SUNDAY IN BERLIN: My First Impressions of Germany @VisitBerlin

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I arrived in Berlin on a Sunday and this started my love affair with the Best Kept Secret City in Europe.  

I’m kicking off my Awesome Berlin Series with my experience:

  • Exploring Alexanderplatz Marketplace,
  • Getting lost in U-Bhan (underground train),
  • Attending a Catholic Filipino Sunday Mass in Bayernallee, and
  • Experiencing the Hipster Flea Market at Mauerpark every Sunday.

Here’s a photo essay of my Sunday first impression of Germany


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ALEXANDERPLATZ, also simply known as ALEX, is the transit hub and shopping center in Berlin located in the Mitte District in former East Germany.

The square (platz) was named in honor of Alexander I, Tsar of Russia, on his visit to Berlin in 1805. This was also the location of the biggest demonstration–about one million people–against the GDR regime, before the fall of the Berlin Wall. (source:

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I love the Berlin culture of focusing on Quality of Life–that’s why the establishments close early at night (around 7-8pm) and aren’t open on Sundays.

Everyone just relaxes, goes out on a bike, or hangs out in the park or square. 

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You can hang out in Alexanderplatz to watch a street comedy show for free. Sundays in Berlin-6.jpg
The World Time Clock built in 1969 is a popular meeting place in the square.

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At the back is the iconic Fernsehturm (Berlin TV Tower) or Alex Tower, which is one of the prominent symbols of Berlin. Check out the cool trisikad.

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Don’t miss the opportunity to eat their iconic street food and a Berlin invention, the Currywurst (€3).

Sundays in Berlin-17.jpg
Grilled pork German sausage topped with ketchup and curry powder.

Sundays in Berlin-21.jpg
Check out these interactive challenges…

Sundays in Berlin-28.jpg
…and the Street Theater. 

Sundays in Berlin-31.jpg
Another popular meeting place is the Brunnen der Völkerfreundschaft (Fountain of Friendship amongst Peoples) near Galeria Mall (where you can get the best Rimowa deals in town).

TAZ Die Tageszeitung-1.jpg
Some people prefer to shop at Primark for the best value fashion shopping in Berlin.

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Water Ball activities for the kids.

Sundays in Berlin-35.jpg
Playing with bubbles. 

Sundays in Berlin-42.jpg
Another popular attraction for the kids are the trampolines…

Sundays in Berlin-48.jpg
…while the adults bungee jump from the top of Park Inn.

Sundays in Berlin-55.jpg
Even if you don’t understand German, actions speak louder than words in this comedy show.

Sundays in Berlin-51.jpg
Freshly squeezed orange juice–available everywhere in Berlin!



TAZ Die Tageszeitung-2.jpg
U-Bhan stands for Underground Train, and I got lost the first time I tried it.

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There are no ticket booths. It operates on an honesty system with random checking. The Germans figured out that the most efficient way to operate a train system is to eliminate the gates. 



(click for a bigger version)

First, you need to know which line you need to take. I’m taking the U2 red line from Alexander Platz (A section) to get to the Neu-Westend (B-section).

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I selected a single ticket for the A-B section, which costs €2.40 one way.

(TIP: It’s best to get a multi-day ticket during your trip to save on cost. You can also use it for the buses.)

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You have to validate your ticket before you can use it for the first time.

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The train arrives on time and the last station is usually indicated. Take the Ruhleben U2 line to get to Neu-West End.

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The Filipino Mass is every Sunday at 3pm, so make sure you allot 30 minutes for travel time from Alexanderplatz.

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Most places in Berlin are not airconditioned since summer is too short and they experience longer winters. 

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The Neu-Westend area is one of the posh, rich neighborhoods in Berlin.



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It’s a few minutes walk to the Church of the Holy Ghost along Bayernallee 28.

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The praying of the rosary, novena, and stations of the cross start at 3.00pm and the celebration of the Holy Mass is at 3.30pm for the Philippine Community in Berlin.

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There’s a little salo-salo after the mass. It’s a great venue to get to know your kababayans in Berlin.

For more info, visit



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Follow the people walking or riding bikes towards Mauerpark in the Prenzlauer Berg district.

(Tip: Don’t walk on the designated bike lane.)

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Mauerpark transforms into one of Berlin’s best-loved flea markets, located along Bernauer Strasse every Sunday.

Sundays in Berlin-98.jpg
You can go and have your own picnic here.

Sundays in Berlin-102.jpg
Go to Mauersegler Beirgarten…  

Sundays in Berlin-104.jpg
…for some beer and drinks…

Sundays in Berlin-105.jpg
…and cool music in an al fresco setting.

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You can also get some cool toys, second-hand stuff, and Berlin artwork.

Sundays in Berlin-112.jpg
Have some Dünnes Pizzabrot (thin pizza bread)…

Sundays in Berlin-115.jpg
…in a chillax beach setting.

Sundays in Berlin-118.jpg
Check out these old iron stuff and other “junk”.

Sundays in Berlin-121.jpg
A military-themed shop.

Sundays in Berlin-122.jpg
Vinyl records for sale.

Sundays in Berlin-125.jpg
Berlin Design Art.

Sundays in Berlin-128.jpg
Dreamcatchers and other hip accessories.

Sundays in Berlin-131.jpg
Vintage (?) bags.

Sundays in Berlin-134.jpg
Beers €2.50 and Hipster Drinks €2.00.

Sundays in Berlin-137.jpg
Hell yeah!

Sundays in Berlin-138.jpg
Mauerpark basketball.

Sundays in Berlin-142.jpg
There’s karaoke at Mauerpark every Sunday afternoon in the Amphitheater (just missed it).

Sundays in Berlin-145.jpg
As you go up Mauer Hill, you get to see a view of the park and the flea market.

Sundays in Berlin-155.jpg

Sundays in Berlin-153.jpg
A 30m piece of the Berlin Wall monument in Mauerpark with cool graffiti art.

Sundays in Berlin-154.jpg
Friedrich Ludwig Jahn Sportpark Stadium beside Mauerpark.

Sundays in Berlin-146.jpg
Mauerpark Swing.

Sundays in Berlin-159.jpg
Watch the solo dance performances…

Sundays in Berlin-166.jpg
…and the reggae and techno bands.

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Bernauer Strasse 63-64
13355 Berlin-Mitte
Phone: 0176 29 25 00 21

For more info visit:


AWESOME BERLIN – The Best Kept Secret City of Europe Series:



Live an Awesome Life,


Disclosure: Our Berlin Trip was courtesy of the Foreign Ministry as part of the Blogger Visitors Program of the Federal Republic of Germany. I wrote this article with my own biases, opinions, and insights. Read Our Awesome Planet Complete Disclosure Policy here.  

P.S. Meet the Southeast Asian Bloggers delegation and our guide, Matthias, from Goethe Institut during our Berlin adventure.

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  1. i always wondered what the real berlin and berliners looked like, but never had the chance to go,
    thanks for this blog, my curiosity has been satisfied.
    it seems that people all over the world are basically the same, and that berliners are very similar to the people in manila, who just want to live their lives in peace.

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