My AMARI WATERGATE BANGKOK Experience #AmazingThailand

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AMARI WATERGATE is a 5-star hotel in Central Bangkok. It’s strategically located in front of Platinum Mall near the Pratunam shopping area.  

I was a bit apprehensive about going to Bangkok because of the Martial Law situation there, but Amari Watergate gave me a warm Thai welcome. This erased all my doubts and fears about the safety and security in the capital. 

Check out my Amari Watergate Bangkok experience…

847 Petchaburi Road, Pratunam, Rachatavi, Pratunam, Bangkok, Thailand 10400
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I took a midnight Cebu Pacific flight to Bangkok. It was 50% full.

TIP: Check the updated travel advisory from the DFA regarding flights to Bangkok first. Also make sure that your travel insurance covers trips to Bangkok before you fly.

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I should listen to Anthony Bourdain: Never eat meals on the plane.

Enroute To Bangkok-7-2.jpg
The arrival process is hassle-free in Bangkok. Everything feels safe and normal. 

Enroute To Bangkok-12.jpg
The USD-THB exchange rate is the same throughout the airport. Make sure you exchange just enough money for your trip (see exchange rate).

AMARI Watergate-1.jpg
The Amari Watergate representative welcomed me with a smile. He ensured me of a safe travel during the curfew (12mn to 4am).

AMARI Watergate-3.jpg
It was a quiet ride. I was told that some people who go to the “curfew” bars would enter before 12 and leave after 4am. 

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The lobby of Amari Watergate Bangkok.

ROOM 3409

AMARI Watergate-8.jpg
This is my executive room with a king-sized bed. It’s on the 34th floor, the topmost of the hotel.

AMARI Watergate-9.jpg
The restroom is spacious, with separate toilet, shower, and bathtub areas.

AMARI Watergate-16.jpg
I love these eco-friendly glass bottles of the complimentary water.

AMARI Watergate-17.jpg
Toilet amenities are complete. But I still recommend bringing your own shampoo and conditioner.

Love the mini-bites midnight snack at Amari :)  Good Night!  @diASIAtourism #DIABKK
Welcome sweets, fruit, and salmon with lemon.

AMARI Watergate-8-2.jpg
The breakfast view of the Pratunam area from my room.



Amari Watergate Breakfast-14.jpg
The buffet breakfast is on the 4th floor of the hotel.

Amari Watergate Breakfast-16.jpg
It’s a spacious, high ceiling breakfast area for all hotel guests.

Amari Watergate Breakfast-1.jpg
But I prefer the option of eating in the executive lounge on the 32nd floor. It has an awesome view of Bangkok.

Amari Watergate Breakfast-2.jpg
You can just lounge around and read the latest news from the Bangkok Post or The Nation.

Amari Watergate Breakfast-4.jpg
There’s an al fresco area that faces the sunrise.

Amari Watergate Breakfast-3.jpg
This also serves as a smoking area for the guests.

Amari Watergate Breakfast-7.jpg
Breakfast was a la carte, which makes sense since they need to keep the food fresh, especially if there aren’t too many guests.

Amari Watergate Breakfast-8.jpg
A selection of breads to start your breakfast.

Amari Watergate Breakfast-9.jpg
The croissant was good with a little bit of butter.

Amari Watergate Breakfast-10.jpg
They serve continental breakfast for the hot portion of your breakfast meal.

Amari Watergate Breakfast-11.jpg
They also serve cold cuts, cheese…

Amari Watergate Breakfast-12.jpg
…and cold salmon.



Amari Watergate Spa and Dinner-10.jpg
If you stay at Amari Watergate, I recommend getting a Thai Massage at the Breeze Spa on the 8th floor.  

Amari Watergate Spa and Dinner-8.jpg
The 8th floor also has this nice garden with a view of the Pratunam area.

Amari Watergate Spa and Dinner-15.jpg
Breeze Spa just beside the swimming pool, near the fitness center. Best to exercise and swim first before going to the spa.

Amari Watergate Spa and Dinner-13.jpg
The lobby of the spa is cheerful and welcoming.

Amari Watergate Spa and Dinner-17.jpg
You are greeted with a cold towel and nice lemon shot while you answer the spa questionaire.

Amari Watergate Spa and Dinner-20.jpg
The massage starts with a cleansing of the feet with lime.

Amari Watergate Spa and Dinner-19.jpg
I loved the Thai Massage because their masseuse was very strong. She stretched every part of my body but also helped it relax at the same time.

Amari Watergate Spa and Dinner-22.jpg
I thought it was a nice touch to also serve a bite of macaron aside from the normal after-massage tea. It completed the spa experience for me. Galing



Amari Watergate Spa and Dinner-24.jpg
Make sure you also eat at THAI ON 4, voted as the “Best Thai Hotel Restaurant” in Bangkok for a number of years. 

Amari Watergate Spa and Dinner-25.jpg
The ambiance is casual-modern Thai.

Amari Watergate Spa and Dinner-33.jpg
The Thai on 4 menu is curated by 78-year old professor Khun Srisamorn, who used to cook for HM the King of Thailand, and still teaches at the Royal Cooking School in Bangkok.  

MENU: Appetizers | Soups, Noodles & Rice | Thai Favorites | Vegetarian, Desserts | Set Menu | Wine & Beer | Cocktails | Classic Thai Desserts

Amari Watergate Spa and Dinner-27.jpg
Singha Beer (THB 160 +10% service charge).

A trip to Thailand is not complete without drinking the country’s most popular lager beer — Singha.

Amari Watergate Spa and Dinner-37.jpg
I ordered the Thai comfort food favorites we love in Manila. 

Amari Watergate Spa and Dinner-39.jpg
✮ Tom Yam Goong Mae Nam (THB 280 +10% service charge). Spicy river prawn soup flavoured with lemongrass, lime juice, and chili.

The Tom Yam was elegantly smooth, with the right balance of sweet, sour, salty, and spicy flavors. I loved the lingering taste of the shrimp.

Amari Watergate Spa and Dinner-42.jpg
✮ Yam Som O Chao Wang (THB 310 +10% service charge). Spicy pomelo salad with grilled tiger prawns. 

The pomelo salad was also very good. It had the right spicy kick.

Amari Watergate Spa and Dinner-45.jpg
✮ Gaeng Nua, Rue Moo Prik Khi Noo Serve Prom Roti (THB 330 +10% service charge). Green beef or pork curry with coconut milk, chili, and Thai herbs, served with roti.

My kind of Thai Curry! Creamy, flavorful, and a little spicy…a complete curry experience. 

Amari Watergate Spa and Dinner-44.jpg
The curry was best paired with this medley of white, yellow, green, and red rice.

Amari Watergate Spa and Dinner-48.jpg
✮ Pad Thai Goong Sod (THB 260 +10% service charge). Thai fried rice noodles with fresh prawns.

Pad Thai noodles cooked al dente. The texture of the noodles paired really well with the different flavors on this dish. Make sure you mix in the lime, chili, and the sprouts evenly.

Amari Watergate Spa and Dinner-50.jpg
Thai Iced Tea (THB 150 +10% service charge).

This was a bit too sweet and creamy.

Amari Watergate Spa and Dinner-52.jpg
Khao Niew Mamuan (THB 190 +10% service charge). Mango with sticky rice. 

I just have to end my meals with Thai Mango and the sticky rice. Can’t get enough of this dessert. 🙂 



Going Home to Manila-1.jpg
It was good idea to get the midnight trip back to Manila;  there was no traffic going to the airport. Just remember to book your airport transfer early (at least 3 hours before your flight). 

Going Home to Manila-3.jpg
The Cebu Pacific Terminal is in Bay 3 of the Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Going Home to Manila-5.jpg
Best to check-in online to avoid the long queues and for easier processing. Just remember that you still need to show your identification at the counter.

Going Home to Manila-12.jpg
The Scene of the Churning of The Milk Ocean bids you farewell and safe travels.

This scene depicts the Vishnu Kurmavatara and the churning of the Milk Ocean. The naga (the king of serpents), Vasuki, is curled around the mountain Mandara. Vishnu, incarnated in the form of a great turtle, supports the mountain on his back. Devas (demigods) and Asuras (demons) pull on the naga’s body to churn the water of the ocean for thousands of years to produce the nectar of immortality, Amrita. From the churning, numerous opulent items are produced, including Dhanvantari carrying the pot of Amrita. In the end, the cooperation between Devas and Asuras is shattered. The Devas, fulfill their plan of acquiring all Amrita, disperse the Asuras out of Heaven to the Underworld.

Going Home to Manila-19.jpg
One nice thing about having a delayed flight is the chance to see the awesome sunset. 🙂



Amari Watergate Spa and Dinner-2.jpg

Overall, I like AMARI WATERGATE for its location in the Pratunam area, the Thai Massage in Breeze Spa, and the yummy food at Thai on 4. If you can, upgrade your room to the 34th Executive Floor to get access to the Executive Lounge on the 32nd.

The room, toilet, and amenities are complete (though you may still want to bring your own shampoo, conditioner, and other toiletries). They have free, stable, and fast WiFi in their rooms so you can still go online and work.

847 Petchaburi Road, Pratunam, Rachatavi, Pratunam, Bangkok, Thailand 10400

5-star Hotel in Central Bangkok
Location: Pratunam, Petchburi road, Bangkok 
Highlights: Breeze Spa, Executive Lounge, Henry J. Bean’s Bar & Grill, Heichinrou Chinese Restaurant 
Transport: Makkasan Airport Link, Rajthevi 
BTS Station Nearby: Platinum Shopping Mall, Pratunam Market, Central World, Siam Paragon, Erawan Shrine 
Services: Free WiFi Internet access when booking on

Take advantage of the low rates and availability from Agoda: Amari Watergate Hotel (aff link)

Live an Awesome Life,


Disclosure: Our Awesome Planet was a guest of Amari Watergate Hotel, but this blog post was written for our own purposes and with my own biases. 

This is an Agoda affiliate link: Amari Watergate Hotel (aff link). I may receive a (very) small commission if you click on the link and book. Thank you for considering to book via that link if this post was helpful in planning your travel.

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P.S. It’s easy to go around Bangkok via taxi. The average fare is less than THB 100 from one location to another. Just factor in about 15 minutes of traffic for your travel time. Take the BTS if you want to get to your destination faster.

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  1. Hi Anton how are you? Thanks for sharing your memorable stay in Thailand. I wish that I will visit in Thailand soon. How’s the taxi drivers there? I know that some taxi drivers will charge you extra not only in Philippines. Some friends were told me that taxi drivers are not so trusted well especially in China, Mexico, India, Indonesia, and Malaysia.
    Anyway, the best thing to do is to ask someone from the airport or hotel for a taxi. I know that it is hard also to travel to a country in which English is not a major language. It is better to travel if you know someone who lives in a country that you will visit soon so that they can accommodate or give you a tour easily.
    Have a nice day always. Have a safe trip.

  2. Love your blog! My 16 year old daughter and I are going to Thailand in 3 weeks! We are so excited! I can’t wait to see the temples. try the food, get a massage and we may even get a fish bath for our feet? Thats a big maybe? I’m a little squeamish at the thought, but when in Rome!

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