Battle of the Best Restaurant Reservation Systems in Manila in 2014!

In 2014, internet and mobile app startups battled it out to win the hearts of foodies and earn the distinction of being the best restaurant reservation system in Manila!

Here are the top contenders as well as the pros and cons of using these systems this holiday season…



EAT OUT MANILA is the leading contender co-founded by Iñaki Lamata and is based on the restaurant reservation system used in Spain. 


  • You can reserve restaurants via the web ( or through the mobile app–available for both iOS (EatOut Manila) and Android (EatOut Manila).
  • It has the biggest database of restaurants you can reserve (100+ and counting).
  • You get additional freebies and discounts when you reserve through them.


  • The latest and newest restaurants aren’t part of their restaurant database yet.

Facebook: Eat Out Manila
Twitter: @EatOutManila
Instagram: EatOutManilaPH

Download now via iTunes (EatOut Manila) and Google Play (EatOut Manila)!

2. BOOKYGetBooky

BOOKY is a restaurant phonebook app founded by Ben Wintle, based on the insight that foodies need an updated phone number to make reservations at a restaurant, especially when you’re offline.


  • It has a complete restaurant phone book database of Manila (about 12,001+ and counting).
  • The app maintains a cool instagram account featuring the latest restos in the Metro. It also has an interesting blog (The Booky Report) that provides list of the top restos, based on engagement levels in the app and feedback from featured celebrities.
  • Best of all, you can access the database in both iOS (Booky -Manila Restaurants) and Android (Booky -Manila Restaurants) devices, even if you’re offline.


  • You have to do the reservation by calling the restaurant yourself.


Facebook: Booky -Manila restaurants
Twitter: @BookyManila
Instagram: @BookyManila
Blog: The Booky Report 

Download now via iTunes (Booky -Manila Restaurants) and Google Play (Booky -Manila Restaurants)!


3. DINEOUT Dineout

DINEOUT is an online restaurant reservation system co-founded by Jarvin Gabitan that aims to remove the hassle and frustration of calling restaurants for a table reservation during their operating hours.


  • You can reserve for a restaurant 24×7 online without the need to wait.
  • You earn Dineout Points for every reservation you make via the site.


  • There’s no mobile app version; you can only access the service via a browser.
  • It has limited list of tried and tested restaurants (19+ and counting) in its database.

For more information, visit




RESDIARY is an online reservation system co-founded by Dennis Ng, based on the restaurant reservation system popular in the UK.


  • It helps restaurants manage their table reservations and customer relations effectively and efficiently.
  • Restaurants can add a Book a Table app on their Facebook page so that foodies can book directly through it (see Book a Table at 2nd’s Facebook page).
  • The app is available on both iOS (ResDiary) and Android (Resdiary).


  • It’s designed as more of a white label restaurant reservation system.
  • Very limited restaurants in the database since it’s just new.


Facebook: ResDiary
Twitter: @ResDiary

Instagram: @ResDiary
Google+: +ResDiary


Download now via iTunes (ResDiary) and Google Play (Resdiary)!




TABLESNAP is an online restaurant reservation system co-founded by Jaune Sarmiento that offers table reservation and pre-order services (not yet launched).

For more information, visit


I personally like the Booky concept and I’m hoping that Eat Out Manila increases their restaurant database with more deals and freebies. What if OpenTable, Reserve, or Resy branched out to Manila in 2015? It’s always better to have more options.

Who do you think would win the battle for the honor of BEST Restaurant Reservation System in Manila?


Live an Awesome Life,


Disclosures: I wrote this article with my own biases, opinions, and insights. Read Our Awesome Planet Complete Disclosure Policy here.  

P.S. Do you think restaurant reservation systems will finally work this time around in Manila?

4 thoughts on “Battle of the Best Restaurant Reservation Systems in Manila in 2014!

  1. Existing services who already have connectiosn with all these establishments (city delivery, quick delivery, zap etc can easily enter or be a partner in this market)

  2. The Philippines seems to be a society where eating out is such a big thing. I never thought there would be all such apps just for this purpose. Also, some are so trendy I was surprised. Maybe I have been wrong, but I didn’t have enough information about this country. Thanks for your information that was really informative.
    I just have a question here: Can large number of middle-class people afford eating in such restaurants or its’ only for the affluent people?

  3. Dineout: “We select our partner restaurants with care so you only get a listing of the very best the metro has to offer. We’re planning on launching our app by end of January / early February next year. Exclusive promotions are available through Dineout as well plus a lot more coming next year!”

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