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LINGUINI FINI by Chef Vinny is an Italian-American Restaurant based in Hong Kong but with a New York attitude. They specialize in fine pasta, which they make from scratch, and are advocates of Nose to Tail cooking and the Farm to Fork philosophy. 

Thanks to the Moment Group, this Italian bistro is now in Manila! 🙂

We recently tried Linguini Fini with our blogger friends and here’s our experience… 

Level 3, SM Mega Fashion Hall,
Edsa cor. Julia Vargas Ave., Ortigas, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila
Operating Hours: 10.00am – 10.00pm
Telephone: +632 531-3302
FacebookLinguini Fini Manila

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Linguini Fini’s flagship Manila branch is located beside Osaka Ohsho in SM MegaMall Fashion Hall. 

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I love the Deejae Paeste graffiti murals featuring the cultural icons of the Philippines–the Carabao, the Jeepney, Jose Rizal… 

Linguini Fini by Chef Vinny Lauria-5.jpg
…the Sarimanok, and Manny Pacquiao!

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It’s always fun to try a new resto for the first time with other foodie bloggers and writer friends and compare notes.

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LINGUINI FINI MENU: Our Daily Routine | Antipasti, Insalata | Straccetti di Manzo | Pasta | On top of Spaghetti | Arthur Ave. Linguini & Clams | Pizzeria | Manila Caprese | Secondi, Contorni | Porchetta | Virgins & Beer | Dolce & Digestivo 

The menu is well-curated, with Fresh Pasta and Porchetta as its signature items. You can also order antipasti and pizza if you’re craving for more.

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All the ingredients are prepared from scratch. Nothing beats the yumminess of freshly made dishes.

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Manila now has a good selection of places that offer fresh pasta. I don’t think I would ever go back to Italian restos that use dry pasta.

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✮ Papardelle “Nose to Tail Bolo” (P430 +10% service charge). Pork testa, veal & oxtail ragu, Parmigiano Reggiano.

The Pappardelle pasta was so soft (not al dente). With ragu of Pork Face, Veal Loin, and Ox Tail, this is the epitome the Nose to Tail philosophy of the resto. You must order this! 🙂

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Straccetti di Manzo (P495 +10% service charge). Seared rare beef slices, artichokes, gorgonzola, arugula, anchovy aioli.

For your appetizer, you can order this dish of beef rare cuts cooked medium rare, with chunks of artichokes and gorgonzola cheese, over a bed of arugula. Add the salty-garlicky sauce to spice up the flavor.

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PORCHETTA SLICED (P595 +10% service charge). Slow roasted, fennel rubbed pork belly, served sliced with caramelized onion marmalata.

Their signature porchetta can be ordered sliced. You can really see the generous amount of fennel used in the rub, the pork skin is very crispy.

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✮ PORCHETTA CHOPPED (P595 +10% service charge). Slow roasted, fennel rubbed pork belly, chopped with chili mostarda, fennel, focaccia.

You can also order the porchetta chopped. We all agreed that the chopped version is the best, with sweet fennel on a bread of focaccia. Their signature chili mustard sauce is perfect for refreshing your palate in between bites. 🙂 

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Longganisa & Scamorza (P755 +10% service charge). Chili leaves, garlic oil

The pizza is served on a thin but crunchy dough with generous toppings of longganisa, chili leaves, and scamorza. It was OK.

Linguini Fini by Chef Vinny Lauria-38.jpg

Overall, LINGUINI FINI is like a mashup of Va Bene Pasta & Porketa Man in an Italianni’s Bistro, but with a more youthfulfun vibe

You must try the Pappardelle “Nose to Tail Bolo” and Porchetta Chopped versionwith the Chili Mostarda. The serving sizes are big enough for sharing in a family, but you may want to add antipasti and the Longganisa & Scamorza pizza to complete your meal. Budget about P500/head.

Congrats to Chef Vinny for the successful launch of Linguini Fini in Manila! And great job to Deejae Paeste for the awesome murals of the cultural icons of the Philippines. 🙂 

Let me know what your recommendations at Linguini Fini are in the comments section. 

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Disclosure: Our meal was courtesy of SM Mega Mall for the Mega Food Tour 2.0 campaign. I wrote this article with my own biases, opinions, and insights. Read Our Awesome Planet Complete Disclosure Policy here.  

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