ERI CURRY: Customize-Your-Own Curry by Chef Erica @Eri_Curry @SMMegaMall

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ERI CURRY is a local Japanese curry brand concept by Chef Erica, a Filipina Chef who grew up in Japan and is very passionate about Japanese food. Its name means Goddess of Curry, and is also unofficially inspired by the name of the chef.

The Japanese Curry craze is still not taking off in Manila because of its strong curry flavor that Filipinos aren’t familiar with. Eri Curry aims to address this by having a sweeter, more Filipinized curry flavor, a Customize-Your-Own Curry option, and a Chef/Model to promote the brand. 

Here’s our Eri Curry experience…

3rd Floor, SM Megamall Atrium, Mandaluyong City
Operating Hours: 10.00am to 10.00pm
Mobile: +63 927 554-6194
Telephone: +632 531-5033
FacebookEri Curry

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Eri Curry is located at the 3F of the Mega Mall Atrium, beside Triple O’s

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ERI CURRY MENU: About Eri Curry | Step 1: Choose Your Curry Plate | Step 2: Choose your Rice Quantity, Customize Your Curry | Omelette Curry | Starters & Drinks

The menu is centered on the Customize-Your-Own-Curry Plate, with maki and side dishes. 

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You can try the California Maki to start off, but I don’t like the other fried maki options.

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Katsu Omelette Curry (P350 +5% service charge).

The Omelette Curry is not part of the DIY Curry Plate so you can order it a la carte. The Katsu is served with omelette and a sweet curry, with cheese already mixed into it.

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Katsu Curry (P320) + Regular Rice 300g + Just Right (Spicy) + Vegetables (P50) +5% service charge.

First step is to order your curry like Katsu Curry

Second step is to choose how much rice you want. The curry plate comes with the regular 300g rice, but if you want the small 200g rice, the price is reduced by P21.75. You can also upsize to the large 400g for an additional P21.75.

Third, you choose the spiciness of your curry, with “Just Right” as the default. For spicy lovers, go for “Spicy” or their ultimate level–“Fiery”.

Finally, you have the option to add additional toppings like vegetables to make it a complete meal.

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I actually like the curry sauce–a bit sweet and something our boys would enjoy. 

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Fried Shrimp Curry (P285) – Small 200g (P21.75) + Just Right (Spicy) + Mushroom (P83) + 5% service charge.

Consider adding tempura and some mushrooms to your curry.

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The best way to eat this is to mix the curry and the other ingredients into the rice.

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Thin Sliced Beef Curry (P290) + Large 400g (P21.75) + Just Right (Spicy) + Asparagus & Cherry Tomato (P174) + 5% service charge.

The beef is good if you don’t like the fried options, or if you simply just like to have a sweet beef curry with vegetables.

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Congratulations to Chef Erica and partners who are connected with Sugi, for a successful opening.

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Eri Curry makes Japanese curry more palatable to the Filipino’s taste. The serving size is big enough for two people to share, which is sulit for a budget of P500

Chef Erica is making a buzz in the food blogging circles because of her beauty and curry (sauce). 

I recommend getting your Katsu curry plate with 200g rice, more spice, additional vegetables, mushroom or asparagus and tomato for a complete meal. If you don’t want the effort of customizing your own curry plate, go for the Katsu Omelette Curry

The presentation of the curry plates needs improvement. And I do hope they focus more on non-fried maki and side dishes

Go here if you are in a mood for sweet Japanese Curry. I won’t go here for the katsu because it tends to be oily. Let me know of your thoughts on Eri Curry in the comments.

3rd Floor, SM Megamall Atrium, Mandaluyong City
Operating Hours: 10.00am to 10.00pm
Mobile: +63 927 554-6194
Telephone: +632 531-5033
Facebook: Eri Curry
Twitter: @Eri_Curry


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