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Markthalle Neun (Market Hall 9) is a popular street food and weekend market in Berlin, located at the gentrified Kreuzberg railway market hall–built on October 1, 1891.  

Street Food Market Thursdays is a must-see for all foodies visiting Berlin if they want to get a taste of the emerging culinary landscape in the capital. Here’s a photo essay of our Markthalle Neun experience… 

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Take the Berlin U-Bahn U1 Line to Schlesisches Tor station in Kreuzberg.

Markthalle Neun
It’s best to take a 10-minute walk to prepare your appetite.

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You walk down the Kreuzberg area along Köpenicker Straße.

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Turn left and continue to walk down the cobbled streets of Zeughofstraße.

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Turn right to Wrangelstraße and follow the crowd and the bikes going to the market.

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Finally, turn left into Eisenbahnstraße and you should see Markthalle Neun market on your right.

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Best to go just when the market opens at 5pm on Thursdays.

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The Markthalle IX is a historical monument built in 1891 and one of the three last surviving halls out of the fourteen market halls in Berlin.

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There’s a Kantine & Cafe that operates from Monday to Saturday, from 12.00nn to 4.00pm. 

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There’s also a supermarket and a discount store in the premises. 

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You can check out what’s happening in the community and in the market. 

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It’s family friendly and you can bring your kids to play with the wooden toys in the playground.

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The food is international, with tapas from Spain, German food from around the country, and even authentic Asian food. 

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To start off, get a glass of Heiden Peters craft beer brewed in small batches in the basement of the market. 

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There are three variants: Thirsty Lady (4.9% alcohol), Pale Ale (5.3%), Holy Holunder Ale (5.4%) at 0.31l – €2.50.

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My favorite was the Pale Ale. They serve it in a glass that you can return to get €1 back, or keep as a souvenir.

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Camille enjoyed her first craft beer experience in Berlin. 🙂 

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For appetizers, get a taste of what fresh, authentic Spätzle tastes like in the Spätzle food truck.

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Original Allgäuer Kässpatzen (€5).

It’s handmade soft egg noodle pasta in unconventional shapes, with organic cheese, topped with fried onions, fresh black pepper, and chives.

It’s a better version of mac & cheese because the pasta is pillowy soft and has a bigger surface area to absorb the creamy cheese. The fried onions and chives balance the flavor so that your palate is ready for the next bite.

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Backschwein-Tenne Gömnigk by Bernd Schulz specializes in German Baked Pork Pig, which is similar to our Lechon except this one is baked.

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The organic free-range pig is tender and tasty from the pig’s juice and German seasoning. You eat it with sauerkraut with potato and carrots. 

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You can also start with the German wine and cheese selections.

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Try the German Rose and Riesling Wines (€3). 

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There’s also a good selection of different cheeses available in the region.

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You can also try this Mozzarella di Bufala from Paestum in Caprese (€5) or Panino (€4) version.

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There’s also a stall specializing in Venison meat.

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Another interesting find is the smoked salmon called Kreuzberg Lox. 

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The Paella Pulpo is good and you have to order it immediately, while supplies last. It’s the closest thing to a rice dish.

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Check out Authentic Taiwanese Gua Bao from Bao Kitchen…

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…or the Kimchi Ramen Burger if you are looking for Asian flavors.

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Best to order a little bit of each in small plates and share with your friends.

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I love the awesome bar on site. You can order the classics or try their new concoctions.

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Ordered a really good Manhattan (€7) made of Rye/Bourbon Whiskey, Vermouth Rot, with Angostura bitters. 

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They serve the handcrafted cocktails in a glass, which again, you can return for €1 or bring home as a souvenir.

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The popular stalls already have a long line by 8pm, like this Cider Steak from 65 Stunden Cidre Steak stall.

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Just imagine this 65 Stunden Cidre Steak Recipe:

24 hours in cider marinated beef steak
+ 11 hours ” Sous-vide ” (vacuum) cooked with
+ 30 hours Caramelized onions on homemade potato bread with pickled mustard seed and chives.

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You can also buy the Cider Steak Sandwich for (€5) or with a small bottle of cider (€8).

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Another popular stall is the meat sandwich stall that sells Pulled Pork (€5.50), Pork Belly (€7.00)…

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…and Beef Brisket Sandwich (€6.00).


Markthalle Neun Street Food Market-207.jpg
They topped the meat with lots of cucumber and apple slices.

Markthalle Neun Street Food Market-210.jpgThe meat sandwiches are good with the sauce but the meat itself lacked flavor.  

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For dessert, check out this Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich duo.

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You have four flavors to choose from which sells for (€4) each:

  • Chocolate Chip Cookie with Vanilla Ice Cream,
  • Peanut Butter Cookie Chocoalte Ic Cream,
  • Pistachio White Chocolate with Strawberry Ice Cream, and
  • Almond Cookie with Chocolate Sorbet 

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But the best dessert is from the Gabrielle Jones Artisan Ice Cream Truck! Check out for more info.

Markthalle Neun Street Food Market-148.jpg
Order the freshly baked cookie topped with ice cream.

Markthalle Neun Street Food Market-152.jpg
Gabrielle Jones’ Ice Cream uses egg-free ice creams made from fresh milk & cream, fresh fruits flavors, and chunks of meringue, cookie dough, and brownies. They don’t use any preservatives, no dehydrated powders, no food coloring, and no artificial flavors.

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We ordered the Bacon Cookie topped with Vanilla and Cookie Dough Ice Cream…Sarap! 🙂

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Thank you to our blogger friend, Puerling of Berlin Food Stories, for showing us around the market. 

Follow his foodie adventures on his blog, on Instagram @berlinfoodstories, and on Twitter @berlinfood.

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This is my kind of food trip dinner in Berlin! The market closes at 10pm but most of the best food are sold out by 9pm. Go as early as 5pm to avoid the peak dinner crowd from 7-8pm.

I recommend starting with the Allgäuer Kässpatzen and Heiden Peters Pale Ale.

Go for the 65 Stunden Cidre Steak and Backschwein-Tenne Gömnigk Baked Pork Pig as your main course.

End with Gabrielle Jones’ Bacon Cookie with Ice Cream for dessert. 🙂

Don’t miss the Markthalle Neun Street Food Market Thursdays the next time you’re in Berlin!

Markthalle Neun (Market Hall Nine)
Eisenbahnstrasse 42/43 – Pücklerstrasse 34 10997 Berlin, Germany
FacebookMarkthalle Neun
Operating Hours:
Thurdays: 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm – Street Food Market
Friday and Saturday: 10:00 am – 9:30 pm – Weekend Market
Sunday: 10:00 am – 8:00 pm – Sunday Breakfast Market

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Disclosure: Our Berlin Trip was courtesy of the Foreign Ministry as part of the Blogger Visitors Program of the Federal Republic of Germany. I wrote this article with my own biases, opinions, and insights. Read Our Awesome Planet Complete Disclosure Policy here.  

P.S. Planning to do a cross-collaboration between the Markthalle Neun and the Mercato Centrale market here in Manila, where we’ll do a vendor exchange for a few weekends. Let’s see!

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