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I love Taiwanese Hot Pot! One actually shouldn’t leave Taipei without having tried it.  

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I recently had one of my most memorable hot pot experiences in Have Hot Pot, Taipei. Unlike eat-all-you-can hot pot places like Tian Wai Tian, Have Hot Pot has an a la carte and well-curated yummy menu.

The signages and the menu are all written in Chinese, providing that authentic Taiwanese feel.

Here’s a photo essay of our Taiwan Fam Trip Group’s visit to Have Hot Pot…

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Have Hot Pot is located near Exit 2 of Shuanglian MRT Station. 

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You should be facing Minsheng West Road and making a U-turn into a side street.

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Walk for a few minutes and you’ll see this corner store with the Chinese signage.

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Just to make sure you’re in the right place, look for this facade with “Have Hot Pot” on the floor.

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The menu is in Chinese (Menu Front, Menu Back). You can use the photos in this blog post as a guide and show it to the servers. 🙂

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It’s best to eat on the second floor for a better ambiance.

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The servers are really nice. It’s like a casual high-end place.

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You can start with their Taiwan Milk Tea with really chewy, soft sago.

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The hot pot uses traditional charcoal.

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It’s first served with the vegetable ingredients and their signature soup already in the pot.

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I love the hand-painted hot pot, which looks like a big tajine container.

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White rice with tea egg, vegetables, and pork soup are served to complement the hot pot.

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We ordered two kinds of meat — thin slices of beef…

Have Hot Pot Taiwan-25.jpg
…and slices of duck meat. 

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Our awesome company in Taiwan. All of us raved about the food in Have Hot Pot. Highly recommended! 🙂 

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Before you start, you must create your hot pot sauce, Taiwanese style. 

Have Hot Pot Taiwan-39.jpg
You can add onions, white and green scallions…

Have Hot Pot Taiwan-40.jpg
…garlic, sesame oil, chili…

Have Hot Pot Taiwan-35.jpg
…mashed radish, tofu salt bean, and the key ingredient — Taiwanese Satay.

Have Hot Pot Taiwan-36.jpg
You can also add white vinegar and soy sauce to your hot pot sauce.

Have Hot Pot Taiwan-24.jpg
Chicken feet anyone? My wife would love this. 🙂

Have Hot Pot Taiwan-27.jpg
We let the hot pot boil before we add the other raw ingredients… 

Have Hot Pot Taiwan-29.jpg
…like the sweet corn…

Have Hot Pot Taiwan-28.jpg
…young corn…

Have Hot Pot Taiwan-50.jpg
…which is a bit of a hassle to eat because you still have to peel off the husk…

Have Hot Pot Taiwan-23.jpg
…banana heart…

Have Hot Pot Taiwan-31.jpg
…dimsum balls…

Have Hot Pot Taiwan-45.jpg
…and tofu skin.

Have Hot Pot Taiwan-30.jpg
You have to wait for all the vegetables to cook and for the soup to boil again.

Have Hot Pot Taiwan-34.jpg
After the soup boils, you can add the duck meat…

Have Hot Pot Taiwan-47.jpg
…and the beef (until it turns brown).

Have Hot Pot Taiwan-33.jpg
You can also order other cooked dishes to pair with your hot pot, like these fried dimsum balls…

Have Hot Pot Taiwan-43.jpg
…and the best fried chicken we’ve ever tasted in Taipei! It has super crispy skin but still very juicy inside. This is the first thing you should ask for since it’s cooked on order and takes 30 minutes to prepare.

Have Hot Pot Taiwan-44.jpg
The tastiest Taiwanese pork chop we’ve tried on our trip. Order this, too! 🙂

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Thank you to Jeron Travel, Eva Air, and the Taiwan Visitor’s Bureau for sharing this Hot Pot discovery with us. 

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The hot pot comes with free soft served ice cream, which is the only letdown in our meal. A homemade ice cream with Taiwanese flavors would have been the perfect ending.

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Even the bill comes in a nice handcrafted envelope.

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Disclosure: Our Taiwan Fam Trip was courtesy of the Taiwan Visitor’s Bureau, Eva Air, and Jeron Travel. Read Our Awesome Planet Complete Disclosure Policy here.  

P.S. Our bill was roughly $NT400/head. Not bad for an authentic Taiwanese Hot Pot experience! 🙂

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One thought on “HAVE HOT POT: Memorable Yummy Hot Pot Experience in Taipei! @JeronTravel

  1. Hi, Anton how are you? Parang namasyal na rin ako nito. Taiwan is also a beautiful place to visit. Nakakagutom naman iyong mga pagkain dyan. We have also Hot Pot restaurants here in San Francisco especially that one in Daly City. Natikman ko na rin iyong Hot Pot dish when my cousin celebrated his birthday and he gave us a treat to everyone. I love beef, beef tripe, duck meat, and all seafoods in the Hot Pot. I love also the spicy sesame oil with peanut sauce as the dip. I will recommend to eat the Hot Pot with your family, friends, or colleagues because you cannot eat the Hot Pot by yourself only. Mostly the prices of the Hot Pot dishes here is range from $50 to $200 per table depending with what type of ingredients you order. Have a nice day always.

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