BLACK SHEEP Degustacion: The Culinary Brilliance of Chef Jordy Navarra! #BlackSheepBGC

Update March 9, 2016: Black Sheep BGC is now closed and moved to Black Sheep Manila.

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I was so impressed with the “Bahay Kubo” that Chef Jordy Navarra served during the Lifestyle Asia Gala Dinner, we had to go back to Black Sheep and try their most raved-about degustacion.

The first time we tried Black Sheep, the chef was still feeling his way into the Manila food scene. This time around, Chef Jordy was able to express his culinary brilliance, celebrating Filipino ingredients and our culture through food.

I’d like to share with you our Black Sheep experience with our friends Rhoda and Vince…

The Penthouse at W Fifth Avenue, corner 32nd and 5th, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig 
Telephone: +632 478-4498 
Mobile: +63917 871 4388
FacebookBlack Sheep Bar and Restaurant

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✮ Chorizo Muffin

The muffin is moist and explodes with flavor from the chorizo. We ordered several servings and had to take some home just to satisfy our craving.

Amuse Bouche

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✮ Tomato Merengue. Pork mousse with squid ink, green mango, coconut milk, kabayana zest.

Literally teases the palate with different tangy, creamy, and seafood flavors.

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✮ “Tartare of Bukidnon” Lamb. Lamb from Bukidnon, dried tuna roe from General Santos, kabayana local citrus from Mindanao.

This is so good, it just makes you want to enjoy the moment and not overanalyze what you’re eating. 



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✮ Chicken & Egg. Deep-fried chicken meat glazed top with Mandarin orange foam finished with salmon roe.

An appetizer inspired by the age-old question, “Which came first–the Chicken or the Egg?” 

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✮ Kwatro Kanto. Gin with preserved calamansi.

I love that the chef uses this locally known gin bottle to showcase this drink. It was a bit strong but still delightful to drink.

Black Sheep by Chef Jordy Navarra-11.jpg
Smoke Quail Egg
. With charred citrus and crispy chicken skin.

The chef’s interpretation of the famous orange battered streetfood–Kwek-Kwek.


Sea & River

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✮ Grilled Grouper. With bayabas & kamias broth.

The broth brings out childhood memories of eating guava and local sour fruit called kamias.

Black Sheep by Chef Jordy Navarra-14.jpg
The fish is fresh and grilled just right to maintain its juicy, soft meat. 

Black Sheep by Chef Jordy Navarra-19.jpg
The presentation of each course is well-thought-out, like these oysters. It’s as if you picked them fresh from the sea. 

Black Sheep by Chef Jordy Navarra-23.jpg
✮ Slipper OystersFrom Aklan

The best oysters and shellfish in the country come from Aklan. So fresh and juicy.

Black Sheep by Chef Jordy Navarra-21.jpg
BasiPalm sugar wine, basil, lime, lemon.

Oyster pulutan isn’t complete without alcohol, and the local Basi wine with lime and lemon was the perfect partner for the dish.

Black Sheep by Chef Jordy Navarra-22.jpg
Our dinner was briefly interrupted by a successful marriage proposal in one of the corner tables. 🙂 

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Prawn DuoPrawn dumpling filled with peanut, coconut milk with prawn broth, & fried prawn, wrapped in molo wrapper and served with prawn head mayo.

This prawn course was a carry over from the first degustacion menu. I like the prawn head flavors.



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✮ “BAHAY KUBO” Salad

Kahit Munti
Ang Halaman Doon
Ay Sari Sari
Singkamas (jicama) at Talong (eggplants)
Sigarilyas (wing’d beans) at Mani (peanuts)
Sitaw (string beans), Bataw (hyacinth), Patani (lima beans)
Kundol (winter melon), Patola (loofah), Upo’t (bottl’ gourd) Kalabasa (squash)
At Saka Meron Pa, Labanos (radish), Mustasa (mustard beans)
Sibuyas (onions), Kamatis (tomatoes), Bawang (garlic) at Luya (ginger)
Sa Paligid-ligid ay puro Linga (sesame seeds). 

The best Filipino salad ever, celebrating our lowland vegetables and local culture, and brings back fond memories as you eat it. It was magic the first time I tried this at the Lifestyle Asia Gala Dinner.



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✮ 36-Hour Pork & Free Range Chicken 
– Pork sous vide for 36 hours then grilled.
– Free range chicken cooked sous vide for 3-4 hours then grilled then covered with leek ash.
– Truffle sand with biscuit flakes with truffle oil with vinegar foam served with pickled raddish.

Super tender sous vide pork and chicken, made more special by the truffled sand and vinegar foam.

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✮ Kitayama Smoked Beef Brisket. Smoked in coconut wood. 

I also like this locally smoked beef brisket from the highlands of Bukidnon…

Black Sheep by Chef Jordy Navarra-34.jpg
…served with Heirloom Rice from the Cordilleras…

Black Sheep by Chef Jordy Navarra-40.jpg
…and buttery Bone Marrow! The ultimate umami feast–Filipino style! 

Black Sheep by Chef Jordy Navarra-41.jpg
The dish is topped with tangy Kansi Sauce with Batuan (a sour fruit from Western Visayas), bringing balance to the whole experience.

Black Sheep by Chef Jordy Navarra-44.jpg
Always make it a point to enjoy great food with awesome company. 🙂

Palate Cleanser 

Black Sheep by Chef Jordy Navarra-45.jpg
Wood SorrelWild plant with green mango and cucumber.

Green Mango and cucumber sorbet to clean the palate. 


Black Sheep by Chef Jordy Navarra-49.jpg
We got excited once the liquid nitrogen was brought out to prepare the dessert. 

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✮ Banana Tart. Banana & cashew dough served with buttered beer mousse, cooked in liquid nitrogen.

The banana & cashew tart with buttered beer mousse has a merengue-like texture, but is very soft inside. 

Black Sheep by Chef Jordy Navarra-62.jpg
✮ Mango Napoleones. Mango ganache, spiced mango, mango film, honey comb, blue pea (edible flower), phyllo pastry.

An indulgent version of the popular Napoleones from Bacolod. Loved it!

Black Sheep by Chef Jordy Navarra-63.jpg
✮ Sweet Treats. Bignay & Malagos Macaron, Dulce de Leche with Patis, Truffle Polvoron, Vodka Coffee.

The best among all the desserts. Can you imagine dulce de leche praline with patis (fish sauce) inside? Or our childhood favorite polvoron with truffle? What about local Bignay and Malagos chocolate macaron? Sobrang sarap!

Black Sheep by Chef Jordy Navarra-15.jpg
Congratulations to Chef Jordy Navarra for the best Filipino Degustacion we’ve tasted this year! 

The amuse bouche, appetizers, salads, and desserts overshadow the main courses. The seafood courses are highly recommended. I like the pairing of the dishes with local wines and spirits.

The meat courses can still be improved. I would like to see Chef Jordy do his own version of Lechon, or other Filipino favorites like Adobo, Kare-Kare, or Kaldereta.

Overall, a definite must-try when in Manila!  

Black Sheep Degustacion
P1,900+/person for 5 courses
P3,400+/person for 7 courses

The Penthouse at W Fifth Avenue, corner 32nd and 5th, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. 
Telephone: +632 478-4498 
Mobile: +63917 871 4388
FacebookBlack Sheep Bar and Restaurant

Operating Hours: Open from Monday to Saturday, 7:00pm onwards

Note: For reservations via phone, call from 1:00PM-6:00PM 

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Disclosure: We paid for our meal, with a discount from the Chef. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights. Read Our Awesome Planet Complete Disclosure Policy here

P.S. Thanks to JC for the excellent service! Make sure to request for him when you dine.

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