

Expique Sunrise Tour-29.jpg
We got off at Tah Din Daeng, which is opposite the Chinatown area of Bangkok.

Expique Sunrise Tour-49.jpg
We met with Simon Philipp, founder of Expique, to show us around the backstreets of Bangkok.

Expique Sunrise Tour-38.jpg
I was happy because it was the season for durian!

Expique Sunrise Tour-44.jpg
Don’t forget to try their local juicy plum called Salan.

Expique Sunrise Tour-47.jpg
These lychees look very tempting.

Expique Sunrise Tour-50.jpg
The streets are just starting to come alive by this time. They’re filled mostly with locals.

Expique Sunrise Tour-51.jpg
We passed through this local wet market for the community.

Expique Sunrise Tour-54.jpg
Also walked down a small, quaint neighborhood with single detached houses.

Expique Sunrise Tour-55.jpg
Our guide highlighted the importance of these spirit houses in the Thai tradition.

Expique Sunrise Tour-58.jpg
Don’t miss an opportunity to try authentic street food in Bangkok along the way.

Expique Sunrise Tour-64.jpg
It was interesting to see the different living conditions of the people in Bangkok.

Expique Sunrise Tour-68.jpg
This is one of the most elaborate spirit houses we’ve seen during our walking tour.

Expique Sunrise Tour-75.jpg
We walked along the backroads, where the warehouses are located.

Expique Sunrise Tour-72.jpg
We got to appreciate the scent of the different Thai herbs inside the warehouses.

Expique Sunrise Tour-73.jpg
Our guide, Namo, sharing the story of cinnamon and posing for the camera. 

Expique Sunrise Tour-80.jpg
It was a hot day! Make sure you wear shorts and comfortable shoes or slippers. It’s a good idea to bring an umbrella, too.

Expique Sunrise Tour-84.jpg
We also passed through the last old soap factory in Bangkok.

Expique Sunrise Tour-86.jpg
I like the feel of walking down the roads less travelled by tourists.

Expique Sunrise Tour-90.jpg
We saw this street vendor selling different unwanted parts of pork, like the tail.

Expique Sunrise Tour-93.jpg
Interesting to see the setup of these street stalls. 

Expique Sunrise Tour-101.jpg
We made a stop at the Somdet Phra Sri Nagarindra The Princess Mother Memorial Park for a restroom break…

Expique Sunrise Tour-104.jpg
…and to get a taste of traditional Thai snacks. 

Expique Sunrise Tour-106.jpg Expique Sunrise Tour-108.jpg Expique Sunrise Tour-110.jpg Expique Sunrise Tour-112.jpg
Thai Snacks: Thong Yib (sweet egg yolk custard), Khao Neaw (sticky rice with pandan), Mo Kaeng Kai (egg custard like Maja), and Meang Kham (sugar cane, dry coconut, dry ginger).

Expique Sunrise Tour-111.jpg
I personally like the Meang Kham because of the surprising savory flavors that await you when you eat. 

Expique Sunrise Tour-115.jpg
I love this Ma Fai fruit, which is a burmese grape. It resembles our lanzones but with a juicier, grape-like texture.

Expique Sunrise Tour-122.jpg
The walking tour continued with a visit to the hidden Gootwatin Islam Mosque…

Expique Sunrise Tour-123.jpg
…and the Gong Wu Shrine.

Expique Sunrise Tour-128.jpg
It was nice learning about the significance of the shrine and the peculiarities of the temple.

Expique Sunrise Tour-130.jpg
Flaming Tiger.

Expique Sunrise Tour-131.jpg
Colorful Dragon.

Expique Sunrise Tour-138.jpg
We hopped on the long tail boat again for a faster trip to the Kudeejeen area.

Expique Sunrise Tour-141.jpg
We visited the Sta. Cruz Church.

Expique Sunrise Tour-142.jpg
This is the Christian Community area in Bangkok.

Expique Sunrise Tour-144.jpg
The major religions in Bangkok are Buddhism (95%), Islam (3%), Hinduism (1.5%), and Christianity (0.5%).

Expique Sunrise Tour-150.jpg
The highlight of the tour was a visit to the local community bakery, Thanusingha.

Thanusingha Bakery House
Soi Kudee Jeen 7, Thonburi, Bangkok
Telephone: +66 (024) 655 882
Open daily 08:00am – 4:00pm
Facebook: Thanusingha

Expique Sunrise Tour-159.jpg
It’s a quaint bakery with a limited dining area for walking tourists.

Expique Sunrise Tour-155.jpg
We ordered a refreshing ice tea to quenched our thirst…

Expique Sunrise Tour-157.jpg
…and this sweet baked Portuguese cupcake called Khanom Farang Kudeejeen, which translates to Foreigner’s snack of the Chinese Church.

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Expique Sunrise Tour-165.jpg
The Thai chef’s family has maintained the more than 200-year old Portuguese baking tradition in this home bakery.

Expique Sunrise Tour-177.jpg
The classic baked snack is topped with raisins, pumpkins, and sugar, and is packed individually.

Expique Sunrise Tour-179.jpg
Thanks to Hong Yuk and Simon Philipp for sharing with us this awesome baked secret in Bangkok.

Expique Sunrise Tour-186.jpg
We loved walking down the narrow side streets of this cute model community, with street art on the walls.

Expique Sunrise Tour-189.jpg
This is the most famous and photogenic street in the Kudeejeen area.

Expique Sunrise Tour-190.jpg
A closer look at one of the works.

Expique Sunrise Tour-191.jpg
My favorite “Love Bangkok” street art.

Expique Sunrise Tour-194.jpg
The community isn’t used to tourists, so it was quite an experience to get a glimpse of how life is in this part of Bangkok.

Expique Sunrise Tour-196.jpg
It’s like a walking tour of the back kitchens. It would have been nice to get a bit of trivia regarding the houses in the community.

Expique Sunrise Tour-200.jpg
Thanks again to Simon Philipp for masterminding and designing this Expique walking tour! 🙂 

Expique Sunrise Tour-209.jpg
Our last stop for the tour was this Buddhist temple to offer our prayers to Buddha.

Expique Sunrise Tour-214.jpg
Ring this bell to cleanse your spirit and to drive away the bad entities.

Expique Sunrise Tour-219.jpg
We rode the long tail again to go back to the Saphan Taksin BTS area. It took us about 4+ hours to complete the walking tour.

Expique Sunrise Tour-140.jpg
My favorite parts of this tour were the long tail cruise, the walk around the Kudeejeen area (especially the street art eskinita), and the discovery of the Thanusingha Bakery.

The tour was a bit long and the first part somewhat dragging. Shortening the tour to 3 hours or less would make this a more awesome experience. 

I would recommend this for travelers who have been to Bangkok before and looking for ways to discover the hidden areas of the city.

Congratulations to Simon Philipp, Esso, and Namo for this promising walking tour. 🙂

Diversity and Harmony (Walking Tour)
A walking tour along the Chao Phraya River
46 Soi Sathorn 9, Yannawa, Sathorn, Bangkok 10120
Facebook: Expique
Twitter: @Expique
Instagram: @Expique
Email: info@expique.com
Telephone: +66 (0)85 873 3308

Summary: This walking tour explores the diversity of Bangkok as we visit an area where original Buddhist, Christian, and Muslim communities live in harmony

The highlights of this tour are:

  • Exploring the back streets of Thonburi
  • Learning about the diversity of Bangkok
  • Tasting local snacks as you walk

Price: 1,100 THB per person

DurationThe tour lasts approximately 3.5 hours

Bangkok Martial Law Experience Series:


Live an Awesome Life,

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Disclosure: Our Awesome Planet was a guest of Expique Travel, but the blog post was written for our own purposes and with my own biases. Read Our Awesome Planet Complete Disclosure Policy here.  

P.S. It was nice to see a Catholic Church community in Bangkok. 🙂 

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