WAGYU JAPANESE BEEF: Makati Hole-in-the-Wall Japanese Wagyu Steakhouse! (A Review)

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WAGYU JAPANESE BEEF is a hole-in-the-wall steakhouse in Makati specializing in Premium Japanese Wagyu. It was founded by Yoshikazu Yayano, Takayuki Hayano, and Chef Seiji Kamura.

The wifey and I recently had our Christmas date here, and here are some tips on how to make yours a memorable one…

G-20 Sunvar Plaza Building, Amorsolo St. corner Pasay Road, Makati City 1230, Philippines
Telephone: +632 808-9508
Operating Hours: Open 10.00am to 10.00pm

Best Steakhouse in Manila Series 2015!

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The Wagyu Japanese Beef store is hidden in the Sunvar Plaza with a quaint dining area. 

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It has a retail store on the first floor where you can order your preferred cut of Japanese Wagyu Beef to take home. (The Sirloin Wagyu is P750/100g raw, and P1,000/100g if you eat it in the resto.)

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See Wagyu Japanese Beef Menu.

Reserve the first floor tables if possible, which double as a chef’s table where you can see Chef Seiji Kamura steam and grill your Wagyu beef.

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There’s a small second floor dining area if you want a more private and intimate setting.

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The second floor is cramped, and can only fit 10-14 people at most. 

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Wagyu Tataki Salad (P600)

We ordered seared Wagyu, and you can still see the red meat and marbling with cooked edges. The meat was very soft and tasty, but the vegetables were a bit dry. 

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✮ Sirloin Seiro (Steamed) – (P1,000/100g)

The restaurant’s specialty–steamed Wagyu meat topped on a bed of steamed vegetables. 

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The meat is very tender, smooth, and best dipped in their addicting sesame sauce.

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Jako Rice (P150)

We ordered the Jako rice with salted small fish–like dulong–to add a different flavor texture to the meal. 

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✮ Chateaubriand Ishiyaki (Stone Grilled) – (P1,300/100g)

The grilled Wagyu is also the best but be sure not to overcook it. The meat is already flavorful on its own, but you can also dip it in Lime Salt, Plum Salt, or Salt and Pepper for a different experience.

Make sure you order 100g for each person as a single serving is sure to be gone in seconds.

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If you’re looking for good Japanese Wagyu steak, this is the best place to go for it. It’s also a great venue for a romantic date or celebration with your special someone. 

I like Wagyu every now and then, but it’s so tender and smooth that you only really enjoy it on the first bite. The meat flavor finish doesn’t last too long, so you end up craving for more.

Make sure to order the Sirloin Seiro and Chateaubriand Ishiyaki, which are best paired with some Suntory Hibiki Whiskey. Budget about P1,700/head for a 3-course meal for two.

Congratulations to Yoshikazu YayanoTakayuki Hayano, and Chef Seiji Kamura for a job well done on their Wagyu Japanese Beef concept in Makati!

G-20 Sunvar Plaza Building, Amorsolo St. corner Pasay Road, Makati City 1230, Philippines
(From Pasay Road, go all the way to the SLEX Ramp. Make sure to turn on the Sunvar Plaza eskinita on the right side of the ramp, and you should see Wagyu Japanese Beef on the right side.)
Telephone: +632 808-9508
Operating Hours: Open 10.00am to 10.00pm


  • It’s always best to make a reservation to ensure you have a table.
  • Credit Cards are accepted
  • Parking is in the open parking area at the back of Makati Cinema Square

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Best Steakhouse in Manila Series 2015!

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P.S. Will try to order this off-menu grilled Rib Finger Wagyu next time for more texture on the meat.

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  1. This were the type of places to eat in Binondo back during the 1960’s and early 70’s,
    this feature brought back those wonderful memories with my parents eating at small Binondo restaurants with excellent and affordable meals.
    I encourage people to bring their children to this restaurant and create their own memories

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