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DICASALARIN COVE is a secret beach cove owned by the Angaras in Baler. It’s famous for its white sand, awesome vista, and access to the Baler Lighthouse.

I recommend this as an after-lunch day trip destination whenever you’re in Baler.

Dicasalarin, Baler, Aurora
Open 6.00am to 5.00pm



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You have to get a permit or gate pass from Costa Pacifica or Bahia de Baler (name of the resort before Costa Pacifica was built).

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Here’s a map from Costa Pacifica to Dicasalarin Cove, which is about 45 minutes away by car.

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You can get a guide who can explain to you the story of the mini-islands along the coast.

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The road to Dicasalarin is a long, narrow, winding, paved, asphalt road going up the mountains.

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You turn right into a red gate and surrender your gate pass. If you plan on going in the afternoon, it’s best to be here by 3pm at the latest.

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When you enter, you’ll already see the white lighthouse (which resembles a Camp Big Falcon) in the distance.

Dicasalarin Cove Baler-15.jpg
You can also already see the Dicasalarin beach on the right side. You can hike all the way to the lighthouse if you want.

Dicasalarin Cove Baler-22.jpg
The road is paved throughout, but is also quite narrow.

Dicasalarin Cove Baler-23.jpgYou can park under the trees.

Dicasalarin Cove Baler-42.jpg
Here’s a rough map of Dicasalarin.

Dicasalarin Cove Baler-26.jpg
We decided to visit the Artist Village first.

Dicasalarin Cove Baler-29.jpg
This is used to showcase different artists’ crafts and as an events venue during special occasions.

Dicasalarin Cove Baler-41.jpg
We proceeded to the main beach, passing through a lush forest with a wooden bridge first.

Dicasalarin Cove Baler-43.jpg
The beach area is open to visitors. You can have a picnic here with your family and friends.

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Welcome to the Dicasalarin Beach! 

Dicasalarin Cove Baler-117.jpg
It’s not developed so it feels like you’re in a wild, secluded beach.

Dicasalarin Cove Baler-122.jpg
The beach is beige/brown when dry, and dark when wet.

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The waves are very strong and there’s an undercurrent, so it’s not advisable for kids to swim in the water.

Dicasalarin Cove Baler-51.jpg
The boys loved playing around the beach.

Dicasalarin Cove Baler-56.jpg
Beside the beach is the mouth of the river where the kids can play safely in cold, fresh water.

Dicasalarin Cove Baler-62.jpg
I decided to hike all the way to the lighthouse, which is 15 minutes away by foot. 

Dicasalarin Cove Baler-103.jpg
I went barefoot and regretted it because the stones were very sharp.

Dicasalarin Cove Baler-68.jpg
After walking along the shore, you’ll reach the foot of these stairs that lead up to the lighthouse.

Dicasalarin Cove Baler-70.jpg
It’s very scenic on the way up. Try to resist the urge to take pictures though while you’re still at the lower parts of the lighthouse.

Dicasalarin Cove Baler-73.jpg
There are no trees, so it’s better to go up early in the morning or close to sunset.

Dicasalarin Cove Baler-74.jpg
A view of the stairs and the shoreline going to the Dicasalarin Beach.

Dicasalarin Cove Baler-78.jpg
This is the highest point of the mountain. The modern lighthouse here has a triangular base.

Dicasalarin Cove Baler-86.jpg
A closer look at the Baler Lighthouse.

Dicasalarin Cove Baler-81.jpg
From the top, you have a serene view of the bay.

Dicasalarin Cove Baler-89.jpg
If you go near the edge by the lighthouse, you’ll see the rock formations below. 

Dicasalarin Cove Baler-85.jpg
On the right side is a view of the cove after Dicasalarin.

Dicasalarin Cove Baler-98.jpg
This is a great spot for a souvenir photo of Dicasalarin Cove.

Dicasalarin Cove Baler-104.jpg
Going back, we were worried about the high tide, which could potentially block our way back to the beach.

Dicasalarin Cove Baler-115.jpg
The boys enjoyed their play time in the river. However, there were mini-insects that bit them. Make sure your kids wear insect repellant lotion.

Dicasalarin Cove Baler-127.jpg
On your way out, make sure to visit the PAGASA Baler Radar Station.

Dicasalarin Cove Baler-133.jpg
This is where the Doppler radar is located. It monitors the weather in the East Coast.

Dicasalarin Cove Baler-134.jpg
It’s a great learning opportunity for the kids on how the weather is monitored.

Dicasalarin Cove Baler-132.jpg
The PAGASA employees were kind enough to share their knowledge about weather monitoring with our boys.

Dicasalarin Cove Baler-136.jpg
Allot at least 2 hours for the entire experience, which already includes travel time going to Dicasalarin Cove.

Dicasalarin, Baler, Aurora
Open 6.00am to 5.00pm



BALER, Aurora, Quezon Series (2011):

Live an Awesome Life,


Disclosure: Our Baler stay was courtesy of Costa Pacifica. Read Our Awesome Planet Complete Disclosure Policy here.  

P.S. On your way back to Costa Pacifica, you can already do your pasalubong shopping.

Dicasalarin Cove Baler-139.jpg
Make sure to pass by the Pasalubong Center at the back of the Baler Public Market.

Dicasalarin Cove Baler-140.jpg
This is the facade of the Baler Pasalubong Center.

Dicasalarin Cove Baler-142.jpg
You can buy Baler-made products. It’s always good to support the local communities.

Dicasalarin Cove Baler-143.jpg
You can buy surfing-inspired souvenirs for your friends.

Dicasalarin Cove Baler-150.jpg
Don’t forget to get Nanay Pacing’s Peanut Butter and Coconut Jam! 🙂

Dicasalarin Cove Baler-147.jpg
Best pasalubong from Baler. 🙂

Dicasalarin Cove Baler-153.jpg
For T-shirts, I recommend buying from the Discover Baler Souvenir Store.

Dicasalarin Cove Baler-156.jpg
The Baler T-shirt designs are better in the bigger sizes.

Dicasalarin Cove Baler-158.jpg
For mug collectors, buy your “I Love Baler” mugs here.

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