BERLIN: Meeting SupperClub Founder at Hüttenpalast Caravan-Hotel in Hipster District of Neukölln @VisitBerlin


Neukölln is the hipster area of Berlin, with the highest percentage of immigrants. It’s a new, gentrified area and home of the first Caravan-Hotel concept–Hüttenpalast. I’ve always wanted to see this area to get some new ideas and inspirations.

This was also the perfect backdrop for meeting Nikolai Schmidt, Managing Director of

Here’s a photo essay of our meeting in Neukölln…

You can go to Neukölln via U-Bhan station U8 – Hermannplatz, but we decided to go down U8 – Schönleinstraße, and walked along Sanderstraße.

(Note: straße = road and pronounced as strasse)

The neighborhood is cute, with quaint shops and graffiti all around.

The trees along the sidewalk are often decorated and used as hangout areas.

The shops all look inviting, so it’s quite hard to resist not exploring them one by one.

KIEZ is a Berlin term, referring to a small, hip neighborhood in a larger town. Here’s an interesting poster campaigning against things that kill the Kiez culture of Neukölln.

We then turned right and continued to walk along Hobrechstraße, past some neighborhood shops and cafeteria.

Some of the walls are decorated with large-scale graffiti.

The posters along the way are interesting. I’ll be sure to stay in this area of Berlin next time around.

Check out these books turned into bench seats around the tree.

We finally arrived at Hüttenpalast, which literally means Huts Palace.

From the outside, it looks just like an ordinary cafe.

Upon entering, you’ll see a garden resto area amidst a warehouse building.

Inside Hüttenpalast, you’ll see actual caravans turned into rooms. You can also check out which caravan to stay in.

Herzensbrecher (Heartbreaker Caravan)

This one needed a very special treatment in the reshape. The caravan was produced in the city of Dresden by “Karosseriebau Nagetusch” in 1959 and used to have very elegant wooden panels. Once we started with renovations we were frightened by the rotten condition but step by step a wonderful wooden construction surfaced which remembered us almost of a boat construction and suddenly we felt like inside of a carnie wagon. So we left it all visible and mixed the nostalgic circus feeling with new contrary materials. 

The bed size is 1,60m x 1,90m

A private nook area is set up outside the caravan for you to read a book, work on your computer, or just simply hang out.

It’s a bit claustrophobic inside…

…but I like the novel idea of sleeping inside one, which could accommodate a group of 4 people.

This area is called Space 1, with a cluster of 6 caravans.

I like this cute caravan called Schwalbennest.

Schwalbennest (blister / swallow nest)

This is the only West German model among our caravans. The Schwalbennest was produced in the 60’s and fits perfectly in our Hüttenpalast. The inside kitchen was removed for the benefit of a broad double bed (1,40m x 1,90m). Instead of the old wall cupboards you will now find an illuminated shelf installation done by designer Mason Juday ( We kept the little suite in its original shape which also can be turned into a small additional bed (0,60m x 1,80m). We cannot imagine how the previous owners spent their holidays with five persons in those caravans but we think with up to three people it is super cozy.

Inside is a bit more spacious and good for two love birds.

The restrooms are common in Space 1. This is how the women’s restroom looks…

…versus the men’s restroom with separate toilet and bath areas.

Check out this cabin, which redefines your idea of Bed & Breakfast in the city.

Berg- und Talhütte (mountain and valley hut)

Together with the young team of Wohnfühlzeit who are specialized in planning and creating living and working spaces in an organic way, we built those two cabins . Only natural materials like wood, chalk colors or i.e. hemp for damping were used. They are located side by side in its clear and reduced shape. You will like the noble beds (1,80m x 2,00m) and the healthy indoor climate.

Our first Swiss guest came up with the idea to name the two cabins Berg- and Talhütte although we thought about other national associations like Sauna or Swedish House as well. Now we are happy with collecting more and more alpine decoration and see our little “hut world” grow.

Go for Little Sister if you like the maaliwalas feeling for your caravan nook.

Kleine Schwester (little sister)

The concept for this 70’s caravan “QEK Junior” was developed by designer Yoraco Gonzales. As a contrast to its plastic texture he created a wooden mosaic in the inside. To be able to stand upright we put a nice hat on the top of the caravan where you can not only see stars shining through but also flowers, swimming horses and music notes. The Kleine Schwester stands on a pedestal surrounded by birch trees and will make you feel like you spend a sunny day in springtime.

The bed size is 1,80m x 1,80m

We walked the whole stretch of the back area to Space 2 for more caravans and huts.

This is their latest hut palace called Space 2, featuring cuter caravans with bigger common living areas.



Before moving in our Hüttenpalast Snow White’s big brother enjoyed a performance at the Berlin Festival in 2011. In the Art Village part of the festival this caravan was painted by the famous Berlin based artist called Nomad. Inspired by pictures of his tour in Africa Nomad combined voodoo symbols and pop art elements to create a magical 3D piece of art. Inside the caravan you find a large 1,80m x 1,80m sized double bed and a nice little suite.

Schneewittchen (snow white)

The “Snow White” is the smallest among our caravans. In the DDR named “Weferlinger Heimstolz” even a Trabant car could handle this caravan made of ply wood. We were lucky to get it first hand from the owners who took care of their Heimstolz since the 60s. When looking at this little one we always felt like giants in a fairytale so we named it “Snow White”. The bed is just 1,90m x 1,10m so we recommend it for single use unless you and your partner are very good in cuddling…



In the 60s the “modern lines” of this DDR model were the feature in every advertisement. We immediately thought of space ships and “Star track” when we first saw this caravan and could not help but give it an aluminum look. Also, we liked the “functional and tasty furniture” a lot and therefore we did not change very much of the interior. A special light installation presents traveler’s articles from the past decades in the place where the kitchen used to be. The new noble bed (1,75m x 1,90m) accommodates up to two persons.


Dübener Ei

Named “Würdig 301” this caravan was produced already in the 1930’s. Because of its unique shape it became a classic in DDR times and has always been on top of our list. Its uncommonness made it way too expensive to buy so we comforted ourselves in the first place by naming one of our breakfast “Dübener Ei” (egg) before we found one for real. “The Egg” was lifted up and now overlooks all other caravans. Go up the stairs and you will love the wooden veneer on the outside and the classy wallpapers inside! The bed size is 1,65m x 1,95m for single or double use.



The 1950’s “Eriba Puck” experienced the biggest transformation. By the time we received this caravan there was hardly anything left but its outer shell of aluminum and a very rotten frame for the setting. In cooperation with designer Sebastian Feucht the “Puck” not only got back its tasty original 50’s look at the outside. Also, in the inside it will surprise you with a new look and an innovative recycling design. Like in every caravan we abstained from rebuilding the kitchen part in favor of creating more space. The bed size is 1,50m x 1,80m, by adding a footstool it can be extended up to 2,00m.

the Turtle

“The Turtle” is an architecture project of the artist Luis Berrios Negron. This mobile object has been to several exhibitions like “The Future Archive” in the NBK. Like a real turtle in nature it carries its house on its back. The Spanish designer and architect Miguel Prados created the wonderful room which is floating above the turtle. You will sleep like in a tree house in a bright room made out of clear wood. The double bed above is 1,80m x 2,00m, also we can put an additional extra bed (0,90m x 2,00m) on the ground.

Space 2’s spacious common lounge area with a nice view outside.

It was such a pleasure to meet Silke Lorenzen, who together with Sarah, conceptualized and pioneered this hut caravan-palace in Berlin.

This area is their next project for transformation into a beautiful garden and home for this old caravan.

After the tour, we had a nice, healthy lunch at their garden restaurant.

Hüttenschmaus Menu: Vegetarian 3-course-Menu | Welcome Message | Breakfast | Breakfast 2 | All Time Favorites | Summer Palace | Coffee & Co | Tea | Cold Drinks | Cocktails, Sours, Hotties | Brandies & Liquor

They serve healthy but yummy vegetarian dishes with a good selection of drinks.

Wulle (€2.60 – Flasche 0.33l) 

Brewed from the private brewery Dinkelacker-Schwaben Bräu with care and according to the traditional recipe: Smudge full beer Schörkellos bright and honest, full of character and typical as then was Smudge has always been a classic – and it is still today. (source:

Bio-Radler (€ 3.10 – Flasche 0.50l) beer mixed with lemonade.

The Radler is quite interesting and tastes like San Mig Beer Lemon. It’s like beer with a refreshing lemon aftertaste.

Nikolai, one of the founders of, is still very young. He loves to travel and in fact, has been to the Philippines. He shares his startup story and struggle with the site, and hopes to make his Supper Clubbing site a big hit internationally.

VEGAN – WOW – Burger (€ 5.90). Vegan wheat gluten burger with homemade barbecue sauce and soy mayonnaise, onion confit, tomatoes, Spreewalk gherkins and salad.

The vegan burger isn’t bad. Love the fresh vegetables and homemade sauce.

Risotto Meraviglioso (€ 6.50). delicious Arborio rice with seasonal ingredients.

This beetroot risotto looks interestingly pink.

Polenta Mediterranean Quiche (€ 2.50). tomatoes, olives, fresh grilled vegetables, Parmesan with a side salad.

The quiche offers good value for your money.

The desserts, especially the cakes, are just OK. We have better and yummier desserts in Manila.

It doesn’t look very appetizing and is a bit heavy to eat.

Good luck to Nikolai and Will be sure to support it here in Manila. 🙂 


Be sure to check out Hüttenpalast if you’re looking for an affordable but unique place to stay and where you can also learn the local Berlin hipster culture.  

Hobrechtstraße 66 12047 Berlin
Telephone: +49 (030) 3730 5806

Operating Hours:
Monday till Friday  9.00 am till 6.00 pm
Saturday and Sunday  10.00am till 4.00 pm

Note: Check-In until 6pm. Late-check-in can be arranged but please note it is NOT possible to check-in the caravans and cabins after 10pm. 

AWESOME BERLIN – The Best Kept Secret City of Europe Series:

Live an Awesome Life,


Disclosure: Our Berlin Trip was courtesy of the Foreign Ministry as part of the Blogger Visitors Program of the Federal Republic of Germany. I wrote this article with my own biases, opinions, and insights. Read Our Awesome Planet Complete Disclosure Policy here.  

P.S. Awesome caravan-hut concept! I’ll be sure to stay here on my next trip back to Berlin.

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