My BASKIN-ROBBINS Ice Cream Cake Experience :) @BaskinRobbinsPH #31happiest

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I’m always hesitant to buy an ice cream cake, because I think about how it would melt easily and how messy it is to handle.

Recently, I got a Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream Cake–which we brought to the welcome home party of my favorite sister-in-law–and BR addressed my concerns by packaging the cake well.

Here are some tips when you decide to buy a Baskin Robbin Ice Cream Cake for your next celebration…

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BASKIN ROBBINS is America’s Favorite Neighborhood Ice Cream Shop, founded by brothers-in-law Burt Baskin and Irv Robbins in 1945. The brand was last seen in Manila more than a decade ago but has now made a comeback. The timing couldn’t be more right because Manileños have been craving for better ice creams. 🙂

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Did you know that more than 13 million ice cream cakes were sold in Baskin-Robbins shops worldwide in 2013?  

Choose your size first, based on the estimated amount of people eating and on your budget.

Choose your flavor for the cake. We recommend the chocolate. You can have 2 flavors of ice cream in your cake, depending on the size.

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Choose your design depending on the occasion and who you plan to give it to.

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BR can pack the ice cream with dry ice underneath the ice cream so that it can last for 1 hour in transit. Also, the box has a nice see through design so that the recipient can appreciate it better.

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We got the Dad’s Shirt Cake (Full Sheet) and it was more than enough for 12 people.

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It was a bit hard to slice it at first. BR uses an imported US gel paste for decorating the cakes.

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The ice cream portion is bigger than the cake base.

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The chocolate cake is very dense, and a bit dry because it’s frozen.

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The ice cream melts easily as you slice into it, so I recommend putting a container for the melted cream.

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We had two flavors of ice cream–Green Tea and Cookies n’ Cream. 🙂 Make sure to order one flavor for the kids, and one flavor the adults would love. 

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Disclosure: Our ice cream cake was courtesy of our friend, Nameeta, who is connected with the owners of the Baskin-Robbins franchise in Manila. I wrote this article with my own biases, opinions, and insights. Read Our Awesome Planet Complete Disclosure Policy here.   

P.S. Baskin-Robbins will be giving away “31 Cakes in 31 Days” in various countries around the world. Guests are invited to share their “Happiest Picture” with a BR product on Baskin-Robbins Philippines social media sites for the chance to win a free cake. The brand will give away one cake each day to selected winners in each participating country throughout the month of October.

To join the contest, participants must post a photo of themselves with any Baskin-Robbins product on the Baskin-Robbins Philippines Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram sites from September 15 until October 31. All Facebook entries must tag the brand’s Philippine page; Twitter and Instagram entries must use the hashtag #31happiest

P.P.S. Here are some of the ice cream cake designs I like. They also accept customized cakes designs based on your request.

Be Mine Mini Valentines Cake
For your special someone–Be Mine Mini Valentine’s Cake.

This image from BSK photo shoot of Q3 2013 imgaes.  It has been retouched for the International POP standards. Shoot date: March 18th - 22nd, 2013, photographed by Michael Indresano Photography Inc.,  33 A St., Boston, MA 02127, 617-269-2400.  www.indresa
For the kids–Cake Clown Cone Cake and Cupcake.

Caramelectric Cake


For Caramel lovers–Baskin-Robbins Caramelectric Cake.

This image from BSK photo shoot of Q2 2013 imgaes.  It has been retouched for the International POP standards. Shoot date: December 13th - 16th, 2012, photographed by Michael Indresano Photography Inc.,  33 A St., Boston, MA 02127, 617-269-2400.  www.indr
For Chocolate lovers–Fudge Nut Round.

This image from BSK photo shoot of Q2 2011 imgaes.  Shoot date: January 3rd, 2011, photographed by Michael Indresano Photography Inc.,  33 A St., Boston, MA 02127, 617-269-2400. <> ,  RAZOR job #: 35802. License
For the girls–Delectable Designed Bag Cake.

Image from ice cream cake & ice cream photo shoot. Shoot date: 7-26-10. Photographed by James Hishi Photography, 536 Tufts Ave, Burbank, CA, 818-515-7113. RAZOR job #34163. Licensed to BSK client, usage is unlimited.
For Halloween–Haunted House Cake.

Soccer Cake
For the Soccer enthusiast–Soccer Cake.

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