NIU Birthday Celebration by Vikings Buffet (First Look) @SMAuraPremier

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Niu Experience by Viking-1.jpg

NIU is a high-end buffet of the Vikings group, located on the topmost floor of SM Aura Premier in Taguig. The name literally means “nine” in the old Norse language and refers to the “Cloud 9” experience the buffet provides. Coincidentally, the buffet also has 9 stations with over 300+ dishes.

Is it a Spiral-killer or just a rebranded Vikings? We tried NIU on its first day of soft opening to celebrate wifey’s birthday.  

NIU by Vikings
6F SM Aura Premier, 26th Street Corner McKinley Parkway, 1630 Taguig
Telephone: +632 478-3888, 847-3888
Mobile: +63 917 586-6888, +63 919 999-6888
FacebookNIU by Vikings: SM Aura

Here’s our first look into the NIU experience… 

Niu Experience by Viking-156.jpg
The stations are arranged on the left side in one long buffet setup. The dining area can accommodate 350 per seating during lunch time, and another during dinner.

Niu Experience by Viking-17.jpg
Executive Chef Anton Abad is the man behind the yummy food selection at Niu. I was pleasantly surprised that my foodie friend Wilson is the F&B Manager, and Hong Kong Chef Lau of IMC Kavino is the man behind the superb Chinese food in the buffet.

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Where is the Best Place to Sit?

Niu Experience by Viking-8.jpg
Sweden is the biggest private room, which can accommodate 45-50 people.

Niu Experience by Viking-3.jpg
Beside it is Norway, which can seat 10-12 people.

Niu Experience by Viking-5.jpg
Denmark, the room beside Norway, can also accommodate 10-12 people and up to 20-24 when combined with Norway.

Niu Experience by Viking-34.jpg
There’s a grand piano performance in the middle of the restaurant during dinner time.

Niu Experience by Viking-138.jpg
The best places to sit are beside the piano, sections 6-7 or 8-9.

Niu Experience by Viking-126.jpg
If you want a cozy private corner, reserve these booth tables at the back end of the restaurant known as section C.



Niu Experience by Viking-10.jpg
You can start with the cold cuts section… 

Niu Experience by Viking-9.jpg
…different kinds of cheese…

Niu Experience by Viking-11.jpg
…and assorted green salads.



Niu Experience by Viking-18.jpg
The Japanese section serves sushi and sashimi…

Niu Experience by Viking-16.jpg
…with different maki rolls.

Niu Experience by Viking-19.jpg
Eat-All-You-Can Tempura is always a hit.

Niu Experience by Viking-160.jpg
Baked oysters



Niu Experience by Viking-134.jpg
I love the fresh juices, specifically the Fresh Tamarind Juice and the Fresh Minty Lemon Lime.

Niu Experience by Viking-31.jpg
I love their house wines too, which are already included in the price of the buffet. They have Jacob’s Creek Cabernet Sauvignon and Riesling. 🙂

Niu Experience by Viking-44.jpg
Double Chilled Draft San Mig Light and Pale Pilsen Below Zero.

They serve beer as well, although it would have been nice to include Draft San Miguel Premium All-Malt, Super Dry, or Cerveza Negra in the selections.



Niu Experience by Viking-50.jpg
Yakitori station with Chicken Bum (isol), Chicken Skin, Chicken Liver, Quail Egg, and Pork Belly.

Niu Experience by Viking-47.jpg
Chicken Pot Pie Chowder Soup. 🙂

Niu Experience by Viking-55.jpg
Beef Rendang.

Niu Experience by Viking-56.jpg
Twice Cooked Chicken Adobo with Salted Egg Salsa.

Niu Experience by Viking-54.jpg
Biryani Rice.



Niu Experience by Viking-62.jpg
The Chinese Station is very good because of Hong Kong Chef Lau of IMC Kavino.

Niu Experience by Viking-61.jpg
One of the best hakaw I’ve tasted in a buffet, packed with generous amounts of shrimp inside the soft skin. 

Niu Experience by Viking-182.jpg
Some people like the steamed or fried kuchay.

Niu Experience by Viking-64.jpg
There’s a decent Shabu Shabu selection.

Niu Experience by Viking-58.jpg
Eat-All-You-Can Steamed Suahe

Niu Experience by Viking-169.jpg
We requested for special yummy Birthday Noodles for the birthday girl. 

Niu Experience by Viking-71.jpg
There are cooked specialty Chinese dishes like the Three Cup Beef Tenderloin Cube (similar to Three Cup Chicken).

Niu Experience by Viking-65.jpg
Steamed Crabs with White Egg and Wine.

Niu Experience by Viking-76.jpg
Soy Chicken, Lechon Macau, and Hongkong Barbecue Pork Asado.



Niu Experience by Viking-84.jpg
Live grill station for preparing Beef Medallion and Pork Belly

Niu Experience by Viking-184.jpg
Lamb Souvlaki, Chicken Tikka Masala, and Pork Barbecue.

Niu Experience by Viking-186.jpg
I like the grilled Salmon Kabayaki.



Niu Experience by Viking-122.jpg
The quality of a buffet is usually based on the yumminess of and variety in The Carving Station.

Niu Experience by Viking-89.jpg
Rib Eye and Rack of Lamb.

Niu Experience by Viking-92.jpg
Make sure to ask for Medium Rare because they tend to overcook the meat most of the time. 

Niu Experience by Viking-177.jpg
You can top your steak with foie gras. The chefs will be more than happy to plate it for you.

Niu Experience by Viking-99.jpg
Salmon Coulibiac (Pie).

Niu Experience by Viking-100.jpg
Roasted Turkey

Niu Experience by Viking-173.jpgNiu’s Belly-chon.



Niu Experience by Viking-105.jpgAll their pizzas are handmade and cooked in a brick oven.

Niu Experience by Viking-170.jpg
Try the Panizzas! :)(Use the cute plastic plates for your kids.)

Niu Experience by Viking-116.jpg
You can customize your own pasta, which is cooked on order

Niu Experience by Viking-180.jpg
I recommend the Risotto made from Arborio rice. Make sure you ask to have it cooked al dente.

Niu Experience by Viking-115.jpg
They have French, Italian, and Spanish dishes.

Niu Experience by Viking-111.jpg
I like the soft and tender Lengua Mechada (although it’s a bit salty).

Niu Experience by Viking-113.jpg
New Zealand Black Mussels steamed in White Wine, Dijon Mustard, and Saffron.

Niu Experience by Viking-114.jpg
Cangreros ala Andalucia.

Niu Experience by Viking-191.jpg
Remember to also ask for the surprise dish of the day, like these Risotto Balls



Niu Experience by Viking-145.jpg
The Dessert Station isn’t that exciting yet.

Niu Experience by Viking-144.jpg
Small White Truffle Cake with Macarons and candle for the birthday celebrant.

(Note: You have to eat the cake onsite; you cannot bring it home.)

Niu Experience by Viking-147.jpg
You can reserve the fruits that you like, like the Mangosteen, before you start the buffet. 

Niu Experience by Viking-190.jpg
The also have freshly cooked Bibingka and Puto Bumbong for your Filipino dessert craving. 

Niu Experience by Viking-194.jpg
You can also have homemade gelato to end your buffet.

Happy Birthday to the Love of My life, @MrsAwesomePlanet!

Niu by Viking-1.jpg

NIU is a lot better than Vikings Buffet in terms of selection, quality of ingredients, presentation of dishes, and service. The ambiance is more pleasant and can compete with hotel buffets

The assortment of dishes is as big as that of the Vikings MOA branch, and the buffet layout is similar to Vikings Marikina‘s.

We love the Hakaw and the Chinese Station, the Meat Carvings, Grilled SalmonBrick-Oven Cooked Pizza, Risotto, and Eat-all-you-can Tempura. Make sure to also get the Tamarind Juice, Fresh Minty Lemon Lime, and Jacob Creek House Wines.

If you’re celebrating a birthday, you can reserve one of the private rooms, request for the birthday noodles, and ask them to prepare the birthday cake with a candle

The dessert station needs improvement, maybe because they’re still in the soft opening phase.

Budget P1,500/head for adults and P400-P700/head for kids.

Is it a Spiral-Killer? Not yet. But it’s a lot better than the mediocre buffets in the different hotels. It should also impact restos with high-end pricing like Todd English. 

Let me know what you think about NIU in the comments.

NIU by Vikings
6F SM Aura Premier, 26th Street Corner McKinley Parkway, 1630 Taguig
Telephone: +632 478-3888, 847-3888
Mobile: +63 917 586-6888, +63 919 999-6888
FacebookNIU by Vikings: SM Aura
Twitter: @VikingsBuffet
Instagram: @NIUbyVikings


Live an Awesome Life,


Disclosure: Our meal was courtesy of our foodie friend Wilson. I wrote this article with my own biases, opinions, and insights. Read Our Awesome Planet Complete Disclosure Policy here.  

P.S. Take the left express elevator that takes you from Basement Parking to the 6th Floor. 

P.P.S. Here are the complete buffet rates for adults and kids.

Niu by Viking-2.jpg

P.P.P.S. Attire is casual. Shorts are OK, but slippers are not allowed.

Niu Experience by Viking-165.jpg

19 thoughts on “NIU Birthday Celebration by Vikings Buffet (First Look) @SMAuraPremier

  1. If i am not mistaken the picture you posted last shows a guy wearing shorts and it seems like he is indeed wearing a slippers.

  2. i am completely overwhelmed of the amount of food here. your photos also gave justice on how the food looks like.

  3. havent gotten to try this yet, but i’ve been wondering how this stacks up to spirals! i appreciate your honesty, unlike many of the foodie blogs out there who say every single restaurant they try is the “best” they’ve ever had. good to know, spirals 4 lyfe.

  4. Yes, officially slippers are not allowed but I guess since it is soft opening and it was raining at that time, they were more lenient.

  5. For some reason i don’t see much difference with the food they do here and Vikings so i don’t think it really lives up to the “high-end” brand its trying to marke. Other than the interior its all fairly similar just better presentation haha

  6. Hope you review the place again after the soft opening.
    Aside from the Foie Gras and Gelato, I dont see much difference from the food they have in Vikings.
    I used to love spirals but since it got hit by the storm and had to renovate, I saw a big decline in their food’s quality and assortment. The new Cheese Room may be a plus but its not enough to make up for the lack of quality and variety compared to what they used to have.
    Finally another buffet that’s offering Foie Gras! Thanks NIU/Vikings!
    Thanks for the recommendations Anton!
    “We love the Hakaw and the Chinese Station, the Meat Carvings, Grilled Salmon, Brick-Oven Cooked Pizza, Risotto, and Eat-all-you-can Tempura. Make sure to also get the Tamarind Juice, Fresh Minty Lemon Lime, and Jacob Creek House Wines.”

  7. Could the plates be placed a little higher from the floor? Fecal and other debris from people’s footwear and falling hair, dandruff from people passing by will contaminate those plates….

  8. Hi! Thanks for this review. Whenever i want to try a place to eat, i always check your site first. Haha! Anyways, would just like to ask if the budget here is around 1500/pax, which do you think would be more sulit? This or impressions buffet? Thanks!

  9. We had our lunch here, and the carbonara was soooo flavorful! You have to have it cooked though, which is not an issue for me. The parmesan mashed potato was also heavenly. Will be coming back here soon!

  10. Yes, please. I never wanted to go to a “kind-of-posh” buffet restaurant seeing customers wearing slippers or flip-flops. It’s disgusting. I wish there is a dress code. “NO SLIPPERS” OR “FLIP_FLOPS” ALLOWED please. A decent flat shoes or an open shoes would be okay. The place isn’t a beach restaurant. Some people weren’t really trained about dressing up. This should be strictly enforced by Niu Management, you know. In short, to avoid “MAGING JOLOGS” ang place. Get it?

  11. I’ve read some of the comments and it stated that slippers weren’t allowed, but some of the guests were wearing slippers because it was soft opening. I don’t think so. I was there in Niu last Sunday, February 1, 2015 and there was this Chinese/Filipino lady around 30-32 years of age wearing shorts in jeans, plain white shirt without collar, not even a blouse, and guess what? Flip-Flops/slippers. It’s disgusting to see people going to a decent restaurant with everyone dressed for casual dinner and here you see someone coming to dine like she feels like she’s in a beach restaurant. Some people. Don’t we remember? While growing up, we have been trained by our parents and seniors to dress appropriately, according to occasion. Whether it be a casual dinner buffet. A decent pants, skirt, blouse or even shorts is allowed as long as you wear shoes, open shoes, flat shoes or whatever. But FLIP-FLOPS? Goodness!! Attention NIU MANAGEMENT!!

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