BERLIN: White Trash Fast Food – “Exotic food just like Mama used to make!”

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What can you expect from a restaurant named “White Trash Fast Food“? While the place sounds very touristy and kitschy, their marketing is irresistible. I first saw the cool ad for WTFF when I landed at Berlin airport and I was immediately interested to check it out.

Our guide, Matthias, highly recommended it as a first timer’s taste of the night life in Kreuzberg. Here’s our White Trash Fast Food experience in Berlin…

AWESOME BERLIN – The Best Kept Secret City of Europe Series:

Berlin is famous for its vibrant 48hour+ easy jetting night party scene. We never had a chance to experience this night life, but White Trash Fast Food was the closest we could get to doing so during our trip.

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White Trash Fast Food is located on Am Flutgraben, along the banks of the Flood Control Channel in Berlin.

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You enter what looks like a van that seems to transport you to the White Trash Fast Food world.

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You have to walk through a mini-garden and an outdoor patio leading to the main building.

White Trash Berlin-20.jpg
The ambiance is like that of a huge warehouse, converted into a tavern restaurant and performance hall. 

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White Trash Fast Food Menu: Starters | From the God of Hellfire Grill, White Trash Burger, Specialty Sandwiches | Salads, Wedge, Sides | Drinks | Wine List (front) | Wine List (back)

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We started with a 2012 Riesling from Weingut Robert Weil – Rheingau (€29).

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König Ludwig (Satanic ) Hell (0.5L – €3.50, 1.0L – €7.00, 1.5L pitcher – €10.00). This Legendary Biergarten Brew is Now our “Sauf” Standard! More Class for the Drinking Class!

Refreshingly good!

White Trash Berlin-55.jpg
What the F?

White Trash Berlin-50.jpg
Prost to a great ending to our awesome tour of Berlin!

White Trash Berlin-56.jpg
We got a serving of nachos and salsa while we waited for our food.

White Trash Berlin-62.jpg
A band entertains with wild and very loud music. 

White Trash Berlin-84.jpg
The food reminds me of Friday’s comfort foods.

White Trash Berlin-75.jpg
✮ JAMAICAN JERK CHICKEN DINNER (Hot & Spicy – €12.50). 23 Herbs & Spices, Fresh Ginger, Habenaros… Marinated With The Love Only a Big-Assed Jamaican Mama Could Give… We Tried Yam But The Trash Jerk is The Shit! Served with Texas Smokey Beans (with Bacon/Brisket/Chicken), Yellow Garlic Rice, and Our Sexy Coleslaw.

I enjoyed this Jamaican-inspired chicken with a juicy inside. You can really taste the combination of the different herbs & spices.

White Trash Berlin-77.jpg
ENTRECOTE STEAK U.S. (250g – €21.50, 350g – €24.50). Served with Fries & a Side Salad

The steak was just OK. It was cooked medium-well to well-done.

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BBQ RIBS (KALB) (Anfanger – €9.50, Big – €14.50, Mamma – €20.00). Veal, Served with Fries. Marinated, gyrated and 6 hours in the BBQ pit…The best ribs you will ever have!

The ribs weren’t bad, and the meat was very tender and well-marinated.

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I was expecting the worst fast food experience, but the food turned out to be quite good for a big commercialized joint like this.

White Trash Berlin-87.jpg
You can play with the old school pinball machine while you wait for your dessert.

White Trash Berlin-92.jpg
WTFF Cheesecake O’ The Day (Fresh Fruit) – (€6.00).

Best to skip dessert because there’s nothing exciting about the selections.

White Trash Berlin-95.jpg
End your meal with a digestive shot. 🙂
 White Trash Berlin-11.jpg

Overall, I love the kitschy warehouse vibe and the edgy marketing of White Trash Fast Food. The entire concept is a bit vulgar, dark, and loud. 

The American comfort food isn’t bad at all. I recommend the Jamaican Jerk Chicken Dinner and the BBQ Ribs (KALB) paired with the Draft German beers. Skip the desserts as they’re not worth the extra calories.

Thanks to Matthias for the White Trash Fast Food Friday night recommendation!

White Trash Fast Food
Am Flutgraben 2, 12435 Berlin
Telephone: +49 030 5034-8668
Online Reservation via Open Table 
Operating Hours : Monday to Sunday from 12.00 noon

AWESOME BERLIN – The Best Kept Secret City of Europe Series:

 Live an Awesome Life,


Disclosure: Our Berlin Trip was courtesy of the Foreign Ministry as part of the Blogger Visitors Program of the Federal Republic of Germany. I wrote this article with my own biases, opinions, and insights. Read Our Awesome Planet Complete Disclosure Policy here.  

P.S. After dinner, we walked around the area to check out the beach/swimming pool setup on the lake.

White Trash Berlin-97.jpg

White Trash Berlin-99.jpg
We visited the Glashaus Badeschiff. 

White Trash Berlin-100.jpg
We were just in time for the Berlin Beach Festival.

White Trash Berlin-101.jpg
You can hang out at the man-made beach setup…

…or by the area overlooking the river… 

…or in the pool.

There were also a lot of cruise party boats in the river.

We’ll be back to experience the party scene in Berlin one of these days. 🙂

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