MATI’S Meat & Bread: Balut Aligue & Angus Ribeye Steaks!

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MATI’S MEAT & BREAD is a casual, younger version of MELO’s, created by the 2nd generation owners, Paul and Caron Macasaet. The place is named after their son Mateo, and their other children, Bianca and Tali, have their favorite dishes named after them on the menu.

We were here recently for Sunday lunch with the family and here’s our experience…

Unit B2, River Park, Festival Supermall, Filinvest Alabang, Muntinlupa City
Telephone: +632 847-2273 
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Mati’s Meat & Bread Menu: Starters, Jj’s Special Tacos, Salad | Pizza, Pasta, Sandwich | Main Course & Side Orders | Beverage List

I love the high ceiling family dining ambiance where you can come-as-you-are and just enjoy the food.

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The menu is more extensive than Melo’s–with pizza, sandwiches, tacos, and signature starters.

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✮ Balut Aligue (P195 +10% service charge)

A #putokbatok favorite. Balut–developing duck embryo boiled alive in the shell–is a popular street food in the Philippines. The balut is deshelled and served swimming in buttery aligue (crab fat) sauce, which makes it so delectable.

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Wifey loves the embryo while the boys love the egg yolk, and they don’t mind the veins or the hair. The leftover aligue sauce can be topped on plain rice.

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Camille’s spinach & arugula bean salad with sweet chili vinaigrette (P210 +10% service charge) 

Nice, fresh spinach and arugula leaves with tomato, cheese, mango cubes, beans, and sweet chili sauce. Good value for your money.

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Bianca’s Creamy Vongole (P250 +10% service charge) 

The vongole is so creamy with fresh Manila clams. The pasta was overcooked but the boys still loved it. 🙂

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I like that you can order your steak and have it grilled in front of you so you can control the doneness yourself (most restaurants in Manila usually overcook the steak, so when you order Medium Rare you actually get Medium).

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280g Certified Angus Ribeye “cooked table side” (P1,400 +10% service charge)

The steak is of good quality, with decent marbling, and still juicy when cooked right.  

The pricing though is a bit expensive at P500/100g, compared to Lulu at P380/100g or Stockton’s Place at P450/100g. But Mati’s 150g USDA Steak is a steal at P385 pesos only.

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I loved the steak! Only problem is the 280g size isn’t enough for the family anymore, since our boys love steaks now too.

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Plain Rice (P40) vs. Garlic Rice (P50) vs. Angus Steak Rice (P60)

The steak comes with decent mashed potato and vegetable sidings. I personally like the garlic rice or the plain rice with the aligue sauce. The presentation of the steak is a bit plain.

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For dessert, you can order a scoop of ice cream served with lemon. 

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Chocolate Eclair Cake 

Caron also makes this chocolate eclair with layers of chocolate, cream, and graham crackers.

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Overall, MATI’S MEAT & BREAD a great place for a family gathering, balikbayan reunions, or celebrating a special occasion in Alabang. I love the high ceiling space–a luxury these days for restaurants–plus the view of the river park.

I recommend Mati’s for their balut aligue, good steaks, and comfort food. Budget about P500/head. Service is quite good, which is a product of their Melo’s heritage.

The presentation of the food can still be improved and I do hope they offer bigger cuts of steak at a better value. I never tried their breads, so that’s something to go back for next time. 

Unit B2, River Park, Festival Supermall, Filinvest Alabang, Muntinlupa City
Telephone: +632 847-2273 
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Disclosures: Our meal was courtesy of Paul Macasaet. I wrote this article with my own biases, opinions, and insights. Read Our Awesome Planet Complete Disclosure Policy here.  

P.S. So what’s your favorite at Mati’s?

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