SOUL FOOD MAHANAKORN: Modern Regional Street Food in Bangkok #AmazingThailand


SOUL FOOD MAHANAKORN serves authentic regional Thai street food, but with the comforts and ambiance of a nice and hip resto-bar. They take pride in using fresh and locally-sourced ingredients, such as organic rice and free-range meats.

Here’s my Soul Food experience in Bangkok with other fellow travel bloggers…

Soul Food is located in the Sukhumvit Area of Bangkok.

Soul Food Mahanakorn Menu: Drinking Snacks, Salads, Noodles | Meats/Seafood, Curries, Things with Rice/Vegetables | Classic and Signature Cocktails

They serve regional Thai specialties and not the typical ones you see in Manila.

Our host ordered a Set Menu (THB 600/head) in 4 courses: To Start, Salad and Fish, Mains, and Dessert.



Southern Thai Samosas (THB 180). Minced chicken, cumin, spring roll wrapper, mint, and yogurt dip.

I love these Thai-Indian triangle bites! Just the right amount of chicken, wrapper crunchiness, and yogurt to tease your appetite.

✮ Mieng Kham (THB 250). Butterhead lettuce leaves, chopped limes, chilies, fried garlic, peanuts, ginger, shallot, herbs, grilled pork jowl, and tamarind jam.

A deconstructed Thai snack favorite of Mieng Kham, eaten in a Chinese-style cup of lettuce leaf. The flavors contrast with one another, so it’s best to have a little bit of each ingredient and not put too much tamarind jam.



✮ Yam Sam-O (THB 220). Salad of pomelo, sauteed prawns, fried shallots, lime juice. and chili jam.

Love the generous serving of pomelo with a good chili kick! We need to have more chilies in our pomelo salads in Manila.

Fish in a Leaf (THB 250). Fresh fillet of sea bass stuffed with lemongrass, dill, and slices of lime, grilled inside a green banana leaf.

The fish is fresh (hindi malansa) and with an herb-lime taste. The banana leaf presentation is also nice.

Yam Makrua Yao (THB 220). Sour, smoky eggplant salad with soft-cooked duck eggs, mint, coriander, and bacon.

A Thai salad of smoky eggplant, but with duck eggs and bits of bacon. My new Thai vegetable favorite.



✮ Stir Fried Baby Kale with Crispy Pork. Bite-size pieces of baby kale lightly stir-fried with crispy pork.

A good minced pork dish with baby kale bits to balance the taste and keep it healthy.

✮ Crab and Lemongrass Curry with Rice Noodle (THB 250). Spicy coconut, lemongrass, and fish and crab curry, served over fresh rice noodles with Thai herbs and crispy vegetables.

Another deconstructed dish, this time of curry and noodles. I like the new and refreshing flavor combinations in this dish. Make sure you eat the curry with the vegetables, bits of lime, and chili.

✮ Flank Steak Nahm Tok (THB 300). Marinated beef, grilled medium rare and dressed with lime, fish sauce, toasted rice powder, and spices.

Nice, tender steak cuts, seasoned Thai-style with spices, lime, and a bit of fish sauce. Love this, too!

Gaeng Hang Lay (THB 240). Shan/Burmese pork belly curry, soured with tamarind and slowly braised with ginger and garlic.

Like pork belly ramen served adobo-style. This was served last so I wasn’t able to appreciate it.

Mango Sticky Rice (P175).

A big slice of Thai mango with sticky rice and sweet sauce on the side. I like eating this with lots of mango, just enough sticky rice, and minimal sweet sauce.


Overall, it was a nice Thai dining experience with other fellow travel bloggers. SOUL FOOD MAHANAKORN is a good place to taste new Thai dishes you won’t normally see, even in the posh Thai restaurants of Manila. 

The flavors are a bit safe for me though. The food isn’t too spicy and mostly served with deconstructed presentations to allow for customization of the flavor experience. The resto caters to expats and tourists more than locals.

For the quality of food you get and the overall experience, THB 600/person is relatively expensive. 

Telephone: +66-(0)-2714-7708 

Bangkok Martial Law Experience Series:

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Disclosure: We paid for our meals. Read Our Awesome Planet Complete Disclosure Policy here.  

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  1. Hi Anton how are you? Thanks for sharing this one. Parang namasyal na ako niyan sa Bangkok. Anyway, their foods and dishes are unique and looks delicious. I will consider this place as my tour spot later in Thailand. Have a nice day always.

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