BERLIN: An Awesome Underground Supper Clubbing Experience in Berlin! @SupperClubbing

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Supper Clubbing is a private dining activity aimed at introducing new people to each other and experiencing different cultures and food in the comfort of other people’s homes. It started as an underground restaurant tradition in Cuba and later expanded to the US and Europe as a social dining experience.

In Manila, we have our own supper clubs but in various forms–organized private dining, guerilla dinners, and food trips. Take note, it’s Supper Clubs (with a double ‘P’) and not Super Club, which refers to the Night Clubbing experience.

In Berlin, you can join a supper club via to learn more about the food, culture, and the hospitality of Berliners.

Here’s our Berlin Supper Club experience with Johannes…

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Dinner in Berlin is quite late, at around 8pm during summer, when the sun sets at a later time.

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I was personally excited to meet and eat with our host to get a glimpse of life in Berlin.

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Most homes in Berlin do not have airconditioning because it’s cold for a huge part of the year, so it doesn’t justify investing in one for just 2-3 months of summer weather.

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The condo was laid out with the dining, kitchen, and living areas in one big spacious room.

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Johannes had just come from a vacation in Greece, so naturally, our dinner was healthy and Greek-inspired. 

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I loved the hummus, and cheese that started off our supper clubbing experience. 🙂  It was interesting to taste teh rice-filled wine leaves which is a mediterranean specialty.

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The highlight of the living room is his personal library of various books, magazines, and manuals.

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He also has a nice green garden view outside his apartment.

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Johannes is a successful real estate professional by day and lives the good life in Berlin. He is our source for tips on what’s good and what’s new in Berlin. 

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He his known in the Berlin Supper Clubbing scene for his awesome wine collection…

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…which he generously serves during the dinner, depending on your preference.

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I was impressed by the fact that Johannes wasn’t just our host but also our cook and the one who cleaned up after we were done. There was no katulong whatsoever…galing!

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He prepared chickpea salad with tomatoes…

Supper Clubbing Berlin-46.jpg
… yogurt with mint and lime juice and Hallumi grilled cheese.

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The ASEAN bloggers delegation at our Berlin Supper Club experience.

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The kitchen was an organized mess, which helped build that authentic Berlin ambiance.

Supper Clubbing Berlin-38.jpg
Meats and cookbook at the ready.

Supper Clubbing Berlin-56.jpg
Our host cooked our main course in between conversations.

Supper Clubbing Berlin-49.jpg
Johannes opens up another bottle of wine for our main course.  

Supper Clubbing Berlin-55.jpg
I always love Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc, which is an easy wine to enjoy and pair with food. 

Supper Clubbing Berlin-58.jpg
The soup is personally plated by our host. We just helped out in serving the soup bowls.

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During my trip to Berlin, I discovered that Camille Co, one of the top fashion bloggers in Manila, is also a foodie and loves to eat anything. So there’s no truth to the rumor that fashion bloggers don’t eat! 🙂

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The main course is served– Feta cheese sticks (boerek) … 

Supper Clubbing Berlin-62.jpg
…with grilled chicken suvlaki…

Supper Clubbing Berlin-64.jpg
… beef suvlaki …

Supper Clubbing Berlin-73.jpg
…and gyros – grilled beef with onions. 

Supper Clubbing Berlin-74.jpg
Of course, a Greek meal wouldn’t be complete without a shot of Ouzo!

Supper Clubbing Berlin-51.jpg
What an awesome way to learn more about the lifestyle, culture, and food in Berlin and experience genuine Berliner hospitality! 

Thank you to Johannes Bruns for this amazing Berlin Supper Clubbing experience! 

Contact Johannes via Facebook for an authentic Berliner Supper Clubbing Experience at his home in Berlin. He usually charges only for the material costs of €20.

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Disclosure: Our Berlin Trip was courtesy of the Foreign Ministry as part of the Blogger Visitors Program of the Federal Republic of Germany. I wrote this article with my own biases, opinions, and insights. Read Our Awesome Planet Complete Disclosure Policy here.  

P.S. Planning to organize a supper club experience in Manila soon. Watch out for that!

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