HOT-STAR Philippines: Taiwan’s Large Fried Chicken Chop in Manila (A Review) @HotStarPH

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HOT-STAR is a popular shop in Taiwan’s Shilin Night Market and famous for its large chicken chop.

Unlike those of the other Taiwan Chicken Chop places that have opened in Manila, Hot-Star’s fried chicken is 30 cm long — big enough for 2-3 persons — and priced just right at P110-P125, depending on the flavor.

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Blue Bay Walk, Macapagal Avenue cor. EDSA, Pasay City, Philippines
Operating Hours: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
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HOT-STAR started as a small stall in Taiwan’s Shilin Market.

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Their chicken chop sells for 55 New Taiwan Dollar, which is about Php 80.50. 

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It’s usually eaten on thego and is big enough for sharing.



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HOT-STAR’s flagship store in the Philippines is a small fastfood restaurant in Blue Bay Walk along Macapagal Avenue.

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Blue Bay Walk feels like it was inspired by the open mall setup of Serendra, with installation art pieces like this.

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The shop appeals to families because the kids love it, and to the student barkada for its affordable prices.

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You place your order at the counter. Their menu is easy to understand with set meal options: Large Star Menu (Left) | Large Star Menu (Right)

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There’s an open kitchen to see how your chicken chop is prepared.

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Customers are given a number. You pick up your order when your number is called.

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For dine-in guests, they give you a small cup where you can get a light-tasting rice gravy for the chicken.

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✮ Original Large Fried Chicken (P110), ✮ BBQ Large Fried Chicken (P125), Mushroom Soup (P35), and Crunchy Fruit Salad (P45).

I ordered the original large fried chicken with chili and the sweet BBQ-flavored chicken chop.

Don’t order the mushroom soup because it tastes like the canned variety. And the fruit salad looks a bit pathetic, topped with unhealthy chicken skin. 

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The chicken is as large as Aidan’s face! The boys liked the original and crispy versions better than the BBQ variant.

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✮ Original Large Fried Chicken (P110) with chili.

I like Hot-Star’s large fried chicken because they use a thick and juicy piece of chicken meat. I prefer it with chili.

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Classic Spaghetti (P50). Surprisingly, the boys loved the spaghetti despite its simple presentation.

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✮ Crispy Large Fried Chicken (P110 + P35 with rice and blue lemonade).

This is the best combination — crispy large fried chicken with rice, rice gravy, and blue lemonade. 

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Our boys loved it! We took away half of it as baon for our movie date.

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With HOT-STAR‘s large and thick fried chicken chop, you really get good value for your money. 
For adult foodies, I recommend ordering the original breaded version with chili. Kids will love the crispy version. Budget at about P150/head.
One complaint I have is the chicken has bones on one end and the breading is a bit thick. Some people complain that the chicken is rubbery and squisshy instead of crispy and juicy. Don’t order the side dishes anymore. 
Here’s hoping they open more branches in Manila soon. 🙂
Blue Bay Walk, Macapagal Avenue cor. EDSA, Pasay City, Philippines

Operating Hours: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
FacebookHot Star Philippines
Twitter: @HotStarPH

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P.S. Check out Blue Bay Walk on weekends…they have band entertainment at night.

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  1. Hi Anton how are you? Thanks for sharing this one. Talagang maraming mga bagong restaurant sa Pilipinas. Well, if I will visit in Philippines later, definitely I will try to eat and taste their food there. The prices are also affordable, not bad. Have a nice day always.

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